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Chapter 186: Soul Chains and Soul Holy Weapon

Ye Wen said indifferently, “This is the evil Qi. It is even more terrifying than killing Qi; it can pull out the killing intent in your heart, causing one to fall into chaos.

Xiao Chen looked on in horror at the Divine Saber Camp’s people across the river. He muttered to himself, “How many people have they killed to form such horrifying evil Qi?”

The Divine Saber Camp is the most elite force in heaven Saber Pavilion. What are they doing here? Are they protecting something? What is the purpose of Ye Wen bringing me here? Xiao Chen was filled with doubt.

“Just ignore them; you will be fine as long as you don’t cross the river. I brought you here to take a breather. Don’t think too much!” Ye Wen dispelled Xiao Chen’s doubt.

Ye Wen led Xiao Chen to a stone table beside the river before stopping. Then, he produced a bottle of wine and two wine cups from nowhere, placing them on the table.

“Gu Lu Lu!” Ye Wen filled up both the wine cups and handed one to Xiao Chen. Ye Wen took a sip before saying, “Have a seat. Let me ask you, when did you join Qingyun Peak? How is Qingyun Peak’s situation now?”

Xiao Chen picked up the wine cup and downed it in one gulp. There was a cool breeze coming from the river, making one feel refreshed. Xiao Chen guessed long ago that Ye Wen was someone from Qingyun Peak as well. He was not surprised at this question.

“I joined almost three months ago. When I came, everyone had left Qingyun Peak already. Only Liu Ruyue and her brother remained,” Xiao Chen answered truthfully without holding anything back. “Are you not aware of all this?”

When Ye Wen heard this, he revealed a bitter smile, “I have not left for ten years. I have only heard a bit of their situation. So when I saw someone from Qingyun Peak taking up the guard duty this time, I requested for you to be placed under my charge.”

Have not gone out for ten years… Could it be that Ye Wen has been stuck here for these ten years?

How incredulous, Xiao Chen had only been here for one week, and he already felt it to be unbearable. He could not imagine what was it like to remain here for ten years.

Xiao Chen revealed an expression of shock, “Us coming to the layers of the mine was your idea?”

Ye Wen smiled, “That’s right. You should actually be thanking me. If it were not for me, you would have been sent to the twenty-odd layers. It is much deeper, and the environment is much worse there.

No wonder Xiao Chen felt their work was straightforward. They normally did not have much to do during their patrols. So this was the reason why.

“That’s right; have you found the two mutated corpses?” Xiao Chen suddenly remembered the incident. Now that there was such a good opportunity, he could clarify it with Ye Wen.

“We already have some clues. However, you should not ask too much about it,” Ye Wen did not answer Xiao Chen’s question properly. Then he continued asking, “Based off what you said, your master must be Liu Ruyue, right?”

Seeing Xiao Chen nod, Ye Wen smiled gently. He muttered, “She still hasn’t given up yet?”


Just at this moment, there was a loud rumbling coming from the opposite shore. Xiao Chen looked in that direction and discovered there was a large rock shaking continuously in the middle of empty grounds across the river.

A huge force was shaking the entire cave along with it. Countless rocks fell from the ceiling.

Xiao Chen saw this huge rock earlier, but he did not pay much note to it then. He originally thought it was only an ordinary rock. After all, it was not strange to see rocks underground.

However, at this moment, a thick chain suddenly appeared around the huge rock. There was a saber stuck in the ground in each of the eight directions around the huge rock.

The thick chain was wound around the huge rock and the sabers. The huge rock was shaking non-stop as though it was about to fly out at any time. However, the eight sabers did not move at all.

Occasionally, there would be a gleam on the sabers. The light flowed along the chains and moved onto the huge rock. The rock that was originally leaving the ground was instantly pressed down.


After the rock was pressed back down, it flew back up again, causing the chained to shake non-stop. It seemed as though there was some evil demon sealed below the rock.

There was a berserk roar coming from inside; it resounded everywhere in the vast cave.

Xiao Chen stared at the eight sabers and the chains. He was sure he did not see them earlier. If he had, he would not have ignored the huge rock.

Xiao Chen extended his Spiritual Sense. However, in the area he probed, he could not feel any material object. Aside from the huge rock, he could not see the chains and sabers.

What is going on? Am I seeing things? Xiao Chen thought suspiciously, I can clearly see them, but why can’t I sense them with my Spiritual Sense.

Wait, that’s not right. These eight sabers are indeed not material objects. These are the Soul Chains and Soul Holy Weapons that form before death, Xiao Chen thought in shock.

Xiao Chen finally understood what was going on. It was recorded in some ancient books that before Sages died, they could merge their cultivation together with their Martial Spirit and turn into Soul Holy Weapons and Soul Chains.

What kind of enemy would require eight Sages to turn into Soul Holy Weapons and Soul Chains to suppress it? What was so horrifying?

“What is inside this?” Xiao Chen asked Ye Wen.

Ye Wen took a look and said, “A Fiend King from a thousand years ago. The Fiend King wanted the Spirit Vein from our Heavenly Saber Pavilion. In the end, eight of our Supreme Elders sealed him.

They were actually suppressing a King from the Fiend race, Xiao Chen thought in astonishment. So, Fiends exist in this world.

The fiend race and the demons were different; they had existed on the Tianwu Continent since the Ancient Era.

According to legends, there were thousands of races during the Immemorial Era before the Ancient Era. Humans were just one of the weak races. For some unknown reason, the humans managed to obtain the final victory in the Hundred Race War.

In the following Ancient Era, the human race occupied the dominant position. The other races either fled or were destroyed. Thus the human race spread throughout the Tianwu Continent.

Furthermore, after a few attacks from the demons, those races which had already been weakened completely disappeared from history. However, the fiend race was a special existence; they had survived for tens of thousands of years. They managed to avoid the attacks of demons and were not destroyed.

There was a rumor that there was still a lot of the fiend race in the ancient desolate lands of the continent. Based on today, it seemed like the rumor might be true.


A loud explosion sound, which surpassed the earlier one, resounded in the vast cave. A hairy hand extended out from beneath the huge rock.

A surging aura poured out from underneath and spread throughout the cave, causing everyone to feel fear. In front of this boundless aura, they felt like ants.

There were sharp claws on the five fingers of the huge hand, gleaming with a cold light. They headed for one of the sabers on the ground. It managed to grasp the handle within an instant.

Xiao Chen’s complexion changed; the Azure Dragon in his body felt threatened and released a faint pressuring might. This might easily resolve the surging aura.

Xiao Chen muttered, “What is it trying to do? It has already been a thousand years; why does he still have such terrifying might?”

“Every month around these few days, it becomes more irritable. There is no need to worry. These Soul Holy Weapons and Soul Chains are not there as decorations. Furthermore, there is still the Divine Saber Camp. It should not be able to cause any trouble.”

When Ye Wen saw that Xiao Chen was concerned, he quickly explained the situation.

“Pu Ci!”

Indeed, as Ye Wen said, the instant the huge claw touched the saber handle, the Soul Chains crackled with lightning. The eight Soul Holy Weapon glowed with a resplendent light as well.

“Ah!” A miserable cry came from underneath the huge rock. The Soul Holy Weapons and Soul Chains were weapons that attacked the soul directly; it was unavoidable, no matter how strong one’s physical body was.


A cultivator from the Divine Saber Camp snorted coldly. His figure flashed in the air; he leaped onto the huge rock and stamped heavily.

“Hu Hu!”

The eight Soul Holy Weapons started to spin rapidly, winding back the Soul Holy Chain continuously. Miserable cries kept coming from the underground.

After a while, the miserable cries stopped. The eight Soul Holy Weapon and the Soul Chain disappeared; the cave regained its previous calm.

Ye Wen got up and smiled at Xiao Chen, “Let’s go. The show is over, and we have taken our breather. It was not too boring, right?”

Xiao Chen nodded, but he felt as if he forgot something. Suddenly, he remembered; he said, “Wait, you still have not told me why we can’t kill those Spirit Swallowing Worms!”

Ye Wen smiled casually, “It’s not that you can’t kill them; you just can’t kill too many. If the Lingyun Mountain Range’s Spirit Vein did not have these Spirit Swallowing Worms, it would have dried up already, given the ten thousand years of time.

“After the Spirit Swallowing Worms eat the Spirit Stone raw ore, the inner cores they produce become the best nourishment for the Spirit Vein’s origin. If they were all killed, the Spirit Vein would dry up.”

The Spirit Vein’s origin was the thing that produced Spirit Stone raw ore. If the Spirit Vein’s origin dried up, the Spirit mine would not produce Spirit Stones anymore.

Xiao Chen could understand this principle. However, he did not expect the nourishment of the Spirit Vein’s origin was the Spirit Swallowing Worm’s inner core, “That’s not right. Why did you say the Spirit Swallowing Worm is the Spirit Mine’s largest enemy?”

Ye Wen explained, “We can’t have too many of them, either. If they ate up all the Spirit Stone raw ore, what would we dig up? That’s why we must maintain a balance. Occasionally, we will kill a bunch.”

“I said that to give you a reason to kill Spirit Swallowing Worms. After all, you are not able to kill too many of them by yourself.”

The two of them started their journey back. Along the way, Ye Wen continued to ask about Qingyun Peak’s situation. Xiao Chen told Ye Wen everything he knew in detail.

After Ye Wen heard about how badly Qingyun Peak fell, he occasionally sighed lightly; it was clear he felt extremely hurt.

Like the previous few nights, when he returned the stone room, Mu Xinya was nowhere to be found. Xiao Chen did not know where she went. As he was already used to it, he did not pay it too much mind.

“Hey!” After Xiao Chen finished his bath, he walked past Mu Xinya’s bed and accidentally saw her Gangyu Peak identity token and the Hall of Contributions’ mission token under the pillow.

She did not bring her identity token and mission token with her. Xiao Chen walked over and took them out. It was indeed Mu Xinya’s Gangyu Peak identity token. There was the words ‘Gangyu’ on the front and Mu Xinya’s name behind.

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