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[Next] Mile Chapter 207: Church

And the men obediently answered Mile’s question.
Did they believe that Mile is another god?
Or was it because they were afraid of 《this being could easily break the prison’s iron grid and screw their heads》
It was uncertain but …

As for Mile, she didn’t care about such things.
If she could get the information easily, that would be fine.

And they talked about the following story.

Far to the east side of this country, Kingdom Brandel, Mile’s home country.
Continue to the east side, Mavis and Pauline’s home country, the Tyrus kingdom.
Because Rena had a wanderer’s peddler’s life with her father, her parents’ home country or where she was born is unknown.
Somehow, it seems that her father didn’t tell her about it.

And this new religion suddenly occurred in a certain country which is far from the east.
Their doctrine told about the fight between the gods of this world and the gods visited from different worlds a long time ago.
And those who heard this story soon noticed.
There are similarity contents with the myths transmitted between elves and dwarves.

However, there are some points that are totally different.
In the myth of elves and dwarfs, 《Gods of this world are justice and gods of different worlds are evil》

Whereas these men’s religion couldn’t see the right or wrong among the gods.
For them, if the gods of this world had abandoned them and gone away, they rather welcomed the new gods.
For them, it would be better to receive the new gods’ protection.

And in the myth of elves and dwarfs 《Elves, dwarves, humans, beastkins, and demons cooperate to defend the world in which the gods have gone away》
while these men’s religion’s teaching is 《Human should devote to the new gods, other races are enemies》

(If the emerging religion becomes popular,
I wonder if the human would be targeting all other races.
Why do they bother to solicit?
I guess making the antipathy will be an easy-to-buy doctrine …) (Mile)

Mile thought it was questionable religion, but then again, that religion might not think with logic.

Because human beings should have lost their mythic tradition,
But if they made it from the myths of the elves and dwarves, they should think as 《the myths conveyed only in their race, not related to the human being》
Why did it become like this?
Did the human completely change the way they view it?

It seems like these men didn’t know.
However, the contents match their desire, the profit of this world. And the doctrine said that they only needed to enter.
The religion doesn’t ask for a large amount of donation, there’s no obligation to recruit other members, only themselves will be saved, praying that they can receive the protection of the new gods from the ritual.

And the other day, they did the greatest ceremony.
Yes, it’s a ceremony that opens the gate to the other world and invites the new gods.
And sacrifice those of the hostile tribes, in order to make the new gods listen to their wishes…

(After all, it’s really a sacrifice!
No, I already knew that. The problem is…) (Mile)

『Who thought the ceremonial spell?』(Mile)

『Yes, it’s a spell that the deceased founder made…
Although we can’t understand the meaning, that spell was conveyed while keeping the original shape.
Also, this spell isn’t just a word, it’s essential to strongly pray for prayers to God while chanting …』(Leader)

(Oh, I got it. I still don’t know the reason for its origin, but…) (Mile)

『I understand, I’ve finished listening to what you want to ask. Well then, Saraba~ja! (farewell)』(Mile)

『Ah, please wait!』(Leader)

Mile has finished what she came here for and tried to withdraw but she was stopped by the leader.

『… What is it?』(Mile)

『Ah, uhm,
We are your believers, please give us your protection!
Please help us from this place!』(Leader)

Yes, if they got God’s protection, they would become the angels of God.
From being treated as a criminal, they will be the 《apostle of God》
Indeed, great reversal of situation!
Apparently, they thought that 《The Evil God》is a real god of a different world, no, it seems they tried to think so.

『…there is nothing like that』(Mile)

『『『『『Huh?』』』』』(5 men)

『When the horn-rabbits said to the group of hunters who came to hunt in the forest, 《 We are your believers, please give us preferential treatment and give the status of the ruling race of the forest》, What do you think the hunters will do?』(Mile)

『『『『『… …』』』』』(5 men)

『Well, if it was someone else other than me, they will eat it first.
Such foolish horn-rabbits that dared to appear before the hunter!』(Mile)

『『『『『… …』』』』』(5 men)

『 This isn’t even my final form.
If you look at my true form, your spirit will not be able to tolerate it and you will die…
Do you want to see it?』(Mile)

Zu~za~za~za~za~! (SFX)

The men pulled away from the iron grid and pressed their back against the wall.

(Alright, withdraw!) (Mile)

Mile, just like when she came, cast the full barrier.

『『『『『 Disappeared …?』』』』』(5 men)

And Mile casually walked away when the men fell to the floor with complicated faces like mixed with despair and relief.

(With this, I don’t think they will try to use dimensional magic anymore.
I hope so…) (Mile)

That magic seemed to be able to trigger only with a lot of magicians working together.
Then, if those men were scattered to many places as criminal slaves, they wouldn’t be able to activate that magic anymore.
They may do it again after their sentence was over or gathered more believers, but it would be difficult because they must avoid the officers and their relatives’ eyes.

If they do something suspicious again, they probably will be disposed of by the hands of their own relatives.
If a family member is a criminal, someone tried to summon an Evil God, young girl kidnapper or a murderer, or anything else. Their family’s reputation will be tainted.


And, to avoid making noises, Mile gently return to her room at the inn.
Mile cleared her barrier magic and wrapped herself in a black cloak.
Mile grasps the knob on the door of the room, gently turns around and slowly opens the door…


Three girls, Rena, Maevis and Pauline all sat on chairs and stared at the door.


Mile gently closed the door.
As usual.
Rena beckoned with her fingers.
Mile gave up, opened the door wide, and entered the room.

『What does this mean?』(Rena)

『Um … that …』(Mile)

Rena glared with angry eyes.

『 We said this over and over, there’s no sneaking and go alone, Mile』(Maevis)

『 Yes…』(Mile)

Maevis said with somewhat sad eyes.

『 Again? How many time did you leave me now?』(Pauline)

Pauline who looked like crying said so.

『What did you do this time?
I told you, the four of us will do anything together!』(Rena)

While saying that, Rena stood from the chair, and came closer grabbing on Mile’s shoulder.
The black cloak fell on the floor and the swimsuit appearance of Mile was exposed.

『…Act along this time』(Rena)

『 Allow me to hold back on this as well』(Maevis)

『It is more terrible than that Sportswear! I will also withhold!』(Pauline)

『『『Dismiss!』』』(Rena + Maevis + Pauline)

And the three got into the bed without delay. They went sleeping.


Mile, who was prepared for severe reprimand, she was released fast.

『… Eeeeh?』(Mile)

But somehow, she was not pleased at all.


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