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Translator reports:

First: I don’t have enough time to release 1 Mile and 1 Arge per day. And Arge will be caught up with the raws soon. So from now, I will release 1 Mile’s chapter in a day and the next day will release 1 Arge’s chapter. When I have enough time I will release both but don’t expect too much.

Second: Right now, I’m re-reading Mira (Sage’s pupil) to remember the event and the name of characters.

I tried translating Mira. There are many sentence doesn’t make sense and I can’t guess what it mean when checking the raw because I don’t remember everything yet.

Mira is … even I understand all the word Author use, it still hard to make sense. If only I’m better at English to re-write the whole thing from my understanding. I will try my best but I think Mira will take a long time to release 1 chapter (like a week or two). 

Mile Chapter 53: Thieves
ED: Lowe

“It was nice that you can use the slingshot” (Vera + Jeanne)
I answer Vera and Jeanne’s questions by showing a sling shot and explain it’s not a magic or a special weapon, it’s a very simple thing like a toy. And they lose interest.

By the way, “explain this thing need a lot of power to use” is a trick to deal like people like Rena, and this time are Vera and Jeanne.

The experience with Rena was helpful. After all, Mile is a child who could learn.  (TN: O(≧∇≦)O I always love this sentence)

In fact, Hunters are forbidden to pry on other’s past and abilities. Karam, Vera and Jeanne persistent questions were clearly rule violation.

If Mile is concerned, she can demand an official apology from the party 『Dragon Breath』.

As for Maevis, it was impossible for her to get on with three experienced C rank hunters, and since she knew that was the original sling shot that Mile prepared for when she needs to explain. Maevis thought Mile can handle it so she leave Mile alone.
Of course, other members of the『Red Oath』 are always ready to stop the three of 『Dragon Breath』if they go overboard. But Vera has soon stopped Karam that was having such an attitude. Vera and Jeanne are just like an over excited fangirls and it’s also hard to interrupt. After Mile explained, Vera and Jeanne immediately lost their interest. Mile was released from Vera and Jeanne,so  she finally can eat the grilled orc meat.

“Now, bon appetite!” (Mile) [itadakimasu!]

Bart has come.

“No, I’m sorry. You can eat. I was looking when you explain to Vera a while ago … and I’m curious about it” (Bart)
Tired of trouble keeps coming, Mile silently delivered a Slingshot.

Pashun! (SFX)

That’s a surprise, Bart was able to draw it and the iron ball blowing off a branch of the tree.

By the way, even Vera also use bow, but the strength of her arm still isn’t enough to draw it.

Did he think it was interesting or something ? Bart began picking up more pebbles.

“Mile, please!” (Vera + Jeanne)

It was a request for hot shower from the women of 『Dragon Breath』.

Next morning.

As Mile wake up, something smells good.

And behind him, birds and horn rabbits, and foxes.

Apparently, it seemed that he went hunting early in morning.

“Wow, it is easy to get prey! If you have this” (Bart)

Unable to understand what Mile want to tell him, Bart smiled and said.

(Aahhh, now he’s gone and done it…)
[ED: we got a sword idiot here]

Pon! (SFX)

Bart’s face become swollen. Behind him, 『Dragon Breath』 archer Vera and magician Jeanne were clearly angry.

Bart-san came to Mile and hand over the sling shot.

Because his face is swollen, he can’t talk properly.

Today is the third day since we left the capital. If there’s nothing happen, we will arrive to Amuros in the evening tomorrow.

The place of the attack can be freely chosen by the thieves. Of course, they will choose a place advantageous to them. Topography, and degree of fatigue on the merchant side.

While Mile is thinking, there’s a reaction on her search magic, humans …, their number are seven people.

But it is the role of the commander Bart to decide what to do about it. Mile flipped the canopy and reported to Bart on the cargo.

“How do you know?” (Bart)

“Stop at once, arrange the formation. one group will go checking while one group keep watching forward, backward, in cases of thieves ambush.

The merchants said that “they don’t need escorts” but we can’t afford to do that. Unless there were unavoidable circumstances like the bandits was too strong, we had to protect ourselves and can’t spare any hunter to protect.

After finishing sending the signal, when all of horse carriage stopped, Mile moved to the fourth carriage at the back. It’s for changing clothes.

When Mile went to the fourth carriage, Rena that sitting on the third carriage also came to change clothes. Pauline was originally on the fourth carriage, Maevis doesn’t need to change, and she is waiting on the coach of the second horse carriage.

With the words of Mile while changing clothes, Rena and Pauline become silent.

After changing clothes, Rena, Pauline, Mile headed for the first carriage. And when the Mile returned to the first carriage, all the members of 『Dragon Breath』 got off from the carriage and were on standby.

“Okay, then, let’s go!” (Bart)

It’s Maevis block Bart’s departure instructions.

“What did you say?” (Bart)
“For now, it seems they are only scouts because they only have seven people. I want to accumulate experience of interpersonal fight for our party. So when we deal with their main force or reinforcements, we will easier to avoid mistakes 

Beside if we come alone, the bandits may lower their guard.“ (Maevis)

Also, if their reinforcements come, we will intervene right away. got it?“

“Yes, I’m sorry to say something selfish. 
Let’s go!” (Maevis)


Finally, 『Red Oath』’s first human battle game.

Six carriages going slower than usual.

The five people of 『Dragon Breath』 are hiding in the first and second carriages, and are ready to jump out as soon as there is a signal from Bart.
After a while, the road was blocked with rolled logs. With this, the carriage can not pass, the road is narrow, and it is difficult to change the carriage’s course in this place. When the carriages stopped, the bandits appeared.

“Okay, you guys … you?” (Thief A) (TN: I bet they plan to say, “surrender everything to us if you want to live”)

“No Hunter? Some sort of rich students …

I see, it seems that they picked their prey by watching the highway from a somewhere.

“Oh well, at that age, they will be at most D rank, and with this number of people, you can’t do anything, surrender quickly and give me your weapons and armors. When we earn enough money together with what you get from the merchant, I will not do anything more than that.” (Thief A)

“Even you say such a thing, when we hand over our weapon, you will capture all of us. And after you’re done playing with us, you will sell us as slave, aren’t you” (Rena)

“Heck, in that case I will just capture you by force, the result will not change anyway.” (Thief A)

Maevis and Mile pull out their swords, Rena and Pauline begun casting spells.


In order to prevent the magics, four thieves came to attack Rena and Pauline. The last two are attacking Maevis and Mile.

“Stupid, the magician should be in the rear guard, come to the front like this is just asking for …Gue~!” (Thief A)

Pauline’s staff stuck in the thieves’ stomach, and Rena’s staff upheld the other thief ‘s jaw.

When the leader back down a few steps from Pauline’s attack, the two who were attacking Maevis and Mile were already lying on the ground and only three people, including him are still standing.


Not wasting even a second, Pauline cast the magic right away.

Besides it, there is a bomb that comes out in manga with a round and a fuse line, which was used in the medieval period in the history of the earth. Mile was thinking about making such a name when reproducing that.

Two thieves were blown away by Pauline’s『Hydrogen Bomb』 (『水爆』) they were hitting the trees and fallen to the ground, respectively, they stopped moving. There’s only the leader left. Rena is casting magic toward him.

“Stop it !”  (Mile and Pauline)

That’s what it is.

The thief leader seems has guessed the situation from the state of everyone, he kneeled with his head to the ground on the spot of that place begging for forgiveness.

“… just some loser…”

Bart come down from the carriage and came to check the situation. And then Mile and Pauline said.

Rena and Maevis were still struggling.

“Stop it!” (Maevis)

ED: this is the general idea of it:

Hydrogen bomb or, an H-bomb, employs the fusion of isotopes of hydrogen to create an explosion. The first full-scale thermonuclear test was carried out by USA in 1952. the concept has since been employed by most of the world’s nuclear powers in the design of its weapons.

Basically it is a nuclear bomb as for the name that generally people know. (its from thermonuclear bomb but welp its shorter to call it nuclear bomb)

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