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Chapter 888 - Revisiting the Trails (1)


After leaving the Ancient Sky Dragon Domain, Ye Qingyu decided to return to Heaven Connect City to report to Ren Puyang, and also to report a few discoveries from this process to the Alliance of Domains.

However, he deliberately made a detour on the way back and stopped in Sunrise City.

Previously, when he attacked the Black Moon Immortal Palace's stations in order to rescue the Heaven Wasteland diplomatic corps, Sunrise City provided a great deal of support, and so it was only right for him to express his gratitude to them. Since he happened to be passing by, he decided to go thank the leaders of the city.

Given his present status, he naturally remained unable to meet the mysterious City Lord. However, the person he wanted to meet was Shangguan Wu anyway.

As one of the chief examiners during the Wall of Storm test, the latter provided great help to the Heaven Wasteland Domain. By thanking him, Ye Qingyu could conveniently convey his gratitude to Sunrise City.

Being one of the three elders of the Purple Golden Divine Office's middle court while concurrently serving as the deputy commander of the Purple Golden Divine Guards, Shangguan Wu was said to usually be up before daybreak and to have thousands of matters to attend to every day, such was how busy he was. But when his subordinate reported to him that Ye Qingyu had requested a meeting, he put everything aside and rushed to receive Ye Qingyu as soon as he could.

In the west hall of the Purple Golden Divine Office's middle court.

"Lord Shangguan Wu, I'm deeply grateful for the help that you and the master rendered on multiple occasions for the matter of the Heaven Wasteland Domain grading." Ye Qingyu smiled as he respectfully saluted.

Shangguan Wu had on his usual benign look as he waved his hand, saying, "No need to be courteous, Lord Ye Qingyu. I was just trying to be impartial. What's more, we're all of the Human Race and so I naturally had to do what I can... Haha, Lord Ye Qingyu, you deserve great credit for the Heaven Wasteland Domain's successful grading, while your two battles shook the Road of Chaos and captured everyone's attention. These were what you achieved with your own efforts. Hahaha, I've heard and am delighted that you received great recognition and treatment in Heaven Connect City. Everything points to the fact that you will definitely become the leading powerhouse of the Human Race's young generation. When that time comes, Sunrise City will also share in your glory."

Although Ye Qingyu's topping of the Wall of Storm's List could not be divulged to outsiders, it had astounded Shangguan Wu and made him regard Ye Qingyu with special respect. Furthermore, the strength displayed and battle record achieved by Ye Qingyu on the Road of Chaos caused him to become widely known in a short time. He not only gained the favor and respect of Lord Ren Puyang in the congress divine temple, but also the full support of two super forces and a human Quasi-emperor. Because of these most glorious achievements, he had already become the hottest new star of the Human Race for a thousand years.

"You flatter me, Lord Shangguan Wu." Ye Qingyu saluted once more and presented a few gifts which he had prepared.

Knowing that Shangguan Wu was a disinterested person, he made sure to be careful about the propriety of the gifts. They had to convey his gratitude and goodwill without amounting to bribery. Indeed, after looking through the gift list, Shangguan Wu nodded his head gently and, after a brief hesitation, accepted them.

The two men spent some time chatting in the main hall.

Shangguan Wu gave several bits of advice to Ye Qingyu, who he thought extremely highly of. The latter listened respectfully and became ever more reverent of this incorruptible judge and expert.

Ye Qingyu suddenly changed the topic when they were both inebriated from drink, "Lord Shangguan Wu, there's something else I wanted to ask about. Is the front court supervisor, Lord Huang Tayun, now in Sunrise City?"

Ye Qingyu got right to the point.

During the Black Demon Abyss test, there were many forces and groups which hindered and even sneak attacked him. Although there was no conclusive evidence, Ye Qingyu had vaguely felt that Huang Tayun was involved.

"Lord Huang Tayun?" Shangguan Wu was stunned for a bit but quickly understood what Ye Qingyu meant. He thought for a while before replying, "If I remember correctly, Lord Huang Tayun has taken leave on bereavement ever since the Heaven Wasteland diplomatic corps left Sunrise City, and hasn't reported for work since. He might be back in a couple of days."


A barely-noticeable splendor flashed across Ye Qingyu's eyes.

Shangguan Wu understood what Ye Qingyu was thinking tacitly. To him, Ye Qingyu naturally had the right and reason to address this kind of grievance, as per the rules of the martial way.

Moreover, he had received reports alleging that Huang Tayun had done a few dishonorable things in the Sunrise City, and so he had been secretly investigating the latter.

After hearing Shangguan Wu's subtle stance, Ye Qingyu felt inwardly relieved and could roughly determine the attitude of Sunrise City.

A moment later.

"By the way, Lord Ye Qingyu, I have a piece of news that concerns you..." Shangguan Wu frowned slightly as if he suddenly recalled something. "The retired emperor of the Dragon Human Race has been in Heaven Connect City in recent days but was unable to find you despite searching through the city. He thus announced that the Dragonblood Dynasty would officially declare war on the Heaven Wasteland Domain if you still don't show up and hand over the [Dragonblood Halberd]."

Ye Qingyu's personal handling of the rebellion within the Ancient Sky Dragon Sect under orders was naturally not a matter which would be publicly announced. Therefore, aside from Ren Puyang and the people of the Ancient Sky Dragon Domain, none of the forces and sects which took note of his movements knew why he suddenly went missing.

Moreover, there had recently been rumors in Heaven Connect City that he disappeared because he had stolen the [Dragonblood Halberd] but was afraid of the might of the Dragonblood Dynasty's retired emperor.

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