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[Next] Mile Chapter 240: Ascham Viscountess 9

『Wh…What did you say?』(Adalberto)

His Highness the Crown Prince, Adalberto, the leader of the Brandel Kingdom's Army shouted in surprised.

『Yes, it was as I just told you, your highness.
Ascham was protected by the goddess, who was Ascham’s lady.
Even after her death, Ascham lady still helped out her citizen…』(Junou)

Ascham army commander, Junou, reported while shedding tears.

The pursuit of the Imperial Army is left to the King Army and other territory force armies.
Adalberto left the chasing Imperial army to his subordinates, other nobles and stayed in the Ascham territory.
As for the Ascham Army, they remain in the territory to restore the self-defense and damage, sending support to villages and fields, etc.
As for now, Junou let his subordinates take care of this and was reporting to His Highness Prince Adalberto.

There are various reasons why Adalberto led this army.
In order to show the Empire of the will of the Kingdom.
And to fully control the command of every Lord Army.
If it was another great noble, other noble might not completely obey him.

And it is an easy task to crush the Imperial Army, which doesn’t plan for a full-scale invasion yet, with the King Army which has an overwhelming number of soldiers.
Moreover, it is a battle to save the invaded marginal area and protect the national land.
It was a perfect role for Adalberto, the one didn’t experience an actual warfare before, with the support from local lords.

And even if he got injured in such a duty, there were other lords to replace him taking command of the Army.
And we will have a tale to tell, 《The prince take command of the Kind Army to protect Ascham territory》, a tragic story about the kind heart Prince sacrifice himself to protect his Kingdom.

No, it didn’t work like that at all.

If this was another aristocratic territory, everything would go according to the Empire’s plan.
There will be no emergency King Army dispatch, other nobles won’t join in a hurry.
The Kingdom will take more time to prepare, consult a proper plan before fighting with the empire.
The Kingdom might also abandon that territory and built a defensive line behind it.

Actually, when the King heard the report about the invasion of the Empire, he was surprised, was terribly upset and disturbed.
And then he didn’t hold a meeting but instantly dispatched the King Army.
He didn’t even hear the opinions of others…

Normally, the ministers and the senior aristocrats should complain about such dogmatism whether he is the king or not.

But for some reason, everyone agreed at the same time without opposition and the immediate dispatched their Territory Armies.
And in the end, it became an emergency dispatch order of the national army directly under the King.

Regardless of the crisis of the kingdom, if it’s about losing a territory,
The one gets harm is no other than the lord adjacent thereto,
It isn’t a situation where other nobles like to involve in.

The Empire had thought about it and chose a suitable land, where they could easily conquer.
A place with a low number of soldiers so that they could avoid casualties and counterattack, a distant place so that reinforcement wouldn’t arrive in time, without a lord, etc.

Yes, normally…
… but somehow aristocrats began urgent sorties one after the other.
The remaining nobles who knew it later also followed in a panic.
Although they don’t know the reason, somehow, they have the feeling things will go wrong unless they send their soldiers here.

And Adalberto, of course, knew the circumstances.
Even though the goddess has warned, there were so many witnesses and some of those people didn’t keep silent.
For example, those who were troubled with money, those with high loyalty to superior officers, those who think sweetly that the warning of the goddess wasn’t a big deal, etc …

Of course, Adalberto knew the circumstances, it was also one of the reasons why he was appointed to be the commander of this King Army.

However when they arrived, they couldn’t see Mile from so far away, and they didn’t hear her voice amplified by the air vibration as well, but Adalberto responded to the word 《goddess》

(Goddess, and the daughter of the Ascham family!
I finally found you, the one received the love of the goddess, Shrine maiden Adel!!) (Adalberto)

Junou seems to think that Adel might already be dead, but of course, Adalbert doesn’t think so.
A girl who had a goddess in her body couldn’t die so easily.

(With this, our country got the protection of the goddess through the admired Maiden …) (Adalberto)

『Lady Mebel,
She was truly a genuine person who was worthy to become a goddess,
I knew how kind heart she is but I didn’t think that she thought of us so far…』(Junou)

(T.N: For Junou, Adel’s grandfather was the only head of Ascham’s family, Adel’s mother was the treated as a daughter of Ascham and Adel was treated as the Granddaughter of Ascham)

『Huh? The name of the Ascham family’s daughter isn’t Adel?』(Adalberto)

Young lady Adel is the name of Ascham family’s granddaughter.
The one was manifested as a goddess is her mother, who already passed away, Lady Mebel』(Junou)

The mother of Maiden Adel,
I got it now, her Mother who became a goddess possessed and lived in her body…』(Adalberto)

Thinking like that, Adalberto was convinced. However.

『No, the Goddess has Mebel’s figure…』(Junou)

『Eh, wasn’t the goddess’ body is the daughter, Adel?』(Adalberto)

『Young lady Adel disguised her figure and hid in the royal school of the Kingdom 1 year and a half ago, she looked different…』(Junou)


After that, Adalberto interviewed those who worked at the Ascham family before getting fired, the witnesses of the goddess.

Everyone gathered and said,

《That was definitely Mabel lady.》
《Her Appearance of the most lovely girl was still intact.》
《Her excellent phrase that exceeds our common sense》
《Such a beautiful girl is no other than Lady Mebel!》

Yes, Adel until the age of 8 has only contact with the nanny and the lullaby maid except for her family.

And after the death of her mother and grandfather, both the nanny and the lullaby maid are fired.

The next nanny and maid were hired to take care of 《Prissy, the fake Adel, the only daughter of the Ascham family》

They had no contact with Adel.

Since then, Prissy was introduced as the daughter of the Ascham family to the outside world, and Adel’s figure fading away from everyone’s memory.
Even those who know that Prissy wasn’t an orthodox successor also didn’t remember very well, such as the face of a girl they only saw only a few times in the distance a few years ago.
And since the fired nanny leaves the main Ascham town after she was married to another town, so she wasn’t included in the interview survey.

But Lady Mebel was different.

《Lady Mebel is a Flower Field all year round》
《A beautiful Girl, who can make you happy just by watching》
《Tomboy Lady Mebel》
《Fearless child》
《Dandelion Lady》, etc.
There were so many different names for lady Mebel because she has left a big impression on many people.
Especially the appearance and behavior of the era when she was called 《Lady Mabel Wandering Period》around 12 to 13 years old.

And no-one has seen Mile until she was about 8 years old, nor knowing she has a very similar appearance to her mother, Mebel, the stunning silver hair that is often expressed in Askham women…

The father and the mother-in-law have also burned all the picture of Adel and decorated with Prissy’s pictures instead.
… In other words, the citizen here has been brainwashed that Prissy is Adel von Ascham.

So they regarded the current Mile with the same the figure Mebel is 《Ascham’s Daughter, Mabel von Ascham》

Has lady Mebel grown up? Married? That doesn’t matter.
For the people of the Ascham territory, lady Mebel was 《Young Lady Mebel》no matter how old she was.
And now, she has become 《Young Goddess Mebel-sama》

There was no one who doubted that the goddess manifested to protect the Ascham territory was lady Mebel.
Including those who witnessed in close range.

And Adalberto who thought that he had finally found 《Adel • von Ascham》 the goddess’ beloved Shrine Maiden was confused.

Was the Goddess who appeared here different from Maiden Adel?
Was the reason Adel became a shrine maiden because her mother became a goddess?
Or her mother, who has become a goddess, asked another goddess to protect her daughter?
I can’t understand!
What should I do…) (Adalberto)


『By the way, Maevis-san, I heard you said, from the flags of the Brandel Army near the main town, there was the flag of the royal family…?』(Mile)

『Yes, as a person who aims to be a knight.
No matter how many different countries there are, I can’t afford to mistake the flag of the royal family.
I don’t think that his Majesty, the King himself leads the military.
It should the first Prince Adalberto or the royal brother that lead the King Army and serve as the commander of the entire army』(Maevis)

Maevis answered Mile’s question with confidence.

『Why, why was that happening…』(Mile)

『I do not know, neither Pauline nor I want to say that it is impossible …
But there is no mistake.
That was indeed the flag of Brandel royal family.
I swear on my own name, Maevis!』(Maevis)


No, Mile doesn’t mean that she doesn’t believe what Maevis has said.
Mile is concerned with another word.

(The emblem… of the… royal family …
Maevis-sama…) (Mile)

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