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Chapter 210: The Alcoholic Xiao Bai


A white shadow came rushing to the foot of the peak from the top. Xiao Chen looked carefully, and a faint smile could not help but appear on his face.

The white shadow was Xiao Bai. This little fellow was very playful. After it left with Xiao Meng that day, it rarely came back. It had been running wild in the Qingyun Peak.

Xiao Chen knew it enjoyed staying in the mountain forest. Furthermore, his mission was very dangerous. So he let it stay behind.

When Xiao Bai saw Xiao Chen, it was very excited. Its snow-white fur glowed faintly under the sun as it leaped over shakily.

“Pu Tong!”

Xiao Bai was intending to leap into Xiao Chen’s embrace. However, when it was about half a meter from Xiao Chen, it fell like a brick.

Xiao Bai fell heavily onto the ground. When it got up, it was in a daze. Its tiny head moved left and right, and it looked very confused.

Xiao Chen was taken aback. He walked over and picked up Xiao Bai. He immediately smelled alcoholic fragrance. He could not help but exclaim in astonishment, “What a strong smell of alcohol! Could it be drunk?”

Xiao Meng walked over somewhat awkwardly and said, “Brother Ye Chen, once, after you left, Xiao Bai accidentally drank Shao Yang’s wine. After that, it was addicted to it. It then frequently drank till it was tipsy and drunk. Regardless of where the wine was hidden, it was always able to sniff it out.”

Shao Yang also walked over embarrassedly. “Brother Ye, my apologies. I already took a lot of preventive measures, but Xiao Bai’s nose is too sensitive. Even I don’t dare to drink anymore. Despite that, it ran to the top of the peak to ask for wine from the elders.”

Xiao Chen sweated profusely in his heart—Xiao Bai really had consumed alcohol. Furthermore, to a drunken state. After being separated for two months, it had actually picked up such a ‘bad habit.’

“Never mind, I will monitor the situation for these couple of days first. Furthermore, drinking is not exactly a bad thing.”

Xiao Chen could only blame Xiao Bai for being mischievous. Furthermore, a Rank 6 Spirit Beast was the equivalent of a Martial King. Shao Yang and Xiao Meng were only ordinary people, so it was normal for them to be unable to keep an eye on it; they could not be blamed for this.

Xiao Bai seemed to know that it was in the wrong. Its ears were dropping, and it did not dare to move around in Xiao Chen’s embrace. Xiao Chen laughed helplessly as he put Xiao Bai away into the Spirit Blood Jade.

When Xiao Chen saw Liu Suifeng beside him, he remembered something. He took out five black contribution coins and handed them to Liu Suifeng. “Suifeng, when you go to Jade Maiden Peak tomorrow, please help me pass this on to Ancestral Martial Aunt Shen.”

Liu Suifeng waved his hands in rejection and did not receive the contribution coins Xiao Chen intended to hand over. He smiled and said, “My sis already helped you pay off the contribution points you owe. She knew that you loaned the contribution points so you could make the Beauty Nourishing Pill—she even scolded me for that.”

Xiao Chen put away the contribution coins and watched as Liu Ruyue disappeared into the mountain peak. His gratitude towards her in his heart increased by another notch.

Late in the night, the stars filled the sky and the moon hung high.

Xiao Chen was in his courtyard. He took out the glowing Flowing Light Marigold Tree from his Universe Ring. On the Flowing Light Marigold Tree, the Flowing Light Flower was giving off a thick fragrant smell, emitting an overwhelming amount of Spiritual Energy.

There were five petals on the Flowing Light Flower. There was no difference between eating one petal or five. Each person only had one chance in their life to increase their comprehension abilities.

The amount by which it would increase had an element of luck to it. The flower had undefined potential in effectiveness upon consumption, it may grant the ability to remember things at a single glance or understanding any Martial Technique with a single look.

Although the Flowing Light Marigold had unspoken potential, it was still an Immortal Grade Spirit Herb. After consuming it, it would be able to increase a cultivator’s comprehension ability by at least twenty percent, so it had obvious effects.

Out of the five petals, Xiao Chen intended to eat one himself, and later look for an opportunity to give one each to Liu Ruyue and Liu Suifeng. As for Shao Yang and Xiao Meng, their lack of Martial Spirits made him rule them out from consideration.

Of the remaining two pieces, Xiao Chen could give one to Xiao Bai. The last would be left for Cousin Yulan, for when they reunite in the future.

Xiao Chen allocated the five petals of the Flowing Light Flower in his mind. Then he picked one of the golden petals, placed it in his mouth, and started chewing.

A heavy, refreshing flavor filled his entire mouth. The flower petal turned into a cool, refreshing liquid and spread throughout the meridians in his body.

After a while, it permeated into every cell of Xiao Chen’s body; a very comfortable feeling spread throughout his entire body, making him feel carefree and relaxed.

Xiao Chen shut his eyes and immersed himself in this feeling, reaching into a state where he forgot about himself. After a while, it felt as though his mind exploded; countless information flooded in.

Battle Sage Origin—Changing Character Formula, Clear Wind Chop, Dragon Seizing Hand, Azure Dragon Cloud Soaring Art, Flight On Wings, Rushing Thunder Chop… All the Martial Techniques Xiao Chen had learned appeared in his mind.

Many things that he could not understand in the past were now all cleared up. Everything became clear at once, as though he was enlightened with perfect insight. He was able to deduce many things from one thought. The various stances of his various Martial Techniques flitted through his mind.

Xiao Chen opened his eyes. His eyes looked deep and clear, like an ancient well, unfathomable.

Clear Wind Chop, Azure Dragon Tail Whip!

Xiao Chen shouted and a gentle, cool breeze blew around in the courtyard. The leaves on the ground blew up into the air, in which they flew around continuously, making non-stop ‘shua shua’ sounds.

He executed the high-level technique of the Azure Dragon Cloud Soaring Art—Azure Dragon Tail Whip—together with the Qingyun Peak’s secret technique—Clear Wind Chop—and moved through the air in a graceful arc.


Something bizarre happened. Xiao Chen, who was hidden in the cool breeze, suddenly disappeared. In an instant, both the saber and cultivator vanished, both no longer within sight.

Only the cool breeze and the sound of falling leaves were what remained in the huge courtyard. The area fell incomparably silent.

“Ka Cha!”

Xiao Chen reappeared a little in front of where he was previously at the same time as he sheathed the Lunar Shadow Saber. Pleasant surprise brightened his expression following that. “The Clear Wind Chop finally reached the Great Perfection.”

Right after he spoke, the cool breeze behind him stopped. All the leaves in the air all fell to the ground.

Every leaf that fell to the ground all spilt into two, then four, eight… eventually they all turned into countless small pieces.

Xiao Chen himself did not know by how much his comprehension abilities had risen. However, he estimated an increase of at least fifty percent compared to his past self

The Clear Wind Chop had been one step shy of reaching the Great Perfection. Eating the Flowing Light Flower immediately propelled him towards comprehending the mechanics behind it. He even found a way to merge it with the Azure Dragon Cloud Soaring Art.

Xiao Chen had with this raised the Clear Wind Chop to an inconceivable level. Not only had he reached the point where the blade could no longer be seen, he reached the point where even he was hidden in the wind.

Even Liu Ruyue or Ye Wen had yet to reach that kind of level. There had never been anyone in history to achieve it. Ergo, Xiao Chen could not possibly have known of the existence of such a realm.

Xiao Chen felt as though he was in an extremely strange state. His mind was exceptionally sharp. This was not simply just an increase in comprehension ability.

It was a state that could be encountered but not sought after. It was quite similar to that state of comprehension in the Evil Wind Valley that day. At the moment, he felt that, regardless of the Martial Technique, he would be able to make a breakthrough in anything.

This felt quite wonderful. The sensation was indescribable, something one could only understand by experiencing it oneself. The reason for this should be one of the mysterious effects of the Flowing Light Flower. Xiao Chen felt that he was running out of time, time in a state he would not be able to maintain for much longer.

This state would wear off after some time. Xiao Chen racked his brains—if he missed this opportunity, it might not come again.

What he needed to consider was what Martial Technique to improve on during this limited period of time.

Rushing Thunder Chop? No, the Rushing Thunder Chop has already been comprehended to a very high level. Furthermore, I am very familiar with it. Even without this opportunity, I’ll still be able to make a breakthrough in the future.

Azure Dragon Cloud Soaring Art? That can’t work either. I have already practiced it to Small Perfection. To reach Middle Perfection, I have to rely on raising my cultivation realm. After I become a Martial Saint, it should be able to reach Middle Perfection. 

Battle Sage Origin—Changing Character Formula? No, this Cultivation Technique is too strange. Even up to now, I have only touched the surface of it. It’ll require a miraculous encounter in order for it to make a breakthrough. If I use this opportunity on this, it would be very unfortunate if I failed.

Sword Technique—Flight On Wings? All the more no. This is a Martial Technique imitated by the Changing Character Formula. I haven’t practiced this much, so it is not worth it.

He was running short on time. Xiao Chen kept thinking, but he could not come to a decision. Suddenly, a Martial Technique came to mind.

He revealed a trace of a smile and said, “I’ll practice the Great Dragon Tiger Fist, the second move—Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. I have been struggling with it and I do not know why. Furthermore, this Martial Technique holds great potential. If I can make use of this opportunity to comprehend it, its combat prowess would be immediately increased.”

Once Xiao Chen made up his mind, he planted the Lunar Shadow Saber, together with its scabbard, into the ground. Circulating his Essence while taking a stance, he began practicing the Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.

The image of a ferocious tiger appeared behind Xiao Chen, and it seemed as if he was being possessed by said projection. His blood and Qi boiled. The king of beasts had arrived, and Xiao Chen began emitting the aura of a king dominating hundreds of beasts into his surroundings.

Xiao Chen let out an earsplitting roar that echoed like a clap of thunder. A small tree in the courtyard split apart with a loud sound as a result of the roar.

“Fierce Tiger Leaving the Mountains!”

Xiao Chen’s body bent over and his right foot took a heavy step forward. He leaped forth and punched out, and the image of the tiger behind him roared loudly.

Xiao Chen could feel an explosive power coursing through his right hand. When he punched the air, there were resounding explosion sounds.

The air was punched apart, causing ripples to spread out. Floating dust particles unseeable with the naked eye exploded continuously.

Xiao Chen was overjoyed. He did not expect his Fierce Tiger Leaving the Mountains to be this significantly improved thanks to the wonderful state he was in.

After Xiao Chen had punched out, he circulated his Essence in the manner required for the Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. Immediately, some strange information started to flow into his mind.

It was unknown where this information came from. It simply imprinted itself onto Xiao Chen’s mind. It was all regarding the explanation of Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.

Xiao Chen closed his eyes and did his best to absorb this information. After a while, he opened his eyes. A strange light flashed in his deep and calm eyes.

So, this is the meaning of Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. The second move of the Great Dragon Tiger Fist is not used for attacking. Instead, it is a supreme defensive technique.

In order to practice it, one had to be able to condense the power of the dragon and tiger. The dragon and tiger augmented the body, and the aura became reserved. The might of the great dragon and tiger shouldered the weight of mountains and rivers.

At the same time, it stored power for the next move—Dragon Hisses Tiger Roars. If he did not practice this move to Great Perfection, there would be no way to succeed in practicing said follow-up move.

The left hand is a dragon, piercing through the blue sky; the right hand is the tiger, worshipped by hundreds of beasts. The tiger and dragon augments the body, not fearing the mountains and rivers.

Xiao Chen’s mind was clear. Relying on that wondrous state, he struck out with both of his arms into the pose of the dragon and tiger. His entire being became incredibly calm and silent. The surroundings went mute, and there were no signs of any ripples.

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