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Chapter 269: Conflict in the Restaurant

Xiao Chen returned to the bow of the ship. Not long after, someone came and brought Xiao Chen and Liu Suifeng directly to the ship’s hold. After the owner of the ship exchanged some pleasantries with them, he took out a thousand Inferior Grade Spirit Stones and passed them to Xiao Chen. Then, he called for someone to arrange a room for Xiao Chen and Liu Suifeng each.

Xiao Chen had no qualms about receiving the thousand Inferior Grade Spirit Stones. The amount of effort he put in was definitely worth this price.

After the captain left, Liu Suifeng sighed, “They told me there were no rooms left yesterday, yet, they were able to prepare two rooms for us immediately. It looks like strength matters no matter where you go.”

Xiao Chen smiled and said nothing. It was good that Liu Suifeng could understand this principle. After this trip, he would spend more time on his cultivation.

The rooms were like that of an inn; there were no differences at all. Xiao Chen sat on the bed and entered a state of cultivation.

Ten days had passed since they left the mountains. During these ten days, Xiao Chen gained something after the fights each day.

The earlier underwater battle was even more beneficial. Xiao Chen decided to make use of this opportunity to push his cultivation to peak Inferior Grade Martial Saint. Then, he would try to push the fourth layer of the Dragon and Tiger Body Sculpting Art to Great Perfection.

During these three days, Xiao Chen spent all of his time in the room. Occasionally, Liu Suifeng would attempt to lure him out for a breather, but Xiao Chen always refused.

This was a crucial moment; Xiao Chen did not wish to waste any time. He had to withstand the loneliness.

“Tong! Tong! Tong!”

A series of knocks came from the door; Liu Suifeng called out, “Ye Chen, we are about to arrive. I’ll wait for you at the bow.”

Xiao Chen opened his eyes, and a light flashed in them. Purple electricity scattered around the room chaotically, giving off ‘zi zi’ sounds.

Xiao Chen stretched his hand out, and all the electricity gathered into his right hand; it turned into an electric flame. 

Then, Xiao Chen flicked it at a vase on the table. There was a depressed ‘bang,’ and the electric flame turned it into powder.

Xiao Chen stood and casually sent out a palm wind, blowing the powder away. He said indifferently, “My cultivation has finally reached peak Inferior Grade Martial Saint. My control of the Purple Thunder True Fire is becoming more and more proficient.

“Whatever; it will still take some time to reach Great Perfection in the fourth layer of the Dragon and Tiger Body Sculpting Art. I cannot do it in one go. I probably will be able to do it after the auction ends.”

Xiao Chen pushed the door open and slowly walked to the bow. Soon, he saw Liu Suifeng.

When Liu Suifeng heard footsteps, he turned his head to take a look. He discovered that Xiao Chen felt stronger again. He said in astonishment, “Ye Chen, your cultivation has increased again?”

Xiao Chen nodded. He said, “I am now at the peak of Inferior Grade Martial Saint. It would be difficult for me to advance again within a short period.”

After advancing to Martial Saint, every increase in grade would be incomparably difficult. The difficulty of advancing from Inferior Grade Martial Saint to Medial Grade Martial Saint was similar to the increase of a realm for lower cultivation.

Liu Suifeng had to restrain himself as he said, “I really have no idea how you cultivate. Your speed is too horrifying.”

Xiao Chen replied, “Aside from having talent and a good Cultivation Technique, cultivating sessions and experiential trainings are necessary. Haven’t you realized, since you came out, there are some improvements in your cultivation as well?

“After all this, you need to endure loneliness. When other people are wasting themselves on wine and other desires, you can make full use of the time to cultivate. Naturally, your speed will increase.”

These words made Liu Suifeng somewhat embarrassed. He knew that Xiao Chen was talking about him. He quickly changed the topic and said, “The harbor is right before us. We should be able to reach Xihe City after walking for another half a day.”

Xiao Chen looked in the direction he pointed and saw a bustling harbor. Occasionally, there were ships entering or leaving. The riverside was even more bustling than the harbor.

There was an endless crowd walking about. Xiao Chen could hear the din despite the distance.

Suddenly, Xiao Chen asked curiously, “Where is the end of this Black Dragon River?”

Liu Suifeng was well acquainted with this information. He explained, “The Xihe Province borders the Great Qin Nation. After the Black Dragon River passes through the Xihe Province, it flows into the desolate lands. From there, it branches out and flows to the other nations. In the end, it reaches the boundless sea.

The boundless sea? Xiao Chen thought, The river depicted on the map... Could it be the Black Dragon River? If the destination was the boundless sea, then it is quite similar.

“We have arrived. Let’s retrieve our horses.”

Liu Suifeng’s voice interrupted Xiao Chen’s thoughts. Hence, he could only stop thinking about it. After they retrieved their horses and slowly made their way down to the harbor, the two of them immediately mounted the horses and made for Xihe City.

After traveling for half a day, the outline of magnificent city walls appeared before them. The walls were a hundred meters tall. Even when looked at from afar, they were not able to see the end of it.

Xiao Chen had once seen the capital city of Dongming Province; it was as majestic as this. Hence, he was not that astonished. After they paid the toll, they successfully entered the city.

The streets in Xihe City were extremely vast. There were even dedicated roads for carriages and pedestrians. Hence, even though there were many people, the two were not cramped while riding side by side on their horses.

After they asked around for the nearest inn, they quickly made their way there. They tied their horses outside and entered through the main gates.

Liushang Pavilion...When Xiao Chen saw the signboard of the inn, he smiled faintly. He did not expect this place to have a branch of Liushang Pavilion as well. He recalled that he had a VIP card; now was a good time to use it.

Perhaps because of the auction, the inn’s business was thriving. The first and second floor were full; there were even people waiting in line.

Liu Suifeng said somewhat helplessly, “It looks like we can only change to another inn. The third floor and above require a VIP card.”

Xiao Chen smiled and said, “There’s no need. Let’s go to the third floor. I happen to have the VIP card for this place.”

Xiao Chen took out the VIP card and showed it to the person standing guard at the staircase. After he took a look, that person invited Xiao Chen and Liu Suifeng very respectfully, his attitude very humble.

This was because the VIP card Xiao Chen took out was of the highest grade. It would allow Xiao Chen to reach the fifth floor of Liushang Pavilion. The people who held such cards all had powerful statuses.

Liu Suifeng said in surprise, “It really is the VIP card of Liushang Pavilion. How did you get that? It is not easy to obtain.”

Xiao Chen smiled, “This restaurant is run by that damn fatty. For him, getting a VIP card is as easy as raising his hand.”

However, their luck seemed unfortunate; the third floor was completely full as well. Xiao Chen looked through the entire floor and said, “Let’s go to the the fourth floor. I don’t believe that it will be difficult for us to get a meal.”

After Xiao Chen flashed his VIP card, they arrived at the fourth floor. The third and fourth floors were different. The fourth floor only had booths, and it was much cleaner.

They called over a waiter, and this time, they found an empty booth.

“Wait up; I want this booth.” Just as the waiter was bringing Xiao Chen and Liu Suifeng over, a disharmonious voice came from behind them.

Xiao Chen frowned slightly and turned. He saw a group of youths dressed in black. The group consisted of both genders, and there were four snowflakes embroidered on the front of their clothes.

This was the symbol of the Night Spirit Palace. The black represented the night, and the snowflake represented the cold. Only the core disciples could embroider four snowflakes on their clothes.

[TL note: The author seemed to have changed the name of this sect from Night Spirit Palace to Night Frost Palace midway through the story. As a refresher, it is one of the three great sects in the Great Qin Nation. I am opting to keep Night Spirit Palace as I think that sounds nicer.]

The person leading them had a stern and grave expression on his face; he had an impressive appearance. There was a sword hanging at his waist. When he saw the identity token at Xiao Chen’s and Liu Suifeng’s waist, a look of disdain appeared in his eyes.

When the waiter saw this person, his expression changed slightly. He said, “Young Master Shi, this is not very appropriate. This booth has already been promised to them.”

This person laughed and continued walking forward. He spoke without turning his head, “They haven’t entered it, right? Their meal will be on me. They can wait until we are done. Go, make preparations.”

He had an indifferent tone as he spoke, treating Xiao Chen and Liu Suifeng as air, completely ignoring them.

However, the waiter blocked the way of the man with the surname Shi. He said, in an embarrassed manner, “My apologies; at Liushang Pavilion, we have our own rules. We follow the principle of order of arrival. Would Young Master Shi please not make things difficult for us?”

A dark look flashed on the man’s face; he did not expect this waiter, who normally showed deference to him, to say something like that. “Say that one more time? Do you realize I can cause Liushang Pavilion to close its doors for good in Xihe City with only one word?”

The waiter was of two minds; he did not know what to do. The person in front of him was Shi Feng, the second son of the Shi Clan Head. The Shi Clan was one of the three noble clans of Xihe Province.

Every one of the three noble clans was huge and powerful. This was especially so of the Shi Clan; their base happened to be in Xihe City. They had a lot of power in this place. If they offended the Shi Clan, it would be difficult for the Shi Clan to do business here.

However, Xiao Chen and Liu Suifeng were not without status as well. There was a limited number of the highest grade VIP cards for Liushang Pavilion. They were not casually given out. It would not be good to offend them, either.

“Senior Brother Shi Feng, since there is such a rule, let us just wait,” a pretty girl from amongst the five suggested.

Another one of the five said, “Senior Brother Shi, I think we should just change to another restaurant. There is no need to make things difficult for a waiter.”

Although his words seemed to advise Shi Feng, in reality, he was saying he had no magnanimity and only dared to make things difficult for a waiter.

Shi Feng glared at this person fiercely, anger flashing in his eyes. However, he did not dare to say too much in front of that girl.

He turned around to face the girl and smiled, “Junior Sister Mu, there is no need to worry. It is something my Shi Clan can still manage in Xihe City. Isn’t that right, waiter?”

His purpose of leaving the sect this time, aside from taking part in the auction, was this girl before him, Mu Yanxue.

Mu Yanxue was the beloved second daughter of the Night Spirit Palace’s Second Palace Master. Shi Feng had already been pursuing her in the Night Spirit Palace.

In terms of beauty, disposition, status, she was his ideal. The most important thing was that, if he married this girl, his position in his clan would be even more secure.

He would have a greater chance of snatching away the position of Clan Head in the future. If he was not able to secure a table in his territories, he would be very embarrassed.

The waiter was placed in an awkward position when Shi Feng used the Shi Clan to pressure him. He could not help but look toward Xiao Chen and Liu Suifeng, hoping they would take a step back.

Xiao Chen smiled helplessly. He did not expect it to be so problematic to get a meal. Everywhere he went, he ran into fools.

Xiao Chen was no longer the impertinent youth who had just left Mohe City. He was now more mature; he would not casually reveal the brilliance of a cultivator.

Xiao Chen turned and lead Liu Suifeng toward the fifth floor. Most people were not allowed on the fifth floor; there should be no problems obtaining a meal there.

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