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The rose troop reached Ale village without any trouble.

And Roan, once again took the attention of the people.

“Wow. Look at his hands.”

“Ey. That’s not it. Look at the other newcomers. It’s only that guy who is skilled.”

The soldiers of the 13th squad talked among themselves while looking at Roan that was the only skilled one among the newcomers.

“You have to pull more this way.”

Roan helped Pierce and Glenn and taught them how to put on a barrack.


The two of them laughed embarrassedly and scratched their heads.
Roan didn’t say anything and just focused on setting the barrack.


With the last hammering, the huge barrack got completed.

“Roan! You are the best, the best!”

“Did you see the expressions of the other squads? They were really envious. Kukuku.”

The soldiers got in the barracks with their luggage and raised their thumbs.
Roan just bent his head without saying anything and grabbed his spear.

“What are you going to do?”

Tane approached him and frowned.

“I’m going to do the extra training.”

He nodded along with a low exclamation.

If he skipped for even a day, he would be given an impetuous order.
Tane looked at the spear and shook his head.

“Your palm is a mess, will you be fine?”
“I’m fine. It’s because Glenn’s bandaging is excellent.”

Roan raised both of his hands and smiled.

“Even so, focus on training your strength rather than your spear skills, being aware of adjutant Dosen.”

“And give me your luggage.”
“Thank you.”

Roan bent.
Tane hit Roan’s shoulder like that and entered the barrack.

‘Should I run for now?’

Roan stretched softly and started to run while holding his spear.

Clank. Clank.

The armor makes steel noises.

Roan, that was running the outer parts, saw Dosen.

‘It seems like I really got marked properly.’

Dosen approached him while riding his horse.

“You aren’t just planning on running like that?”
“After running a few more laps I will train my spear skills and do strength exercises.”

Roan replied while running.
Dosen nodded and pulled the reins.


The horse slowly stops.

“Trains like that for two hours everyday.”
“Yes. Understood.”

Roan yelled to Dosen’s back that was getting further.


He ran out of breath because he was talking while running.

‘My stamina is really a mess.’

To run out of breath after running this much.
Ruan clenched his teeth.

‘At least, there won’t be any trouble until Pedian’s plain.’

Thinking about his memories, he couldn’t think of anything in particular after the rose troop got annihilated in Ale gorge.
Then, this was the right time to raise his strength and stamina.

Clank. Clank.

Roan’s feet got faster.

The rose troop rested in Ale village for a day and started to march towards Pedian’s plain.

And not only that, he even participated in the group trainings.

“You will fall like that.”

So much that Pete had to persuade him.

He knew how much strength and stamina he could raise with the 20 years of experience.

‘If I get to that point in an even shorter time, I can look for a higher position.’

The 20 years from now on will change.
Among that was strength training, stamina training, agility training, and skills training.

‘The training from 20 years from now on is much more effective than in this time.’

Roan evaded Dosen’s eyes and trained his strength and stamina with the methods from 20 years from now on.

But just because of that, there was no one in the 13th squad that recognized the change.
No, there was only one person that noticed this small change.

“Roan. I think that your body got better.”

The person that was blinking with an honest expression was Pierce.
Roan slowly looked at Pierce’s face and said inwardly.

‘His sight is really excellent.’

One of the many abilities Pierce had.

And because of that, even if they were in the same situation, place and saw the same people, the information he could obtain was much bigger.

That was one of the driving force for his ghost like spear skills.

‘Is there one day until we reach Pedian’s plain?’

Today was also the last day he could train to his heart’s content.

Because Dosen prohibited him from training inside the camp.

And because of that, he could only do the extra training outside of the camp and the first days, Dosen came out to check on him.

Roan came outside of the camp and straightened his back.


Maybe it was because it was the entrance of Pedian’s plain, but there was a wide plain in front of his eyes.

‘First, running.’

If he didn’t want to get injured, it was important to heat your body.

The weeds that were as long as his waist, were moved by the winds coming from the west.

The sound of the plants rubbing his skin tickled his ear.
Roan was enjoying the strange feeling and ran to a place farther than he had thought.

“Did I run too much?”

The entrance of the camp was too far and was seen really small.
He changed directions and started to run towards the rose squad camp.

The weeds shake because of the wind.

However, Roan frowned.

‘Something’s weird.’

His eyes became sharper.

Roan gripped his spear.

‘There’s something!’

He glared at the weed that was shaking roughly.


Then, the the weed separated to the left and to the right.

Because the thing that appeared out of the weeds was out of his expectations.

‘Why are these guys here…….?’

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