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[Next] Mile Chapter 277: Return

『Thank you very much!』(Mile)

The dwarf's Myths told by the captain were less than of the Ancient Dragons and more than the Fairies.
… In other words, it's almost the same as the Myths of the Elves and the Devils.
The content is like《We are the chosen race!》

It shouldn’t be something like that. Normally, it should be the dwarves, elves, humans, beastkins, and devils combined their power for the future of the world.
It’s almost like the Ancient Dragons and also similar to the other races. They all see themselves as the superior race.
…The Myths must be lost among humans.
After all, this is the world that can’t produce a large amount of printed matter cheaply.
It’s disadvantageous for races with short generation change cycles to leave information for later generations.

(In this case, I should make books by myself and become the recorder!
…Wait, that’s rather nice.
I will concentrate on telling the story of the Earth to this world in the role of a single writer.
I will remodel it as《Japanese Fukashi Story…》by adding fantasy elements) (Mile)

『Mile, what’s wrong? Why did you suddenly have a suspicious smile…?』(Rena?)

『Oh no, nothing…』(Mile)

Mile shook her hands denied it.

Many dwarf women are participating in today’s festival.

(It’s a celebration event of the village after all but is it normal?
Until yesterday, I didn’t see much of the woman outdoors.
Perhaps, although the dwarfs seemed to be friendly, they were really vigilant and didn’t let the women appear in front of humans?
Then, did they have a change of heart now?
Or was it because of the festival in the village?) (Mile)

When Mile suddenly looks over, the merchants are somehow talking to several villagers.

It seems like business talks went well because the merchants’ faces are bright.
It can’t be helped this time that the product amount is low,
The problem of mining has been solved, they can buy the products with the same price as before.
Next time the production volume will return to normal.

This income will be halved, but there should be enough reserve to cover that.
Other than foods that they can self-product, they only need to buy salts, daily necessaries
from outside.
They only have to endure a little this time.

(I'm glad…) (Mile)

Everything has been resolved.

After eating until her stomach filled, I came to get the juice, took the position like she was thinking and started to work…
Yes, it’s a 《interrogation》work.

(Nano-chan?) (Mile)


(If you keep silent, there will be more question) (Mile)

『…I understand.
The promise is a promise.
It was something that must be done even by sneaky means or take advantage of weakness…』(Nano)

(What is this? Are you the bad guys?) (Mile)


And the explanation that the nanomachine gave to Mile is…

『In fact, that GATE is connected to another dimension world, the Orcs and Ogres who live there…』(Nano)

(I heard that from Maevis-san!) (Mile)

『Because the previous Dimension GATE last time… the Dimension Wall became easier to have a rift…』(Nano)

(I also heard that from Maevis-san!) (Mile)


(……) (Mile)


(……………) (Mile)


(……………………..) (Mile)

(T.N: Nano-chan, don’t go and copy Kaoru’s silent method)

Finally, the nanomachines gave up and started talking about new information.

『In general, Maevis-dono has expected almost everything.
Those unique species of Orcs and Ogres, or rather they should be called the Genesis Species of monsters in this world.
This world was easy to live in, it made their abilities gradually weakened from time to time.
Meanwhile, they had to go through the survival competition under the harsh environment in their original world so they evolved in the stronger direction』(Nano)

(Huh? Their original world…? Then, the Orcs or Ogres…) (Mile)

『Yes, they are originally not the creatures of this world.
Including many of the other monsters…』(Nano)

It’s natural if you think about it.

How long does it take to generate and evolution one large creature?
Branching from monkey to become an Ogre.
Pig and monkey crossbreed…,
No, is it possible to crossbreed such different species in the first place?

Then, it’s such a race from a long time ago, originally from the lineage.

However, this world has experienced several collapses of civilization.
In the worldwide evolution of civilization,
The species that attacked and killed humans shouldn’t be left untouched.
…what if they were protected at the zoo and they started breeding after the collapse of civilization?

No, they would still be annihilated by the people who felt the monsters as dangerous before that.
Because civilization couldn’t be destroyed overnight…

So why did such dangerous monsters spread all over the world?

(… why is this so…?) (Mile)

The original creatures of this world are 《wild animals》 and the dangerous ones are called beasts and wild beasts.

The massive influx of dangerous organisms from different worlds and their establishment.
Even though this world used to have a sophisticated civilization and dangerous organisms are still spread all over the world.
The reason for that is dangerous creatures that overflowed in large quantities from different worlds and reproduced…

『Yes, those are called monsters』(Nano)

(…………) (Mile)

(What happened first?) (Mile)


The nano-machines seemed to be confused for a moment by a sudden question from Mile.
It seems like they aren’t always monitoring Mile’s wave thought.

(No, as I said, did the monsters spread because the civilization collapsed?
Or, did the civilizations collapsed because the monsters spread?) (Mile)


(……) (Mile)


(…………) (Mile)


(……………..) (Mile)

『Mi… Mile-san, why don’t we dance together?』(Dwarf)


Here comes a new challenger!

『Because people have started dancing together …』(Dwarf)

(Whaaaaaa… did he try to hit on me?) (Mile)

From the way of speaking, he must be young.
Or so Mile thinks.
However, this dwarf also has a beard, his voice is round and he has an Uncle’s face…

『Oh, uhm, I… I can only dance “Turkey in the straw” and “Mayim Mayim”…』(Mile)

Mile only lived like a noble until 8 years old, however, at that age, she still didn’t learn how to dance in the ballroom yet.

(I had a weird dance when I entered the pachinko…, that was《Shooting Dance!》) (Mile)

Apparently, Mile seemed to be confused.
Well, of course, the dwarves aren’t dancing like in the ballroom dancing, but rather more like folk dances or bonfire dances…

『Mile-san has the monstrous strength, short height and humble breasts that don’t look like human…
And if you really eat a lot, you will become fatter and fatter until you become a great beauty…』(Dwarf)

『It’s unnecessary care~eeeeeeeee!! (None of your business)
Besides, I have this body because I’m only 13 years old.
I’m a growing child!
My body will grow soon.』(Mile)

This is the second time the dwarf mentions this.
However, Mile won’t get used to it because it’s the second time. She is upset again.

『In that case, please invite Rensan!
Because she is already 16 years old, Rensan is already a grown-up woman!』(Mile)


A lot of anger in the air, Mile has pointed to Rena and said something that she should never say.

Gogogogogogogogogo… (SFX)

The figure of the dwarf has already disappeared.
Apparently, it seems that dwarf's crisis detection ability was excellent.
No, if it was really so then why did he say something upsetting to Mile?

『Mile, what did you say just now …』(Rena)


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