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Chapter 401
Mile Chapter 401: Human Dragon War 2
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『What…』(A . D . Leader)


It was too much .
Just like the Warriors, the leader was also stunned for a moment but he was recovered and ordered the warriors .


『What are you doing? Kill them, kill them fast!』(A . D . Leader)


However, the warriors don’t move .
It’s natural .

A circular magma river that neatly surrounds them .

It meant that the said sword of light swung down very, very accurately and that it burned itself up in a moment, or even evaporated .

In other words…


『『『『『『She deliberately stopped it…』』』』』』(6 A . D . Warriors)


If they were really breathing flame without stopping…
That sword of light won’t just stop at making a circular river of magma outside of them…

Ju~ (Wind blow SFX)

But a new magma river on the ground with 6 black stains .


『『『『『『…………』』』』』』(6 A . D . Warriors)


The tranquility of the silence spreads, the leader finally perceived the air around him, so he shut up .


「The Ancient Dragon Village is near here, right?
Using Sunshine Destroyer, if I engrave the magma river in a mesh at intervals of 1 meter, it will be annihilated . 」(Mile)

 『『『『『『STOP IT~TTTTTTTTT』』』』』』(6 A . D . Warriors)

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The table has turned

“Not even the Ancient Dragon group can stand before Mile…” When Maevis’ Trio was thinking so


Fuhaha, Fuhahahahahahaha!
You seem to have some backbones…』(A . D . Leader)


The Leader was turning to Mile’s direction and saying such a thing…
While his forelimbs were trembling .


『However, no matter how powerful your magic is, you can’t win against me, the leader of the Ancient Dragon!
Because all magic is under my control!!』(A . D . Leader)



Somehow Mile could read the story development like a book .
Probably after this…


『Magical Spirit, invalidate all this human magic!
Remove the qualifications to exercise magic from these people!』(A . D . Leader)

「I knew it……」(Mile)


And Mile checks with the nanomachine .


(Is that valid?) (Mile)

【For an average human being, yes .
However, with authority level 4, it’s only temporary .
To completely revoke authority, that is, to set authority level to 0, authority level 5 or higher is required .
And of course, he can’t do anything to anyone higher rank than him…】(Nano)

(Ah, as expected) (Mile)

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It was like Mile expected .

And it was confirmed that the authority level of the leader was 4 .

From what Beredetes previously said, Mile had expected so .
However, Mile knew that nanomachines didn’t provide such information indefinitely, so she didn’t try to confirm it .
Apparently, this situation is: “Providing information on another being unilateral, provision of convenience to specific powers” Something like that …
This is a great assist in battle…
Maybe the nanomachine favors Mile so that he tells her about it easily .


(So he is level 4 after all .
Well, I was expecting it because he was told to have the ability far superior to level 3 that sometimes appeared .
For now, cancel the instructions beyond) (Mile)


Now you can’t use magic anymore!
No matter how talented you are, if you can’t activate magic in the first place, there’s nothing you can do!』(A . D . Leader)


Rena cast magic with a suspicious look at the leader who laughs and says so .


「Flame direct hit!」(Rena)

Do~gan! (SFX)

『GYA~AAAAAAAAAA!!』(A . D . Leader)


Despite the fact that the Ancient Dragon’s body is robust and having passive weak defense magic on the surface to protect it from magic,
The leader screamed out loud .

Because the leader sounded so confident, the warriors wouldn’t stand before him to shield him .
They were all surprised .

…And this is “that” .
Like the apprentice young Ancient Dragon Uensu, the young leader also isn’t used to the so-called “pain”, and he is freaking out .


「Oh, making me scared for a second, I can use magic normally…」(Rena)

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Rena is making fun of the Ancient Dragon Leader .


『Impo… Impossible (Bakana)!
It can not be!
Magical spirit, listen to my order as the Ancient Dragon Leader, Take out the magical power from these humans!!』(A . D . Leader)

(That instruction is invalid!) (Mile)


Mile thought so about that instruction .



「Conical spiral guided Missile」(Pauline)

Do~shu! (SFX)

『GYA~AAAAAAAAAA!!』(A . D . Leader)


And Pauline’s attack magic successfully hits the leader again .


『Impossible (Bakana)!
It can not be!』(A . D . Leader)


With the leader is confused, the warriors are unable to keep up with the situation and stop moving .

Perhaps they knew this technique of the leader, a means of “sealing the opponent’s magic . ”
That’s why they chose to wait and watched instead of trying to protect the leader from attack magic .
Besides, even if it hits, such a thing isn’t a big deal for the ancient dragon .

However, the current situation was unexpected .

So, let’s leave the progress of the story to the leader for the time being and just watch the situation .
But of course, if he is about to be attacked again, they will block it by the defense magic shield to protect the leader .

After all, the leader is weak .


「This time, it’s my turn」(Mile)


Then Mile smiled while saying so .
…With her eyes not laughing at all .


「The authority level of the Ancient Dragons here is set to zero…」(Mile)


And a very simple instruction that was murmured .


『Guwa~』(A . D . Warrior)

『What happened? my… my body is so heavy!』(A . D . Warrior)


The ancient dragons knelt one after another, supporting their bodies with their forelimbs, which are considerably poorer than their legs .


『It’s a magical attack!
I’ve never heard of magic that makes your body heavy!』(A . D . Warrior)

『Damn it, if we float in the air, we can manage…』(A . D . Warrior)


In the water, even if your body is heavy, it will be supported by the water .
Perhaps the Ancient Dragon thought in the same way and tried to jump into the sky while saying that…


『Fly, FLY!
My body didn’t lift off at all!!』(A . D . Warrior)


Yes, the Ancient Dragon has an authority of level 2 since it was born .

Therefore, they don’t know when it was decided that way, but the body of the Ancient Dragon is automatically supported by nanomachines, and without being aware of it himself .

No, Ancient Dragon’s body was always strengthened and had a passive weak defend magic shield . All thanks to the Nanomachines . The same goes for gravity control during flight .

…Protection by magical spirits (nanomachine) .

That had disappeared now …

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