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Chapter 80: Overflow (4)

“What did you say just now?”

Benjamin frowned.

However, there was delight in his two eyes.

‘Done. I will have to get rid of this thorn first.’

He knew that most of the merits done by the 7th corps were thanks to Roan.

‘If I can’t have him, it will be better to break him.’

He opened his two eyes abruptly and put on a threatening expression.
However, Roan was quite calm and composed.

“I can’t follow your orders on chasing the enemy’s army.”

A look without getting dispersed.
He continued saying with a calm voice.

“Our chasing troop suffered a blow close to annihilation. On top of that, we are already near enemy’s boundary. If we chase them now, it’s difficult to give them a big blow.”

It was quite a reasonable and appropriate words.
Aaron and some commanders nodded and then looked at Benjamin and cleared their throats.

“Thi, thi, this…….”

Benjamin’s face became red.

And naturally, the sight of everyone followed Roan’s.


Some commanders and staff officers exclaimed.

They were barely alive but the soldiers that suffered severe injuries, the suffering soldiers that were looking at their deceased comrades, soldiers screaming for having their limbs cut off, etc.
Roan looked at the soldiers and got a firm resolution.

‘I will at least save them.’

He turned to look at Benjamin again.

“There’s no commander that lays an order to a corps that’s close to annihilation to keep chasing. Lay down your order.”

An earnest voice.
Some soldiers started to tremble.

‘If I make a mistake, the atmosphere will change.’

Benjamin felt urgent.
He opened his eyes abruptly and yelled.

“You! You dare to disobey the orders of a superior!”

The atmosphere turned serious.

.He felt so stifled as if there was a rock in his chest.

Roan looked at Benjamin fixedly.

“Commander. It’s not disobeying.”
“Shut up!”

Benjamin yelled with a red face.
In the end, even Roan couldn’t hold it anymore.


A voice that shakes the mountain.

An amazing spirit emanated with Roan at the center.


The war horses burbled and the commanders and soldiers put surprised expressions.

“Thi, what is…..”

Benjamin even staggered because he got really surprised.

‘This bastard even knew how to use mana?’

His face turned pale and his eyes trembled.
Roan looked at that Benjamin fixedly and slowly moved his feet.


Everyone gulped dry saliva and looked at that scene.
Roan stood in front of Benjamin and continued saying in a calm voice.

“Lay down a proper order. The war has ended. Commander.”

Silence fell in an instant.

Even when there were tens of thousands of soldiers, you couldn’t even hear a breath.

‘Da, damn it!’

Benjamin got a hold of himself late.

‘I’m the commander of the eastern region! I’m the superior in the eastern region!’

He looked at Roan fixedly.

“Impudent bastard!”

He barely managed to yell.

“All the judgements and decisions are done by me. You just have to follow my orders!”

He continued saying.

“The 7th corps will continue to chase the enemy’s army. That’s my decision and order.”

Benjamin didn’t back down.
Roan shook his head.

“Commander. Can you……”
“Shut up!”

Benjamin yelled with all his strength.
In the first place, he didn’t think of holding a normal conversation.


Roan ground his teeth.

‘My past life also got messed up because of you.’

But even this life was getting messed up by him.

But he couldn’t.

He wasn’t someone a normal person, and a mere troop commander at that, could do something.

‘If I face him, I may get imprisoned or get exiled, to say nothing of becoming a monarch.’

Because of that, he endured the nonsense orders and kept enduring.

“Hmph! If you continue not wanting to follow my orders….”

Benjamin snorted lightly and shook his right hand.

They were the closest people Benjamin had and they all knew how to use mana.

“Arrest Roan and detain him in the rear of the camp. When the war ends, I will clearly name your sins and lay down a punishment.”

The order has been laid down.
Benjamin planned to overthrow the thorn like Roan in this opportunity.

‘Next is Aaron.’

His forehead got carved.

“Yes. Understood.”

The officers replied in one voice and moved.

“You can’t do that!”

The soldiers of the 2nd rose troop that were behind Roan blocked them.


Benjamin, Roan and even Roan had surprised expressions.
Austin, that was at the forefront of the soldiers, looked at Benjamin fixedly.

“You can’t take away troop commander Roan!”

Followed by him, the other soldiers added.

“That’s right!”
“It’s an unfair treatment!”

Roan raised up the clearest merits in the war against Istel kingdom, and more than anyone else.

As the soldiers of the 2nd rose troop saw it, Roan didn’t make any mistakes.

‘He may be jealous of troop commander’s merits!’
‘Benjamin Doyle is originally this kind of person!’

The soldiers clenched their fists.
Resolution, they wouldn’t step back at all, was felt.

‘If troop commander Roan gets imprisoned…….’
‘Doyle commander will lay down an unreasonable punishment.’

In the first place, it was important to prevent him from incarcerating Roan.
Austin bent towards Benjamin.

“Troop commander Roan has raised outstanding merits in several battles. Take that into account.”

Benjamin immediately snorted.

“Impudent things. It’s not a problem mere soldiers can butt in!”

He looked at Roan and the soldiers alternatingly and shook his head.

“That commander and his underlings. Tch tch tch.”

The sound of clicking his tongue was heard clearly.
Roan looked at the soldiers blocking his front.

“You fall back.”

At those words, the soldiers shook their heads.

“We can’t do that. We will stay next to you until the very end.”
“We can’t send you off like this!”

The tension rose up.
Then, Benjamin’s voice was heard.

“What are you doing! Are you just going to watch!”

At those words, the officers that were standing confused started to move again.

“No, no!”

Austin and the soldiers blocked them once again.

“Fuck off!”

The officers didn’t endure it anymore.

And it even had mana behind it.


Austin ground his teeth when he looked at the fist swinging at him.


One hand appeared abruptly and lightly blocked the flying fist.


The staff that swung the fist ground his teeth.
But the fist didn’t move an inch.

“A fist that has mana behind it for a normal soldier. Don’t you think that’s too much?”

The person that blocked the officer’s fist.
He was none other than Roan.

‘Wh, what kind of strength is this……’

The officer got perplexed.
Roan pulled up mana and put strength in his hand.


The tips of the fingers carved in the fist of the officer.


The officer groaned with a painful expression.

“This son of a bitch!”
“Let go!”

The other officers yelled and approached.

Fists that also had mana behind it.

‘In the end it turns out like this.’

Roan let out a short sight and slightly fell back.
At the same time, the fist of the officer he was holding in got pulled in to his chest.


The guy that loses balance and gets pulled forward.
The fists and kicks of the other officers fell on his body.

Pubuk! Puk!


A heavy hitting sound was heard with the groan.
Roan let go of the fist as if he threw it and charged forward.


When the four officers got surprised and fell backwards.


Roan’s two fists split the air.
The attack was so fast you could only see the remnants of it.

Pububuk! Puk!

The fists landed on their faces and stomachs.


They couldn’t even fight back once and collapsed.

Casual eyes.
Benjamin trembled unconsciously.

‘Dman. I, I am afraid!?’

Humiliation surged up.
Then, Roan lightly kicked.


The officers that were kneeling down on the ground got hit on their chins and fell like that.

Roan let out a long sigh.

There were plenty of methods to get out even if he got imprisoned.
In the worst of the cases, he was even thinking of leaving the army.

‘But I can’t endure looking my troop members suffering at all.’

He couldn’t stand watching his subordinates getting hit because of something personal.
Roan looked at Benjamin fixedly.

“I will go to the rear of the camp as you wish. Instead, spare the fault of my troop members.”

Benjamin just blinked at the sudden situation.

“Troop commander!”

Aaron and the troop members yelled with a surprised expression.
However, ROan’s expression was still calm.

‘There are plenty of methods to pull down that bastard to the bottom.’

Even if he didn’t do so, he was gathering several information through Chris’s agency.

Then, Aaron butted in.

“No, if it’s responsibility we are talking about, I the corps commander…..”

But he couldn’t continue speaking.


Roan interrupted him and whispered in his ear with a really low voice.

“Are you going to make the deaths of the several troop commanders and adjutants to become useless? You should remain here and lead the soldiers.”

The end of Aaron’s words dimmed.
Why won’t he understand Roan’s words?

“If you start chasing, don’t chase them hurriedly but only pretend to do so.”

Roan smiled faintly and then looked at Austin and the soldiers.

“You too, fall back.”
“Troop commander……”

The troop members all clenched their fists and trembled.

Roan and the troop members exchanged gazes.

‘Everyone, don’t worry.’

Roan was confident.
He wanted to dig a deeper hole and lead Benjamin over there.

‘I will bury you so deep you won’t be able to get out.’

Backing down once for the future.

Benjamin just smacked his lips as if it was regrettable.

‘It would have been good if I also got Aaron mixed up in it……’

The opportunity just now was regretful.
He looked at Roan and nodded.

“Good. I will do as you wish.”

There was no need to imprison or arrest a normal soldier.

Right before he finished speaking, some soldiers approached.
Roan saluted shortly towards Aaron.

“I will see you later.”
“I have no honor.”

Aaron lowered his face.

The soldiers of the 2nd rose troop looked at him with stifled expressions.

He looked at the surrounding battlefield and let out a sigh.

“Whew. Anyways, this is really a mess. They got charred black. Tch tch tch.”

Benjamin clicked his tongue in a big way and continued saying.

“This is what they call a dog death. Because you only do what you are ordered to without thinking ahead, you die in such a way. If you are a person you have to know to think by yourself and lay your own judgements. Tch.”

He spitted out and sent down an order towards the officers.

“Take care of the corpses roughly. We lack time to gather them all and….”

A fishy smile appeared on his face.

“They aren’t worth it.”

A voice filled with mockery.

Their entire body trembled.
They wanted to cleanly pour over curses.

‘If we make a fuss over here, Roan’s look will become funny.’
‘Troop commander Roan chose to get imprisoned for us. We have to endure it.’

Aaron and the soldiers clenched their fists.



Something appeared in front of Benjamin.


Everyone opened their eyes roundly and put surprised expressions.
But of course, the most surprised one was Benjamin.


A feeling his breath got cut off.
He looked at the guy that was grabbing his throat.

“Ro, kugh. Ro, Roa. Just what is……….Kugh.”

It was difficult to even speak.

“Co, commander!”
“You crazy bastard!”

The surrounding officers and commanders opened their eyes abruptly and approached.
Roan grabbed Travias spear with his left hand while still grabbing on Benjamin’s throat with his right hand.


The hidden blade of the spear showed itself.
At the same time.


The spear became longer and then got stuck in front of the feet of the officers and commanders that were approaching.


The ground was dug and rocks scattered with a loud sound.
Roan said in a cold voice while not even looking at them.

“Until there. The moment you cross that I will take Benjamin Doyle’s life.”

Benjamin struggled as if the strength behind the grip was painful.

Roan looked at Benjamin’s eyes properly.


There were no honorifics anymore.

“It’s fine if you lay an unreasonable order. And it’s fine if you badmouth me. I can endure everything else. But…….” His voice lowered.
“I can’t endure you mocking the deaths of my deceased comrades at all.”

Roan ground his teeth.
He tried to endure it but in the end, he couldn’t.

‘I can’t turn back anymore.’

He took in a deep breath.

‘Now that I started it, let’s pull the roots.’

He got resolved.

‘I was wondering whether I had to stay on the 7th corps after the war ends or leave……..’

Thanks to Benjamin, he could stop doing so.

‘Let’s leave. I’m leaving after I clear things up cleanly.’

Roan inserted mana in his fists.


Roan saw through the smoke and looked towards the entrance.

The symbol in the flag was familiar.

He smacked his lips and a really low voice flowed out.

“Count Lancephil……”

< Overflow (4) > End

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