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Mile Chapter 281: Report 2

『…It’s hard to believe …』(GM)

Mile’s script hid Mile’s abilities and《hot magic》etc.
And it slightly overboard Maevis’ sword technique,
The guild master wasn’t convinced,
But Mile’s group doesn’t need rewards or anything, so there isn’t any profit in lying.

But he can’t risk the guild’s credibility.

『No, you don’t need to believe in it or anything.
If the same thing happens again later, the initial response will change greatly.
I just gave an overview of the incident as the hunter’s duty.
Either you will inform this to the whole guild or laugh it off as a joke is the freedom of the guild master.
The only thing matter here is 《We already told you》
And just that.
Please keep the record here properly』(Mile)

『What!? You, that is …』(GM)

The guild master was angered.
Yes, if he didn’t inform this to the guild, other branches in case of something happened later and it caused great damage. It would be his fault.
He is a Guild Master and the other one is a little girl… He doesn’t want to risk it.

On the other hand, can the others believe in such a story with just some letters?
In the worst case, he might lose his credibility as《a foolish Guild Master who truly believed a stupid story from some newbie hunters and spread it》


Either inform or not will be dangerous.
Only if the same kind of incident happens somewhere else, it will be the most helpful.

『There is no evidence!』(GM)

The Guild Master shouted back with an agony face, Mile quickly answered.

『Eh? But We have a lot』(Mile)


『First of all, the dwarves who fought together with us will testify as much.
We also brought back the corpses of unique species of Orcs and Ogres.
If you want, I will pull them out now…』(Mile)

『Huh…, ah
Speaking of which, the storage of considerable capacity.
Your party is …
Okay, let’s go the material processing area』(GM)

And everyone went to the material processing area…

『Gorasen, just a moment』(GM)

Adjacent to the guild’s building, it’s the material processing area and warehouse, and part of it is the magical frozen storage.
The guild master led everyone there and called an elderly man.

『Come here for a while, I want to borrow your experience.
…Please take them out here』(GM)

The second half is an instruction for Mile.
As she was told, Mile pulled out the unique kind of Orcs and Ogres on the floor.
Mile, Rena, and Maevis had totally forgotten about it,
Pauline didn’t say anything because the dwarves didn’t seem to have a lot of money,
All the monsters they defeated were kept in Mile’s item box.

And when Mile pulled all of it out…
On the floor…

『Wha… what…the… hell… is… this~sssssssssss!?』(GM + Gorasen)

The guild master and the elder Gorasen screamed. Other people, who were dismantling in the warehouse, were also gathering.
And everyone is stunned with a large number of Orcs and Ogres that were suddenly appeared on the floor to make a statement.

『……this is……』(Gorasen)

Among all the frozen people, only Gorasen restarted quickly.

『The top species?
No, it’s impossible!
There is such a large amount…
And, the color of their body, the fangs, etc. are of the normal species.
No, with these muscles and the firmness of the skin, they should be really strong.
It's not fat, but a bundle of muscle fibers that swells up…』(Gorasen)

Gorassen’s interest was only to identify the prey, while others were surprised and frozen with Mile’s storage capacity.
There is no convenient thing such as 《identification magic》. It’s an appraisal by his own ability with the knowledge and experience accumulated for many years.

『… where did you hunt them?』(Gorasen)


『I ask where did you hunt them?』(Gorasen)

Gorasen yelled at the guild master who was late to reply.

Apparently, After looking at the number of unique species, Gorasen seems to have noticed the danger.
He yelled at the guild master because he is a former veteran hunter who has been taking care of the guild master since he was still a young boy.
It seems that his old habit came out with the crisis.
The guild master didn’t really feel offended.

『…I was told that they have been annihilated.
Literally, no females and no cubs left』(GM)

『…………I see……』(Gorasen)

Gorasen became a little calmer after hearing the guild master said so.

『So, why did these guys come from and could it happen again?』(Gorasen)

『Not at the moment.
What is it again?
Uhm, they came from something… GATE…?』(GM)

『《Dimension Gate》!』(Gorasen)

『How do you know, Gorasen?』(GM)

『Oh, I read 《MiAMi SatoDelle》's books!』(Gorasen)

Gorahsen’s hobby was to borrow and read a book from the reception desk.
However, the guild master without such a hobby didn’t understand anything.

『Let’s save a few bodies in the freezer storehouse.
We should carry around 3 bodies in a specially-made carriage to the royal capital with a magician who good with cooling magic.
We must do that in order to correctly show the condition of the skin and muscle strength』(Gorasen)

『Oh, ooh …』(GM)

Under the pressure from the serious Gorasen, the Guild Master became flustered.

『It’s unlikely for something like this to happen again anytime soon, but
We can’t deny that it may occur several years later, several decades later, or in another country, etc.
Fortunately, if we can share this information with each country to prepare.
It will never go to waste.
Fortunately, we got a large number of species available.
If we don’t have any evidence this time, they might not believe us.
And next time, something like this happens, it will be too late to deal with it.
That’s why we have to spread the information properly this time!』(Gorasen)

『Oh, ooh…』(GM)

People don’t know which person is the guild master anymore.

『Hey, run to the reception counter and call all the hunters, guild staff now!
While the corpses are still fresh, we will use them to do a demonstration of the threat!
Someday, this experience might be the threshold of whether this town will be destroyed or not.
Ah, remember to call everyone in the bar as well!』(Gorasen)

Several young people rushed out with Gorasen’s order.

『…well, guild master, I know that feel…』(Maevis)

Maevis tried to cheer up the guild master who was downhearted.

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