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Mile Chapter 273: Monsters 6

『You gotta be kidding me!』(Captain)

He is the captain who gives out commands but there’s nothing he can do anymore.
Signal with his hand, asking the youngster to go with the plan, heading back to the village while the rest of the dwarves stall the group of Ogres.

…But the point is they aren’t useful.
There are more than 20 Special Ogres which each of them needs at least 7 dwarves to hold it back.

Furthermore, when there are several top class Ogres added, they stand no chance at all.
They will only get kicked if they charge in. And if they die too soon, the youngster dwarf who just escapes will be chased.
That’s why they can only hope the 《Red Oath》will injure and weaken the Ogres as must as possible.
That’s their only hope.

However, no matter how much strength the girls have, with this number of the upper-class of the special Ogres, it’s only a matter of time before the girls collapse.
After that, they will be smashed in an instant.

After that using their lives, the dwarves can earn some time, even a minute or a second for the youngster to escape.
That is the victory goal of the captain’s 《Stalling time Kamikaze Plan》

He planned to even use the lives of young Hunter girls.
He would take responsibility and come to hell just a while after that.

When the captain made such a determined decision.

『Ooooooooh! Secret Art, 《Ex True Godspeed Sword》!』(Maevis)

『The Best (Saiko) Finishing Strike (Ougi), God Flashing Sword!』(Mile)

『Uwa, That’s so cool! You are stinky, Mile!』(Maevis)

『I don’t know! Please think of a cooler name by yourself!』(Mile)

『Fire Spear!』(Rena)

『Drill Javelin!!』(Pauline)

The Ogres were steadily reduced in number.
And dwarves were watching it in vain.

Maybe we can win just like this?』』』』(All Dwarves)

When the dwarves start thinking so.


Maevis was blown away with a strong blow from the top species.
Even if she was blown away, it wasn’t because she was naive nor off-guard.
But the enemies were so strong, Maevis was careful saving her stamina not moving too much as she thought the fight was going to last for a while.

Otherwise, Maevis’ body, which was doped with Micros, will reach its limit in the middle of the battle and it will become uncontrollable.
It means Maevis’ death, which also means the destruction of the party that has lost its strong vanguard and the annihilation of the raid unit.

However, forced minimum maneuvering put a burden on Maevis’ body and mind, she couldn’t avoid the attack by the upper species from the side.
Perhaps she was used to the speed of the special species Ogre, and now she was attacked by speed and power of the higher rank Ogre,
That’s why she has misread the gap.
She took a strike from the side that would probably break some bones.


Mile was distracted by the blown away Maevis.
No matter how high her speed and muscle strength, after all, Mile is just an amateur in battle.
Yes, in the battle tactics, the Orge King, who accustomed to the battle surpassed Mile.
Mile could use her speed and strength to avoid and block the Ogre King’s attack, but if she was distracted by other things, and the flow of attack and defense would be disrupted.


Mile couldn’t get proper footage in order to receive the Ogre King’s attack well and was blown away even she used her sword to block it.
This is a weak point of the lightweight Mile.
Mile didn’t get hurt, but with Maevis and the Mile being blown off, the dwarves had to face the Ogres.

We are done for』』』』』』(Dwarves)

The dwarves all thought so.

However, in order to stall time, the dwarves tried to stop their trembling feet and prepare to face the Ogres.
Rena and Pauline shot two magic at the Ogres but they could only severely injury one Ogre and slightly injury another.
Rena has used only single attack magic to avoid friendly fire until but she can’t afford to do that anymore. She started to cast the hot magic chant which will involve allies as well.
Pauline jumped out of the bushes and ran to Maevis.

Luckily, Maevis was blown quite a bit far away from the Ogres.
So there was no big danger for Pauline to go there.
It wasn’t a bad decision.

She has a reputation for resilience, and she has used her sword to prevent the blow damage from hitting her body directly.
Besides, in the first place, her scream was 《Kya》
The scream is supposed to be 《Gy~a》 or 《Gu~ee》!

Having such a cute scream like when receiving Rena's chop, there was no big deal.
So Pauline and Reena weren’t too worried about Mile.
For now, they should protect the dwarves and earn time for Mile and Maevis to return to the line.
That was all.

It’s true. It is better for Pauline, the hot magic expert, to use the hot magic against the Ogres knowing that the dwarves will also get involved.
However, even she isn’t good at, Rena can use hot magic too meanwhile advanced healing magic can only be by Pauline.
Maevis’ recovering in order to return to the front is more important than anything. It was inevitable that Rena and Pauline must change their roles.

Mile was also blown away near Maevis.
So she can also heal Meavis, but if she has that spare time, she’d better immediately return to attack the Ogres and save the dwarves. Rather than healing Maevis.
Maevis also well aware of it while rolling on the ground.

With the unfamiliar hot magic, it will take a bit more time to cast than usual fire magic. And the Ogres should have already attacked the dwarves before Rena finished her casting.

Blown Away in One-hit.

The Dwarves were smashed and blown off one after another.
Even if they tried to protect their head, their arms, legs are ribs would still be broken. The dwarves who were blown away somehow barely escape from their instant death. But it is just 《I was lucky》and that luck was about to stop.

The Ogre swung his thick arm, like a log down to the Dwarves.
It was certain that the Ogre arm would hit without blowing the Dwarves away.

(((((… dead!)))))) (Dwarves)

When the dwarves thought so.
The Ogre’s arm fell to the ground.

『I will not allow it!』(Mile)

Mile cut down that Ogre and switch to the next enemy.
Her weight was so light that she would just be blown away even though she didn’t receive any damage.
She emphasized cutting down the Ogre’ arm than one-shot-kill the Ogre.

After that, Mile struggled to prevent the dwarves from being attacked and she received a strong blow from the Ogre’s King from above.
It was natural for the enemies to concentrate their attacks on the biggest threat, Mile.

Because the attack from the Ogre King came from above, she was blown away this time, Mile blocked it with her sword but it became a power comparison.

(TL’s joke: tap the button quickly, Mile)

This is a bad situation.
If Mile’s movement is sealed, other Ogres will attack the dwarves again.
And the other Ogres might also attack Mile when her hands are busy.
And, even without the attack of other Ogres, this power comparison was disadvantageous for Mile.

Mile previously thought that her strength was half that of Strongest Ancient Dragon.
However, in the last battle with the Ancient Dragons, she realized that neither her muscle nor physical ability is that great.

Yes, even with God’s scientific ability, as for Mile’s body, the cross-sectional area of bones and muscles isn’t comparable to the Strongest Ancient Dragon.

If its constituent material is within human tolerance, it isn’t possible to reach even a fraction of the strength of the Strongest Ancient Dragon.
In order to do it, the only way is reconstituting Mile’s with superalloys but then she would no longer be human.

In addition, Mile’s height and weight aren’t 《in the middle of the maximum and minimum values of all living things》, and other abilities such as intelligence, memory and voice size weren’t all average values.
In other words, Mile’s abilities were only average with《the ones that can be easily assigned with the average value and aren’t inconvenient for God or Mile》

And the Mile have fallen into a stuck state of power comparison.

(This is bad!) (Mile)

At the moment Mile thought so, “that” came.
Covering Mile’s view was something reddish…

『『『『『『GYA~~ GYAAAAAAA!!』』』』』』(Mile + Ogres + Draves)

The hell appeared there.
And the color of the hell was red…
Yes, the unfamiliar hot magic that Rena desperately cast fast.
It had landed now.

『『『『『『GYAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!』』』』』』(Mile + Ogres + Draves)

Everyone screamed and rolled around, regardless of enemies or allies.
Apart from Pauline, Maevis and the attacker Rena, who were out of the attack range.

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