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[Next] Mile Chapter 212: The Seven Faces Woman ~daze! 1

『We want you to receive our special request』(Felicia)

When the 《Red Oath》 checked the guild, they were invited by the receptionist Felicia with her finger 《Choi Choi》and were taken to the guild master’s room on the 2nd floor as it is.

And as soon as they got into the room, the first word they talked to the guild master was.

『Well, you must first talk about the content, we will talk after that…』(Maevis)

The leader, Maevis asked for an explanation for the time being.
Even if the requestor is the guild master, the girls will never receive unreasonable requests.
It will not change even if the requestor is a nobility or a royal family member.
That rule has been decided by everyone at the time they formed the 《Red oath》

《Unreasonable》here doesn't mean 《hard》or 《dangerous》
Such a thing will not be an obstacle to the 《Red Oath》
For them, 《Unreasonable》is the work that they can't understand, or a work moved by power.

『 Well, that’s true…
There are many people who accept when it’s a direct request from the Guild Master without asking for details,
But you should be careful in order to live long, certainly…』(GM)

The guild master said so with a bitter smile…

And the story is…

There seemed to be many cases that travelers were attacked near the town which is located 4 kilometers away from the capital.
The bandits’ aim was mostly travelers without escorts. Men or old men will be killed, baggage and gold are robbed, women and horses will be taken away.
The carriage was left at that place. Well, it’s understandable, if they used the carriage, they couldn’t get out of the highway, and if they sold it, the guards might investigate and know their identities.

If the one got robbed is carriage from the commercial guild, the lord won’t let this slight.
Because it will greatly affect the economy in his territory.
However, if it’s just some travelers who only passed through the territory, it doesn’t really matter.

It’s the travelers’ fault that they didn’t hire escorts.
Besides, the stolen goods will be sold cheaply in the territory
If so, it’s positive for the economy of his territory.
He doesn’t have to bother to go through all of the troubles and dispatch out soldiers, further there might be some damage to his soldiers by battle with bandits, too.
…If it’s an Excellent Lord, he won’t think like that and will help people. But if this world has only excellent lords, there won’t be any bandit in the first place.

By the way, although it’s not the residents of the town that are targeted, it seems that people in the town’s commercial have been hired hunters from the guild to capture the bandits.

But as expected, the bandits were hard to find.
Some town people have disguised as travelers on a carriage and tried to hide a hunter inside, but there seemed to be no catch at all for some reason.
Even though the damage wasn’t big, but the people in the town were indeed troubled.

And the people in the town finally noticed.
Why were the bandits aimed at a traveler, not town people or merchant?
It was because the bandits afraid the troops will be dispatch as soon as they attack the people in the town.
Tax revenue decreases, the soldiers will be dispatched because the lord afraid will become subject to punishment from the royal palace that he fails his duty to protect his people.

… But why did the bandits know that?
How could they attack only the travelers, not the inhabitants of the town, and only those who have items or gold without escorts?
… There might be accomplices among those who enter and leave the Hunter Guild.
Because the bandits didn’t attack the carriage with hunter camouflage.
That’s why the town people asked the Guild Branch of the Capital instead of their own town this time.
Yes, it’s the request to capture or kill the bandits.

『… was there something like that?』(Maevis)

Heart the explanation of Guild Master, people of 《Red Oath》 understood the circumstances.
And they also understood the reason why the Guild Master asked them.

First, if they change your clothes, other won’t see them as hunters but some average girls.

Second, their faces are new to the people in that town.
Yes, including hunters and guild staff.

Third, they girls have the ability to annihilate bandits.

4 girls looked at each other for a while and nodded.

『『『『We will accept!』』』』(Red Oath)

Well, there wasn’t any other reply than that.
And Pauline kept on speaking.

『Umm… Costume cost for disguise,
Are you going to cover that expenses?』(Pauline)

Guild Master insisted that the required expenses are also included in the request fee,
But Pauline argued that costumes of rich women will cost a lot of money.
After arguing for a while, the Guild Master accepts to cover the costumes from a secondhand clothing store.

He got a sweat in his hands, it was a good game.

『Departure is tomorrow morning, we will prepare and rest for today. That’s it!』(Rena)

It will be a walk for four days from tomorrow.
The girls should have taken a rest for their feet today.
But before that…

『Well, to the old clothes shop, moving!』(Rena)

『『『Oh!』』』(Mile, Pauline, Maevis)

It’s fun to buy clothes, even if it’s just secondhand clothes.
Especially when it was other people’s money.

And later, when looked at the bill, the Guild Master was surprised with his eyes wide opened.

『 What… this much
If we don’t do well, other guild members might raise their voice,
But this case affects the face of our guild as well, I must accept it as an expense inevitably.

However, when a woman staff looking into the bill that makes the Guild Master groaning said all that.

『Well, this is the cheapest one.
Don’t you know Guild Master?
The price of girls’ clothes』(Guild Female Staff)

Well, is that so?
Hey, women’s clothes are so expensive!』(GM)

『Well, regardless of casual wear. This sort of thing or some nice clothes are expensive!』(Guild Female Staff)


The 3 daughters of the Guild Master are still very young, so he doesn’t know about it yet.

『… … I need to earn more …』(GM)


『It’s almost over …』(Mile)

『Yes, we will arrive shortly』(Maevis)

Just as Mile and Maevis say, it’s just a little more to the city of interest, Zarbaf.
If it’s an ordinary hunter party, they will take a whole 4 days journey
But with Mile’s group, the《Red Oath》, they will move… in the whole 4 days as well.

No, if it’s as usual, their weapons, swords, canes will be all stored in Mile’s Item Box with 《Sonic Move》
They could have arrived in about three and a half days or less.

However, for some reason, Rena’s trio said 《We will carry both weapons and luggages》and they didn’t walk with the usual dummy light baggage but rather heavy ordinary luggage and water bottle. (T.N: Rena’s trio want un-average without Mile)

Mile thought there was something strange.

But now that Mile thinks about it. Right now, they need to disguise and since this journey would normally take four days to move, there’s nothing wrong with moving like normal people.
So, they moved normally.

They changed clothes on the morning of the third day.
They didn’t want to know their figures after disguising were know in the vicinity of the capital. And they also didn’t want travelers or someone sees their hunter appearance near the destination. So, they thought that it would be appropriate to change clothes at the middle point

And their dress or their respective roles are…

Miles: Noble’s daughter
Mevis: Apprentice Escort Knight
Pauline: Caretaker Maid
Rena: The daughter of a peddler who acts as a guide.

For a daughter of a noble, it’s rather stand out. But there is various kind of noble’s daughters.
The 4th daughter, 5th daughter, or a daughter from a mistress or a maid…
In some case, it would be better for the daughter to leave,
Yes, just like Adel back then.

So, even if other girls play as helpers, from their look, they are just like some noobies that can protect the noble lady from some animals, someone who can’t deal with a full-scale attack, if so, it isn’t so strange.

Their clothes: Mile is a lady’s dress, Pauline is a maid dress without aprons and headband.
Since it is an obstacle to long distance traveling, unnecessary items are removed.
These two clothes are old clothes, but it was quite expensive.

Maevis and Rena wore their usual dress and equipment.

Even if you are not a magician, average traveler women need to defend against Kobolt and Goblin.
It’s not unusual to have a cane or stick. People might not think she is a magician.

Of course, before entering the town, Mile stored most of the luggage.
And even though Rena and Maevis wore their usual clothes,
However, they had bought clothes for four people, each people got suitable from the guild’s fund.
Rena and Maevis’ clothes are now deposited in Mile’s storage.

And, finally, the town of Zarbaf that has come into view.

『Now, let’s go!』(Rena)

『『『Oh!』』』(Mile's Trio)

It was the beginning of the 《Red Oath》’s theater play.
… Mile has become a bad girl!!

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