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Chapter 166: Perfection like Water

Xiao Chen said these words knowing he might die as a result. A peak Martial King would not even require a tenth of his strength to kill Xiao Chen.

Men had to have ambition; men existed for their pride and ambition.

If he kept quiet, given that his opponent ignored his status, used force to bully his master, and even attacked Liu Ruyue, who was already severely injured, what kind of man would he be? He might as well be dead.

Song Que’s expression turned very cold;  it had been a very long time, ever since he became the Peak Lord since someone dared scold him like that. It was even from an insignificant Martial Grand Master.

“What a sharp tongue; are you not afraid of cutting yourself? Go die!”

Right after he spoke, Song Que started to become blurry, and he moved towards Xiao Chen smoothly like flowing water. Everywhere he passed, it was like a river had flowed past. The blood on the ground was actually all cleaned away.

“Three Flowing Cloud Images!”

Xiao Chen spoke to himself. The Three Flowing Cloud Images Song Que executed was really like walking on clouds and flowing water; it was not sluggish at all. It seemed very natural and of the highest quality, like a real gushing river, resulting in one not being able to sense any danger.

If it were one day ago, Xiao Chen would definitely be unable to block it. Song Que had already reached a certain level of proficiency with the Three Flowing Cloud Images.

However, Xiao Chen comprehended the state of Perfection like Water in the forest yesterday. He already gained an understanding of the Perfection like Water that Song Que had yet to achieve.

Xiao Chen tossed Liu Ruyue gently to Liu Suifeng. He calmed himself down and did his best to think back to the state he entered yesterday.

Although Song Que looked harmless at the moment, Xiao Chen knew that if he could not enter that state, where he was oblivious of himself, he would be killed by Song Que.

At the critical point of danger, Xiao Chen instantly entered the state he was in yesterday. He became a huge calm sea without any waves.

To the eyes of the others, the two of them had become blurry. One looked like an endlessly gushing river; the other was a calm waveless ocean.


When the gushing river and the ocean met, there was a raging shockwave that spread out to the surroundings; it was like countless splashes of water.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!” The splash of water in the air gave off intense explosion sounds. It was like the raging waves in the stormy sea, unending and earsplitting; it was very majestic.

Song Que retreated three steps back, feeling very shocked in his heart. Perfection like Water, the state that was only grasped in the legends, how could he have attained it?

The huge force flowed into Xiao Chen’s body.  Immediately, Xiao Chen felt like he was going to explode. He quickly dissipated the force that was sent by Song Que.

Within Xiao Chen’s sea of consciousness, after he dissipated the force from the body, there were waves on the calm ocean that he had become.

This was reflected in reality. The ground behind Xiao Chen suddenly exploded endlessly. Waves of dirt rushed towards the sky.

“How could this be?! Even if this fellow grasped the state of Perfection like Water, there is no way he can handle an attack by my father. The difference in cultivation realm is too large,” Song Qianhe said in incomparable astonishment from a distance.

The group of people behind Song Qianhe also could not understand it. A strange look appeared in Liu Ruyue’s eyes in the distance. There were many kinds of states; Listening To the Sword and Communicating With It was also a kind of state. She, who grasped the Listening To the Sword and Communicating With It could roughly understand what was going on.

If a person comprehended a state to its peak, when fighting against another person who used the same Martial Technique, he would have a very great advantage. This was something she experienced for herself.

Song Que said coldly, “Perfection like Water… I am interested to see how strong it is.” The pride of being a peak Martial King lead to Song Que refusing the result. He practiced the Three Flowing Cloud Images for a lifetime already; how could he not be comparable to a junior?

After Song Que spoke, he turned into a surging river, rushing towards Xiao Chen. Xiao Chen frowned slightly; he did not dare be careless as he transformed into a boundless and endless ocean.

Perfection like Water, water is undisputably beneficial for tens of thousands of living things. Furthermore, Xiao Chen also understood that this Three Flowing Cloud Images, at its base, was only a Martial Technique for defending and counterattacking.

Forcefully turning it into an attacking Martial Technique was simply just stressing the result over the principles.

However, Song Que did not understand this concept. He used his cultivation base and continuously rushed at Xiao Chen. There were the sounds of endless crashing waves.

Even the surround air started to tremble. After that, there were a string of continuous explosions in the air. The surrounding people did not dare get too near; they all retreated backward.

The torrential billowing waves caused great waves on the calm surface of the ocean. The sound of the torrential waves was quite shocking.

Xiao Chen was like a small boat drifting along with the wind on the ocean. He was tossed around by the waves, as though he were about to be swallowed by them. However, time after time, this small boat did not capsize; it simply drifted with the waves, being jolted around.


Song Que retreated once again. He already rushed at him hundreds of times using a huge force. He seemed to be slightly short of exploding Xiao Chen every time. However, he failed every time.

This time, he completely lost his patience; an extremely impatient looked appeared in his eyes. His right hand moved, and a thick saber shining with a cold light appeared in his hand.

Song Que’s killing intent slowly extended out; he had never felt like killing a person as much as he did now. Furthermore, he would normally not even bother to look at an Inferior Grade Martial Grade Master.

“Mountain Splitting Chop!”

“Break for me!” Song Que shouted. The glow of his saber became reserved; there was no gaudy show. However, it carried an earth-shattering aura as it chopped vigorously towards Xiao Chen. The formless ocean which Xiao Chen become was instantly broken apart.

“Crap! Ye Chen is in danger!” Liu Ruyue cried out in fear and wanted to help when she saw Song Que had abandoned using the Three Flowing Cloud Images.

However, when she circulated her Essence slightly, she could not help but vomit a mouthful of blood.

Liu Ruyue’s face was covered in blood. She revealed an expression full of dissatisfaction. Her eyes were bloodshot as she glared angrily at Song Que. Finally, it seemed like she had made some kind of decision; she grasped the Lunar Shadow Saber with her right hand.

Xiao Chen opened his eyes suddenly and released a bright light. He watched the lightning fast Song Que dash at him, as well as the Mountain Splitting saber.

He understood, clearly in his heart, he would not be able to block this saber. If he wanted to be like a mantis trying to stop a chariot then he would be like an ant trying to shake a tree; he would be chopped in half and die without a complete corpse.

[TL note: A mantis trying to stop a chariot means to do the impossible. An ant trying to shake a tree means overestimating himself. So the meaning of this sentence is: If he wanted to do the impossible, he would be overestimating himself; he would immediately be chopped in half and die without a complete corpse.]

However, Xiao Chen did not plan on blocking it. With a snap of his figure, the Eastern Emperor Bell appeared above his head, out of nowhere. After a while, it transformed into a huge copper bell.

For some unknown reason, the dark yellow Qi on the Eastern Emperor Bell could no longer be used. Xiao Chen decisively covered himself with the copper bell.

With just a thought, the Eastern Emperor Bell immediately fell on the ground with a loud gong, completely covering Xiao Chen.

Song Que smiled coldly while his hands moved continuously. “You intend to use a Secret Treasure to block my full powered move? How naive!”


The full-powered strike of a peak Martial King struck the Eastern Emperor Bell violently. A melodious gong resounded from the Eastern Emperor Bell, reverberating in the air.

After that, amidst the shocked gazes of everyone, the Biyun Peak’s Peak Master, a peak Martial King, bounced quickly back like a cannonball.

However, fast he came, he was twice as fast as he bounced back. Song Que felt his Qi and blood surge as he tasted something sweet in his mouth, as though he was about to vomit blood.

Song Que quickly circulated his Essence midair, suppressing the blood that was coming up. If he were forced to vomit blood by an Inferior Grade Martial Grand Master in front of a group of juniors, he would be embarrassed to death.

However, Song Que did not expect, as he currently flew back at a fast speed through the air, that if he did not manage his center of gravity properly, he would roll over when he landed.

By the time Song Que suppressed his Qi and blood and recovered his wits, it was too late to change his center of gravity.

Song Que landed head first with a loud band and tumbled over. After rolling twice, Song Que shouted and stood up once again.

Song Que’s face was currently ashen. He found it hard to believe an Inferior Grade Martial Grand Master could cause him to tumble over on the ground. This was even more humiliating that vomiting blood.

Song Que wished to kill Xiao Chen even more than he did earlier. There had never before been a person like him who could give Song Que such a headache. Throughout his lifetime, he had killed an unknown number of Martial Kings and fought in all sorts of difficult battles. However, there never had been a time when he was in such a miserable state as he was now.

He had completely forgotten his purpose for coming here. He only wished to slice Xiao Chen into tens of thousands of pieces to resolve the hatred in his heart.

Seeing as Xiao Chen was hiding in the Eastern Emperor Bell, Song Que did his best to calm down and think carefully.

Although the reflection ability of this Secret Treasure is strong, it is still something I can manage. Furthermore, this Secret Treasure is definitely a damaged Secret Treasure. I just need to focus my strength on one spot and hit it continuously. Then I will be able to break this Secret Treasure.

Once Song Que made up his mind, he immediately leaped forward and used his saber to strike the Eastern Emperor Bell.

A huge force was reflected back, but Song Que was prepared this time. He quickly spun in the air, and after a while, he dissipated this force into nothing.

Song Que flew back to the Eastern Emperor Bell with a flash and struck the spot he hit earlier. He repeated this continuously; in the blink of the eye, he had struck it hundreds of times.

The bell resounded out, ringing continuously, spreading to the entire Heavenly Saber Pavilion in a torrent. When the many inner disciples of Heavenly Saber Pavilion heard the ringing, they felt it was strange. They all headed to the origin of the sound out of curiosity.

Even though Xiao Chen was hiding in the Eastern Emperor Bell, he was feeling extremely unwell. The resounding ringing almost caused his eardrums to rupture. His internal organs were all churning; he was not even able to vomit when he wanted to.

After striking it hundreds of times with the saber, a tiny crack finally appeared on the Eastern Emperor Bell. A look of joy appeared on Song Que’s face.

Song Que’s body suddenly rose high into the air; he had instantly leaped up thousands of meters. He wanted to give it a final strike, thoroughly destroying this darn bell and dragging Xiao Chen out to hack him into pieces.

Xiao Chen felt it was strange when the ringing suddenly stopped. He carefully used his Spiritual Sense to check the situation. He immediately discovered there was a crack on the bell.

He could not help but feel some fear. If this Eastern Emperor Bell were really broken, he would not be able to block a single move of Song Que’s with his true level of strength.

“Never mind; since I’m going to die anyway, I might as well stake my all in this!” When Xiao Chen saw Song Que falling down from the sky, a resolute look flashed in his eyes.

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