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Chapter 297
Mile Chapter 297: Match Up
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『…It should be around here…』(Mile)


When Mile is checking the meeting place…


『I have been waiting for you』(Hunter)



Suddenly someone is calling her from behind, Mile has unexpectedly raised her voice .


『Ah, I’m sorry for surprising you …』(Hunter)


Having said that, the male hunter who Mile met during the daytime in guild branch comes out from behind the tree .

Back then, this man came close and gave a piece of paper over to Mile .
After Red Oath took a room at the inn, Mile went out after making her go to bed, making full use of silence magic and vibration blocking magic as usual .
…Anyway, she planned to seal the information as soon as possible .


『My name is Raik, a C-ranked Hunter . It’s an honor to meet you today, Goddess . 』(Hunter)

Please stop that, it’s kind of…』(Mile)


Mile was called “Goddess” a number of times so far, but when people called her so face to face, she got the goosebumps and the mental damage…
Anyway, Mile couldn’t endure being called that way .
Besides, there was a problem with secrecy .


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『Call me El .
Because I use a pseudonym, so don’t call me with this name in public .
And when you call me with my pseudonym, DO NOT associate it with my identity!』(Mile)

『Yes, Goddess El …』(Hunter)



After that, Mile tried her best to persuade . And finally, they reached to the state that the hunter could call 『El-san』
Apparently, this seems to be the limit .


『Well then, El-sama… El-san, even if you hide your identity, it’s still an honor of me to be of service…』(Raik)

『Aaah! Please don’t try to use strange honorifics!
It’s not a decent word!』(Mile)

『Ah, I see .
Then, allow me to be casual . 』(Raik)


Apparently, the person himself also realized that it was strange as well .


『So, what is your reason for calling me out?』(Mile)


in reply to Mile’s question, Raik explained in detail .
At first, hunters in this town were also hired by the army and participated in the extermination of monsters, but because the army made a so-called 『free contract』by hiring hunters directly without passing through the guild, the reward was cheap and they couldn’t get guild achievement points .
The guild would not support them in case of injury or death .

So the number of local hunters hired by the military gradually decreased,
Right now, most hunters were hired in the capital city,
It seems that they also brought non-hunters . (T . N: I guess like Mercenaries)

But, if there are no locals, there will be no one to guide the army .
It will be dangerous for a group of people to wander in the forest without knowing the way .
It seems that the Guild Master directly asked Raik and some other hunters to accompany the army .

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Of course, the commission fee is from the military and, in addition to that, the guild branch will also be rewarded .


『When that flock of monsters was on a rampage, I have resigned to my fate .
Thanks to El-san’s protection, I was saved! I’m really grateful for that…
Ah, of course, I will still follow Goddess’ guidance nonetheless . 』(Raik)


Raik added the last part in a hurry .
Well, in front of the Goddess-like being, it’s natural .
And, thanks to that, Mile could easily get all the information .


『Eh, then none of the hunters in this village cooperate with the extermination of monster?
Raik-san had officially reported this to the guild this time but it was only treated as a rumor?
The two remaining platoons at the edge of the forest are tattered,
The two platoons who entered the forest are almost intact,
And the suspicious behavior of the un-harmed soldiers .
The commander also told the guild master with a pretty strong tone .
“Do not push the monsters to the neighboring countries at any cost . Got it? Absolutely not!”
Although it was just in the form of request because the military couldn’t give order to the guild .
They also hurriedly headed to the capital city, giving instructions in a similar manner to other branches .
So, they believed in the credibility of Raik-san’s words?
Hmm, I see…』(Mile)


To think they were that much desperate .
The guild’s side as well, they couldn’t say “There’s no way the guild will receive the order from the military”


The reason why you came to this town hiding your identity is… “that”, wasn’t it?』(Raik)



With a dark face, Raik asked Mile so .

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And, not understanding what Raik said, Mile was dumbfounded .


『Please! There should be more than 50 righteous people in this town! So, destroy it is…』(Raik)

『”Sodom and Gomorrah”!!』(Mile)


And, somehow Mile cleared the misunderstanding .


『Not even my partners (Nakama) know my identity . Don’t say anything extra!』(Mile)

『Yes, I understand!
…By the way, the reason I purposely called out to you this time because I have to tell you in a hurry …』(Raik)

『Please say that first!』(Mile)


Mile raised her voice involuntarily “Tsukkomi” to Raik .
Since she already cast the soundproofing barrier, there was no need to worry that people will notice even if she raised her voice .


『Actually, in order to investigate this matter, some scholars have come from the capital city …』(Raik)

『Eh, but there is nothing to be examined …』(Mile)


Yes, unless they meet the goddess herself, there will be nothing to be examined in “this side”
At best, they could only confirm the damage situation of the farmland and hear the testimony of the hunters who fought in an emergency request to stop the monsters that broke through the army at the outer edge of the forest .

They wouldn’t get any story other than 『We fought with our life to stop the monsters』
Those who went into the forest are the soldiers, except for Raik .


『I think so as well but it doesn’t matter .
The country couldn’t give up everything they did until now just with a site report .
Unless they saw it with their eyes』(Raik)


Mile is convinced with Raik’s explanation .

Anyway, as “Mile” not “El”, she isn’t related to that story . It’s fine if she doesn’t get involved .


(… But then, when there’s no evidence to prove the fact this country will not stop pushing the monsters to harass .
If it’s the command above (the King), even if the commander at that time opposes, it’s useless .
Besides, if the King gives orders to another unit next time, he will not be able to do anything about it…
He already did his best by telling the platoon leader and the guilds not to involve .
What should I do…?) (Mile)


But in this case, Rena and others are the same guilty .
The girls have decided that Mile will consult with everyone saying『no more』


(Yes, let’s talk with everyone!) (Mile)

『I understand .
Thank you for the report .
Well then, tonight it’s still fine .
But remember, I’m an average newbie hunter …』(Mile)

『Of course! I will never forget that you saved my life!』(Raik)


In fact, Raik’s 『Crisis of Life』itself is caused by Mile, but he doesn’t know about it . “El” or “Goddess” is his “savior”
So he won’t betray or break the promise .
No, before “savior”, there’s no sane person who dares to betray the Goddess .
At least in this world .

Mile I thought so and wasn’t particularly concerned about Raik .
She was upset when she received the message note, but she was relieved because it was a call for a good reason…


(…… but I have to do something soon…) (Mile)


Thinking so, Mile was a bit of a bit depressing .

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