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Chapter 237: Another Battle Sage Origin?

This broken sword was very similar to the Thunder Emperor’s Thunder Wood Sword when he found it. Aside from being incredibly sharp, there was nothing else special about it. However, when he placed it next to the Lunar Shadow Saber it generated an intense reaction; they were both attracted to each other.

Xiao Chen wanted to melt it a long time ago. Unfortunately, the Purple Thunder True Fire, which was able to melt the Thunder Wood Sword, was unable to do so to this broken sword.

Fortunately, the Purple Thunder True Fire had reached the next layer. Xiao Chen was prepared to give it another try, to see if there would be any reaction when he tried to melt it again.

Xiao Chen summoned the Purple Thunder True Fire. Then, he walked over to the center of the flame with the broken sword in hand. His Spiritual Sense wrapped around the broken sword as he floated in the center of the flames stably.

“Pu Ci!”

The moment the flames touched the broken sword, it immediately fired a resplendent bolt of electricity, crackling incessantly.

A black smoke wafted out from the surface of the broken sword. The sword’s appearance seemed to have completely changed; all the dust on its surface was removed, and it gave off a glow once again.

“Weng! Weng!” The Lunar Shadow Saber in Xiao Chen’s left hand could not resist trembling. The trembling grew stronger and stronger over time; in the end, Xiao Chen was almost unable to hold on to it.

“Could it be that the broken sword really contains a portion of the Battle Sage Origins?” Xiao Chen said to himself.

The Battle Sage Origin was the strongest offensive Qi. Because it was too strong, it was split into six portions, each one containing a Sub-Divine Weapon.

In the past, the Thunder Emperor spent the latter half of his life searching for the remaining five portions of Battle Sage Origins. In the end, no one knew how many he found and what results he obtained.

Who in the world injured the Thunder Emperor and broke his Thunder Wood Sword, leaving him with no choice but to seal the broken sword in Moonstone for a thousand years?

No one today truly knew the answer to that question. Back then, with the Thunder Wood Sword in his hands, he was peerless under the heavens. At a young age, he had already fought all over the Great Qin Nation; there were none who could measure up to him.

Within the Tianwu Continent, he was considered a peak expert. The number of people who could force him to use his full strength could be counted on one hand. Given so, who could force him to a dead end?

Aside from Ao Jiao, no one knew the answer. However, Ao Jiao avoided answering this question, refusing to let Xiao Chen know. It was clear that she was fearful of the events of a thousand years ago.

Xiao Chen had his own speculations about it. The Thunder Emperor might have found the other five Sub-Divine Weapons containing the Battle Sage Origins.

However, when he wanted to merge them to form a Divine Weapon, someone severely injured him. The five Sub-Divine Weapons separated and dispersed again, and the Thunder Wood Sword broke in half.

Who would fear the soon-to-become-Divine-Weapon Thunder Wood Sword? The answer was clear; it was definitely the owner of one of the Divine Weapons.

Since the day of the Divine Weapons’ creation, only ten Divine Weapons existed. It seemed that even the heavens feared the Divine Weapons.

As long as there was the birth of a new Divine Weapon, there would be the fall of a Divine Weapon. The number of Divine Weapons that could exist could not exceed ten.

The Owner of said Divine Weapon was afraid of his Divine Weapon falling. Hence, he chose to make a preemptive move, relying on the might of the Divine Weapon to completely defeat the Thunder Emperor, Sang Mu.

This speculation was very reasonable, but there was no evidence to support it. Thus, Xiao Chen did not dare be confident of his guesses, whether the events of the past were the same as he speculated.

The temperature of the released Purple Thunder True Fire Origin Flame was multiple times higher than it was before; it reached a horrifying temperature of, at least, five thousand degrees.

Xiao Chen observed very carefully as the broken sword slowly started to melt, turning into a liquid and gradually dripping down.

“Hi Chi!”

The instant the melted liquid dripped down, it floated to the scabbard containing the Lunar Shadow Saber in Xiao Chen’s left hand. It was like it was alive. It headed for the crack at the mouth of the scabbard, trying to enter the scabbard and merge with the Lunar Shadow Saber.

With a ‘pu’ sound, the plain scabbard emitted a horrifying energy, deflecting away the liquid that flew over.

Xiao Chen sent out a strand of his Spiritual Sense and gathered all the molten metal in the air. He frowned tightly; he did not understand the situation. “What is going on?”

When the broken sword melted completely, and all the molten metal gathered together, it was repeatedly wobbling like the jello of Earth; it was extremely strange.


Suddenly a black figure flew out from the gathered molten metal, heading for Xiao Chen’s face quickly.

Xiao Chen prepared long ago. He instantly used his Spiritual Sense to form a thick wall in front of him; it was impregnable. The figure crashed into the wall and bounced back.

“Ao! Ao!” the figure let out pained cries. Xiao Chen was finally able to see its appearance clearly. He looked exactly like a human; there was no difference at all.

However, it was extremely weak. Its body gave off an evil aura, causing one to feel repulsed.

“So, it is the Weapon Spirit of the Sub-Divine Weapon. Because the broken sword was not cared for properly, it became an evil Vicious Spirit.”

Now that Xiao Chen knew what it was, he did not hesitate. No wonder the scabbard would reject this thing, stopping it from merging with the Lunar Shadow Saber. So, this was the reason.

After a Weapon Spirit turned into a Vicious Spirit, it would lose all its consciousness. It transformed into a monster that only knew how to kill. If it merged into a Spirit Weapon, it would turn the Spirit Weapon into an Evil Weapon, causing harm to the world.

In the Tianwu Continent, there were many evil cultivators who collected these Vicious Spirits, cultivating them into Evil Weapons to strengthen themselves.

If this Vicious Spirit, which was once a Sub-Divine Weapon’s Weapon Spirit, occupied the Lunar Shadow Saber, the Lunar Shadow Saber would immediately turn into an exceptional Evil Weapon. Even Xiao Chen would be affected by it.

However, after this Vicious Spirit underwent the tempering of the Purple Thunder True Fire, its strength significantly diminished. It was not able to penetrate through the wall Xiao Chen laid down. Instead, it even injured itself.

The Vicious Spirit seem to know Xiao Chen’s strength. He cried out and immediately tried to fly into the distance, thinking of fleeing this place.

“Running? You think you can run? Purple Thunder True Fire, shoot!”

As Xiao Chen saw the Vicious Spirit trying to run, he smiled faintly and turned the Purple Thunder True Fire into a sharp arrow. As it shot out, it left behind a long meteor tail!

It was like a resplendent bolt of electricity surpassed the speed of sound and caught up to the black Vicious Spirit in an instant before piercing through it.


The purple flames exploded; the might of the Origin Flame completely unleashed. A bright electric light lit up the forest like it was day. The black Vicious Spirit cried miserably and disappeared into nothing, completely vanishing from this world.

Xiao Chen felt the tremendous loss of Essence and sighed, “I only used it twice, and I have exhausted a large amount of my Essence. It seems like I can only use this move as my trump card.”

After the Vicious Spirit died, the molten metal from the broken sword flew towards the Lunar Shadow Saber once again. This time, the strange scabbard did not obstruct it. It released the Lunar Shadow Saber that had been trying to get out.

The snow-white Lunar Shadow Saber trembled in the air incessantly. The molten metal seemed to have infused into it; it did not cause any ripples or fluctuations as it completely permeated the Lunar Shadow Saber.

When the final drop of molten metal completely permeated the Lunar Shadow Saber, it became even more dazzling.

Xiao Chen stretched out his hand and grasped the Lunar Shadow Saber. He could immediately feel that the strength of the saber had increased significantly. The Lunar Shadow Saber advanced the initial Inferior Grade Earth Ranked to Medial Grade Earth Ranked.

Unfortunately, Xiao Chen did not see the so-called ‘Battle Sage Origins.’ Xiao Chen was mildly disappointed. Since there is no Battle Sage Origin, why did Ao Jiao urgently tell me to refine this broken sword quickly?

Since this was something he could not understand, he would temporarily shove it to a side. This has always been the way Xiao Chen did things. He would not waste time on an unsolvable problem. When the boat reached to the pier-head, it would go straight with the current; the mystery would resolve someday.

[TL note: When the boat reached to the pier-head, it would go straight with the current: This means everything will be alright; everything will fit into place when the time comes.]

It was already very late. After advancing to Martial Saint, there were improvements in other aspects. It was not convenient for Xiao Chen to check on all of them. There were still three days; it was sufficient for him to stabilize his cultivation.

Three days went by in a flash. Xiao Chen stabilized his cultivation over the past three days. When there was something he did not understand, he went directly to Liu Ruyue for guidance.

Liu Ruyue had been a Martial Saint for much longer than Xiao Chen. Hence, she had much more experience. She passed down everything she knew without holding anything back.

For example, she taught him about the speed of condensing saber Qi, how to make it faster, and how to use the least amount of Essence to achieve the greatest effect.

Xiao Chen’s comprehension abilities had originally been high. After he consumed the Flowing Light Flower, his comprehension abilities became even higher. He was able to understand all of Liu Ruyue’s explanations by listening once. He could even deduce many things from one case.

All this benefited Xiao Chen in many ways; his strength increased significantly.

The time now was night; the night sky was completely cloudless for miles. One could see the countless stars flickering in the night sky with one glance; the scene was extraordinarily beautiful.

Tomorrow, they would issue the mission. Xiao Chen was not planning to cultivate tonight. He intended to have a good sleep to replenish his spirit.

To a cultivator, the effects of meditating were better than sleeping for rest. So, many cultivators would cultivate in place of sleep.

Doing so would not cause any problems for the spirit, but it was unable to reach the level where the mind completely relaxed. After all, when one was cultivating, their mind was still alert. One would immediately feel the movements of every gust of wind or blade of grass.

Hence, only sleep could truly allow the whole body to relax. It allowed every aspect of the cultivator’s spirit, Qi, and mind to recover to the peak state.

As Xiao Chen laid on his bed, he closed his eyes, keeping his mind clear. After ten minutes, his breathing was calm and stable; his chest rose and fell with his breathing. Soon, he slowly drifted into a dream.

Xiao Chen was in a daze for an unknown period. Then, he suddenly opened his eyes. The scene in front of him was no longer that of his room.

There were clouds surround the area; the sun was bright in the sky. When looking into the distance, many buildings that looked as small as ants appeared in his vision. This was one of the summits in Lingyun Mountain Range.

Is this my dream? Xiao Chen thought hazily. This was because the time in this space did not match what he felt it should be. The most important thing was that he could not shake off that hazy feeling.

When he turned around, he saw the previous Peak Master of Qingyun Peak, Liu Ruyue’s father, Liu Tianyu, sitting on a rock.

Liu Tianyu’s weathered face, filled with deep gashes, was not startled. He simply watched Xiao Chen quietly. “You do not seem to to be surprised.”

Xiao Chen already guessed this was the person who entered his dream, so he was not too surprised. After all, within the Heavenly Saber Pavilion, he was the only one Xiao Chen could think of who had such strong mental strength and could break past his defenses.

Xiao Chen said indifferently, “There is nothing strange about this; I am simply not used to others intruding my dreams. My apologies!”

Right after Xiao Chen spoke, the surroundings suddenly change. The clouds and wind turned illusionary; the clouds rolled, and the space suddenly shattered like glass.

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