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Chapter 320
Mile Chapter 320: (Cliff Hanger) 3 vs 4
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(T . N: Ancient Dragon => AC . Repeat it many is a pain)


『What are you waiting for? Call us early』(AC)

『You are such a slowpoke, Beldetes!』(AC)


Three Ancient Dragons landed next to Mile’s group .


『Can I start killing them?』(AC)


Among them, this Ancient Dragon seemed to be the one with biggest attitude . After all, these Ancient Dragons even looked down on Beldetes, let alone the humans who they think as inferior creatures .


(Old dragons are said to be smarter than humans, but from their arrogant attitude, I don’t see that very much…) (Mile)


Mile is thinking about that, but it’s simply that the Ancient Dragons aren’t just considering Mile’s group as “peer”

Previously, Beldetes said about “Lower Life Form Protection Law“, but it probably doesn’t apply to those designated as pests . There are no humans who take actions that take the other people into account when crushing mosquitoes or flies .


『What you want to do is irrelevant to me .
I was only guiding you here and gave an advance explanation to the other party .
I only did it . I don’t care about the rest』(Beldetes)


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Beldetes retreated a few steps .


『Do you want to start?』(AC)

『Please wait!』(Mile)


Mile stopped an ancient dragon who is trying to attack .


It’s useless to beg for your life now .
After all, this is an order from the “Chief“ .
To be honest, I don’t want to crush some weak little animals like you, but it can’t be helped .
To think the proud Ancient Dragon like me must go out and fix things for that idiot Beldetes, who lost against you and caused this situation .
If I made a mistake, I will be ridiculous next』(AC)

『It’s not!』(Beldetes)


Beldetes complained so to the Ancient dragons . Certainly, if Beldetes could have handled Mile’s group back then, then they wouldn’t have to do this . Or if he didn’t stupidly and honestly report everything but arranged the report a little…
But there was nothing to do about it anymore .


『No . I don’t care about it . I thought we should change the place…
You would use Dragon Breath, right? And it will cause a big fire, forest fire in that case, right? Not to mention, this place is close to the capital city…
“The Ancient Dragon rampage in the forest near the capital, the forest is destroyed . The dead bodies of the girls were killed from the fire…” If such rumors spread all over the world…』(Mile)

I understand . I accept the proposal . 』(AC)

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Apparently, the Ancient Dragons seem to understand the story .

Beldetes put Mile’s group, “Red Oath” on his backs and left the forest on a low-altitude flight . Other Ancient Dragons also flew low so that they couldn’t be seen from a distance .

…It would be completely visible to those who were nearby, but it was still better than getting many unnecessary witnesses . Besides, there was no problem because Mile’s group on Beldetes’ back wasn’t visible from below .
…At least, Mile’s group can’t be seen .

Anyway, if four Ancient Dragons are spotted near the capital, there will be a lot of commotions, but it can’t be helped .
After flying for a while, everyone arrived at an unpopular rocky mountain . As expected of the flying speed of the Ancient Dragon .

The ancient dragon’s flight was supported by magic, so Beldetes could carry four people . There should no problem with air resistance from the front because the rocky mountain is comparatively gentle and low in altitude, so the air is thin .


『Is there a problem here? 』(AC)

『Yes, it’s okay』(Mile)


Mile wanted to change places to avoid the damage to the forest and kept a distance from the capital, but of course, her main purpose was “to help the girls feel free”

Once the battle begins, the Ancient Dragons will probably fight without worrying about the damage of the forest or the view of the royal city . Basically, they wouldn’t mind anything when they’ve gone mad . They have such enthusiastic about fighting . Consideration for lower organisms should be irrelevant .

Mile’s group, on the other hand, still cares about such things . It will too big a handicap that Rena can’t use fire magic . So it was a natural decision to avoid the fight in the forest .
Both the Ancient dragons and Mile’s group are talking too quietly .
But it is natural .


For the Ancient Dragons, this is just a farce . (Seem like Ancient Dragon’s POV)

An immature young man who was eager to kill some small animals in front of an apprentice and a young lady spat out a visible lie to keep things around .

However, because he was foolish enough to make false reports . Everyone could judge that “Oh, he was deliberately making the contents of the report unreasonable so that everyone can tell you that it was a lie“…

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Maybe he was stopped halfway by the Young Lady .
He tried to avoid killing small animals in front of the Young Lady’s eyes .
He couldn’t just report it like that so he deliberately changed it .
Both the Patriarch and the Elder accepted the report silently .
It should end like that .

…And then the new “Chief” emerged . He read the report, “the Ancient Dragons have been defeated by humans”
Did he think that it was a false report or he found it unpleasant? Or did he believe that report? The Ancient Dragons don’t know it but they have to do it because it was the “Chief” ‘s order .

Usually, even if the “Chief” has the kindness to overlook his stupid man and low-powered small animals, but when his position in the tribe is jeopardized, he might want to crush them .

It might be something that can’t be avoided .
So all the Ancient Dragons accepted it without thinking anything deep . It was just some simple routine work .


On the other hand, “Red Oath” gave up explaining or persuading from the beginning .

Beldetes should have already given explanations to the Ancient Dragons but they ignored him . For humans, something the Ancient Dragons looked down like cockroaches . Even if cockroaches desperately persuade humans, they won’t pay any mind on exterminating…

That’s it .


However, “Red Oath” didn’t pay any mind .
As for their combat tactic, the girls have already decided on Beldetes’ back while riding . Apparently, Beldetes is neutral .
It seems to be a little convenient for the “Red Oath” .
Even if he heard it, he would not speak anything .  However, Mile still cast the soundproof barrier .


『Let’s get started』 (AC)


Beldetes took a distance from everyone as the Ancient Dragon announced so . Apparently, it seems unpleasant to get involved .

“Red Oath” is also far enough away from the Ancient Dragons . There is no idiot who wants to start a close-up battle against the Ancient Dragons .


『『『『……Eh? 』』』』(Red Oath)


Mile’s group was surprised . Only one of the Ancient Dragons stood again “Red Oath” while the other two were moving sideways and sitting down .

It’s natural . There is no point to fight with three Ancient Dragons . Because even one of the Ancient Dragons is a super-excessive force to deal with four humans .

Moreover, they have gone all the way to this place, if they finished it in just a few seconds, it would be too boring . There’s no wonder that they wanted to play for a few minutes at least .
It was also an act of bullying helpless small animals . The Ancient Dragons thought that they should be able to play around and play as little as possible without killing .

If they made a demonstration that spreads the absolute strength of the Ancient Dragon here and there, they would score some points for their young “Chief“ . Moreover, the Ancient Dragons seem to want to show off that they have a heart of mercy for helpless small animals .


(Good, there’s a chance to win …) (Mile)


Mile was thinking .


(If the strongest ancient dragon has a power of 100, and the power of these Ancient Dragons should be 80 per headcount .
My power is 50 . And the direct command to the nanomachine is 3 . 27 times more effective .
Then it will be about 163, equivalent to two of these Ancient Dragons . While they still look down on us, I will defeat one of them first . As for the other two, by diverting their attention and making sure that they don’t concentrate their attacks on me, I could manage to deal with two opponents…) (Mile)

『Now, let’s do it!』(AC)


And for the Ancient Dragons, it’s a fun game . And for “Red Oath”, it’s the battle for their friends’ lives .

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