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Chapter 4 : Abilities are average  

  What cause that ridiculous amount of water?   Adele thought while lying on the bed.   From the description of magic that I heard from God and thinking about this world’s [common sense of this world], what reason can be expected?     One, my own magic power…  my actual Vicious Mind wave’s radiation intensity and durability is large…   … However, my magic power is supposed to be [average]     Two, my visualization is very strong, magic is efficiently expressed.   … There is a possibility. Due to modern knowledge’s influence.   However, is it efficient only for that power? A little hard to think1.     Three, other factors.   That time, did anything change? In addition to spell casting.     Ah.

In order to reach someone’s brain(mind), our appearance is created by sending signals directly the retina, voice is conveyed by directly vibrating the eardrums…”   “Err, then, that means…”   “Yes, other than optical hallucination, it seems like we are thought as auditory hallucination as well. Right now you look like a weird person who is talking alone.”   “Hiiii!”   “It’s alright. Both rooms on the side are empty.” (The room on the left and right of Adele’s room)   The nanomachines told Adele who is looking at the left and right wall hurriedly.   “If you wish, we can also be heard by other by vibrating the air, and by refracting the light, it is also possible to project a provisional appearance…”   “No, right now, n-no….”   I’m just an average girl that has no business with spirit-san   This time I’m going to learn a lot, then as long as nothing drastic happen, I’m not going to summon the nanomachines.   Adele is thinking like that.   “Ah, come to think about it, the fact that you answer my question, am I level 3?”   “The esteemed Creator-sama have the highest authority level, which is level 10, your level is 5.”   Yes yes, the middle of 0 and 10 is average. I thought so.     “So, what are the classified information (prohibited matters) for my level?”   “Magic invocation limit(ban) is applied on unlimited growth to bacteria and viruses, nuclear fission and nuclear fusion, radiation, and other things that will affect our existence.”   “Oh, that kind of things… It is obvious isn’t it.”     Adele continues the question for a while, and then there is a big harvest.   Item box. When ask whether there is a dimensional storage magic that capable of keeping stored item against deterioration as time elapsed, answer that there, in the numerous dimensions, are a number of different world dimension in which space-time continuum has been crushed, thus there is no concept of time itself. If you place things onto a hole that leads to those dimensions, it can substitute for an item box, so it said. Because it is a different dimension, there is no need to spend energy to maintain it. Nanomachines will take care of the storing and retrieving process.   Magicians of certain level is capable of using [storage], inside of that, time elapsed and capacity is also limited, though it seems to be useful, I’m thankful that my pseudo item box can be used in public by pretending to be [storage]. Of course not only the pseudo item box, I also intend to use [storage] along with it.   Including the trick to use magic output on par with normal people, Adele have finish listening to nanomachines and thanked it.     “Thank you very much. Seems like I can somehow go on as an average girl.”   “Average… girl is it?”   What a thing to say by the nanomachines, Adele inflated her cheek.   “I’m an average girl, let’s live normally, place hand in ordinary happiness!”   “…. I wish you good luck”     Adele that has finish the conversation with nanomachines, suddenly notice something and get anxious.             Until now, there is nothing that felt particularly abnormal, somehow suddenly anxiety have welled up.   Although it is a good coin, its verdict is unfortunate.   Even though she was looking for other hard object, she could only see the metal handle of the closet. Reluctantly she firmly collects the coin with her finger, then put force and…     Kunyari (Snapping sound effect)     Yeah, I wonder if the force is also half of the old dragon?     Goddamnit!  

  1しかし、効率だけであの威力か?少し考えづらい. (Shikashi, kōritsu dake de ano iryoku ka? Sukoshi kangae dzurai.) Not sure about this one.     2 The nanomachines are speaking in a very formal manner… actually every line that nanomachine said is very formal   3 Like NPC   4 How long can you shout till you’re hoarse  

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