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[Next] Mile Chapter 263: Dwarf Village 4

『I see it! It’s Gledmar village!』(Coach of 1st carriage)

On the morning of the fourth day, the coach of the first carriage, who is at the position with a high viewpoint, shouted to the back carriages.
The one who drives the first carriage isn’t a merchant, but a professional coach.
It’s the same in any industry, the one with the best skills will be who leads the way, it’s a serious role.

This time, we were attacked by the Ogres once…
No, once is enough.

If there were a fewer number of escorts or the hunters are lower than C-ranked, this merchant group would suffer great loss, dead or severely injured.
To be attacked by 7 Ogres was never 【common】

Anyway, this time we were safe to arrive at Gledmar village.

We arrived in the morning because we have camped near the village last night.
It was due to the merchants' judgment that it would be inconvenient if we arrived in the evening and they will lose unnecessary money.
The merchants thought so, but it’s common sense that Hunters prefer to stay in town and village as much as possible, the hunters were a little discomfort.

Although the merchants explained so, that reason wasn’t convinced.

Why didn’t the merchants borrow a vacant lot in the corner of a village or a square in that case?
At least you can draw water from the well for free, isn’t that good enough?

【Red Oath】 thought so, but the other two parties didn’t seem to realize it.


『Oh! The time has come again.
Merchant Corp, Welcome to Gledmar village!』(dwarven girl?)

When we entered the village, we met a girl who looks around 10 years old.

(Oh, the first dwarf!
She is somewhat small and cute…
Wait, do not be fooled!
Although she looks like a young child, she must be an aunt with three children!
From how she talks, there’s no doubt because she is an adult!) (Mile)

So Mile thought and decided to talk to a dwarven woman who looks like a loli.

『Uhm this is the first time our party comes here…
Please take care of us (Yoroshiku Onegai Shimasu ne)
Excuse me, but how old are you?』(Mile)

((((((Achaaa……)))))) (Everyone)

A straight and fastball right in the middle.
No, it’s Balk or Beanball.
Many people scream in their heart with Mile’s question.

『Honestly. What are you saying? Such a rude child…
Well, it’s okay. I’m 10 years old!』(Dwarven girl?)

『『『『『That’s it!!』』』』』(Everyone)

(Double Trick (EN)! Pretending to be a child but actually an aunt.
The dwarf is terrified!) (Mile)

Today record, Mile one loss.
…what is she fighting with anyway?

The dwarven girl had no beard.

And her body shape isn’t so short.

The human girl around here is only somewhat rounded down to the height of 144 cm, which is the average height of a 10 years old loli, or just a slightly fat body.
Apparently, it seems that the growth of Dwarven in their childhood isn’t much different from that of humans. But soon their height will fall apart.
It’s the same pattern with the elves.

If what Mile thought before is true.
The body of Mile the body of Mile was a further average of the average of each of humans, elves and dwarves
Most of the characteristics of the dwarf were counteracted with the body shape of the smart elf with high stature.
It was still fortunate she became a little petite human girl as the result.

Except for the 【chest】 part…

Separated from the dwarven girl, the merchants headed to the square in the center of the village.

First of all, they will sell the merchandise they have loaded.
Dinner was planning to cook and eat with fresh ingredients bought from the villagers.
There is nothing such as a traveler visiting this mountain village, so there’s no inn etc.
And although there’s a small dining hall, it can’t take care of more than 20 sudden customers at the same time.
Since they will be busy, they need to buy fresh ingredients in the daytime.
Then, they will prepare the meals bu themselves at night.

Then, it will be just like the usual camp, 【Red Oath】 thought so with the ingredients in Mile’s storage.

We also need a service called 【drop money to the village】
If we don’t buy anything with the ingredients we have bought so far this time,
It seems that there are various obstacles.

It’s not a big village, there are the butchers, foodstuff shops, etc.,
Blacksmith and village head’s mansion,
People here are mostly friends of each other.

Anyway, it’s troublesome… (T.N: I think FUNA sensei wants to say they don’t use money here but just helping each other?)

Then the merchant leader headed to the village head’s mansion for greetings.

In the meantime, other merchants drove the carriages in the plaza, unloading the products and creating a selling place.

『Eh? Mile, what are you doing?』(Pauline)

Mile took out a long table and started arranging bottles and pots on top of it,
Seeing that, Pauline asked Mile with a strange look.
Behind Mile, there are also other large barrels.

『Oh, I thought that the Dwarves would be happy with liquor, so I bought some alcohol, a nice and strong one…』(Mile)

Zawa~ (SFX)

In order to but good products, the dwarves came soon to check the products that the merchants prepared in the stall. And the noise spread among them as they heard Mile’s conservation.

『Nice and strong liquor, you say…』(Dwarf)

『If you bothered to carry it all the way, it made no sense if it was some cheap product.
Could I taste it a little?』(Dwarf)

Petite, fancy, bearded, everything
【Yes, it is the dwarf that comes out of the story!】
The dwarves started to gather around us.

『Yes, of course!
Well, you can have a little tasting.
But I will only give the sample to a few of you and one at a time.
And those people will offer it to everyone, or you will be drunk with just a tasting!』(Mile)

As Mile said so, the dwarf smiled wryly.

After considering, eight representatives who seemed to have the trust of everyone were selected.

Mile gave out 3 samples of wine and 5 samples of distilled liquor to the representatives for tasting.

Distilled Liquor is like whiskey type made from wheat and corn or those of brandy type made from fruits.

Since sugarcane and molasses are expensive, rum isn’t well circulated.

Representatives received the samples, poured little by little into the dwarves lined and began to drink.

After the first one drinks, the cup need to be clean…

No, No one cares about such a thing.


Smell the scent, include it in their mouth a little, taste like rolling with your tongue, then swallow.
Have a fascinating face.

(……Creepy) (Mile)

It is reasonable for Mile to think so.
The grueling face with the beard was certainly disgusting.

『Everything! One bottle each!』(Dwarf)

『I bought two of each, except for wine!』(Dwarf)

『Wait a second! The others’ tasting has not ended yet, don’t rush through!』(Dwarf)

『I will go back to my house and bring money. Keep everything at least three bottles each.
Please don’t sell them all.

There were those who bought it right away because brought money.
And there was a Dwarf returned home to get money in a hurry, he shouted his reserve out loud, maybe he worried that the Liquor will be sold out?

And other Dwarves came to buy right away without waiting for a tasting, after looking at the state of those who already tasted.

『It is a great success…
Well, I can sell it at twice the price I buy in the city, it’s reasonable…』(Mile)

Merchants showed disgusted faces in the momentum of Mile’s shop.
Now customers are flooded with Mile’s shop.
But sooner or later, they will need to buy salt, luxury goods, etc.
So, the merchants are not in trouble.

They were just amazed.
Although they know it’s the 【storage magic of absurd capacity】, it’s a big foul play.
And it’s only twice the price in town, it’s super price break (devaluation)

(T.N: I don’t know the right word)

The round-trip including the stay days is 8 days in total.
15 escorts plus 3 merchants plus 4 coaches are 22 members.
A total of 176 people daily allowance.

Average daily allowance, including danger allowance, is 2 small gold coins, which means 352 small gold coins in total.
It’s 3.52 million yen in Japanese yen.

Considering the condition of carriages and horses, necessary expenses and profits as shops, 600 small gold coins are necessary.

And it’s not sales price but 【gross margin】, that is, the price minus purchase price from selling price.

Also, in case you are attacked by monsters, bandits and you lose everything, you have to make extra profits for that.
Even if you escape safely, there are times you lose the carriage, horses, and part of merchandise.

Alcohol is a high-risk product that is heavy and easy to break, furthermore, it’s not a daily necessity.

And to sell it with only twice the price.
Such a thing is absolutely impossible.

(((((Stupid capacity storage magic …)))))) (Merchants)

The merchants enviously looked at Mile.

The “cliff flower” that they can never get.

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