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Chapter 317: 317

Mile Chapter 317: Tristo Kingdom

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『Let’s stay in this city for a while』(Rena)

Everyone nodded to what Rena said .

As usual, Red Oath party came checking the Hunter Guild branch before taking an inn .

The girls want to check if there is a delicious request and will decide whether to take an inn in order to eat immediately .

…Well, there will be no such request remaining at this time, but Red Oath is a rare party, “Even if it’s a Red Request, they will take if it seems interesting” .

If it’s such a kind of request, there’s a high possibility that it will remain .

Karan~ (Doorbell SFX)

Unlike the guild branch of the remote town, the doorbell wasn’t broken . It was the familiar sound of the hunter guild unified standard . Well, they could replace it right away in a big city like this .


Jirori~ (Stare SFX)

The eyes of all people in the guild focus on the girls . one third immediately shifted their gaze, one third continued to observe while pretending to do something else, and the remains continued to stare at the girls…

Yes, it was the usual pattern .

((((Calm down…)))) (Red Oath)

This is a classic reaction, so it feels as if the girls have returned to a dormitory . Other than that, the girls thought there might be something else and were worried .

『We are Red Oath, the hunter party from the Royal City Branch of the Kingdom of Tirus . We are on the way to the training trip』(Maevis)

After Maevis greeted so, the whole room showed reactions, several voices like “Oh…”, “Ah…”, etc . are raised . And some people respond by waving their hand .

The receptionists at the counter also have a brief conversation .

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No one dared to look down on the person who made this greeting . Being on a training trip of rank C or higher .

Like “Tch, there’s no hunter work for little girls like you…”

There’s no way a hunter dare to look down on the hunter party, which is in the middle of a training journey . They have announced the name of their country, their guild brand .

Looking down on this party is the same as looking down on their guild branch as the whole, or like calling them as “idiots” . Guild officials will not help anyone with such an attitude .

Until now, Red Oath has been recognized mainly for their magical ability and Mile’s storage . Without knowing them, everyone would think about Maevis as “this party is a little too young for her”, or would think about Pauline as “this party is a little too small for her”

… HEY, WHAT!? (T . N: seems to be Mile’s self tsukkomi)

Yes, if you want to hide your abilities, you won’t retort .

From the hunters at this place, Red Oath, who has yet to show their true character, got such an evaluation .

So at first, everyone saw Red Oath as a peer . This was also usual .
And after that, as Red Oath becomes known, the usual pattern is troubledly gradually increased .

『Nothing interesting …』(Rena)

Again, as usual .

Yes, there is no interesting request, and there’s no such request left without being received .

『For the time being, there’s no request . We don’t need to hurry .
Let’s get an inn today, eat delicious food, and rest early』(Rena)

『『『Oh!』』』(Mile’s Trio)

And the four of Red Oath left the guild branch .

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『How about here?』(Rena)

Rena stopped around in front of some of the better lodgings where C rank hunters stayed .
If this is a normal newbie C-rank party, they won’t be able to afford such budget (Pauline insists, the girls cannot use waste money)

But, Red Oath is a young-girl-only party . The girls often were looked down or harassed . So, they avoided inns that are used by people from the bottom line, in order to avoid such troubles .

As expected, Pauline admitted that it was a necessary expense and didn’t complain .

『Usually, this kind of inn is “out“, however, we only stay here for one night anyway . It’s fine to stay here』(Pauline)

Since Pauline, who managed the budget agreed, the girl stayed in the inn .

『Is there any room four people available?』(Rena)

『Welcome! It’s okay, we have rooms available!』(Receptionist)

The girl who was 16-17 years old sitting at the reception counter responded to Rena . She is shorter than Maevis but slightly higher than Pauline . Her chest is also between Mavis and Pauline .

『…Tch, you are “out” …』(Mile)

Maevis rushed and closed Mile’s mouth…

Mile who seems to have become “too much freedom” recently . Where did the thoughtfulness when she was Kurihara Misato in her previous life?

Mile’s saying “out” means that the receptionist isn’t a Loli or Shota, and has no elf or Kemonomimi ears . The reception girl doesn’t have any problems . Still, it would be awkward if such dialogue was heard by the girl, but fortunately, she didn’t seem to hear it, there wasn’t any change .
…No, she may have heard it and just let it pass .

When she started working as a receptionist, this level would just be a daily occurrence .

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However, it’s usually a word that is said by a drunk uncle . When it is said by a girl younger than herself is a rare experience…

Then Pauline paid the advance payment while checking the mealtime, Rena was poking Mile’s head with her staff as usual .

『Why are you always do some trouble and intolerant things, is there a problem with the girl in the inn…?』(Rena)

『Hurt… it’s hurt, Rensan!』(Mile)

It can’t be helped . That was the kind of being called Mile, and it was also true since she was Misato in her previous life, she only kept it in her heart back then .
And now, Mile freely expressed that feeling .

『I decided to live true to my desires as long as it doesn’t bother people!』(Mile)

『Enough . Annoying!!』(Rena)

However, she was rejected by Rena .

『Let’s go to our room . It’s on the second floor . Hey (hora), go go!』(Pauline)

As expected, it was a little embarrassing to keep seeing Mile’s behavior,
After paying, Pauline pushed both Mile and Rena to the stairs .

The girl at the reception shrugged her shoulder and laughed . As expected, she seemed to have heard properly .

『Well, it’s not so bad .
It can’t be helped that there’s no bath but the room and beds aren’t bad .
If we don’t like the food, we can eat out .
And when we stay here, we won’t get tangled by strange customers』(Maevis?)

Everyone agreed .

They don’t plan to settle down or stay for a long time like the Tirus kingdom, where everyone registered as a hunter . Since it was only for a few days, some inconvenient things were still fine . If there was something they couldn’t put up with, they could just change the inn .

『Tomorrow, we will go to the guild before the first morning-bell (around 6am)
Wait for new requests to be posted .
If there are no good requests, we will study this area with collecting and subjugating requests like usual .
By the way, we can try a new trick that Maevis has learned . 』(Rena)


Rena laughed and smiled, but Maevis seemed to be a little disturbed . It is natural for other party comrades to know .

Also, Maevis originally wanted to be a little proud of her achievement . She doesn’t dislike, it’s more like she is shy .

『Now it’s decided! We will take a rest early today!』(Rena)

As expected, the girls are tired from that trip . Even though they took it on a carriage . It was customary to sleep well on the first night when the girls arrived in the city .

Speaking of which, Red Oath ‘s saying “Travel is tired” is overexaggerate . The girls don’t carry any luggage, sleeping on a cot bed inside a tent, etc . while normal hunters have to carry luggage, have no tent, lie in the cloak or lie on the grass, etc .

Well, this was a rare chance because their traveling partners have a confidentiality agreement…

After that, the girls were satisfied with the meals at the inn, and they rested peacefully…

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