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[Next] Mile Chapter 131: The one who avoids hell and plunges into it.

“Well, isn’t it about time you tell us everything” (Rena)

“Eh?” (Mile)

Upon arriving at the forest, Rena lightly presses her hand on Mile’s shoulder and asking.

“Even if you hand over all the spices we have that you put in the storage, we still can’t complete this request.
So what are you planning? Can you find a colony of spice plants with detection magic? Or are you going to attack the bandits and take back the spices?” (Rena)

Maevis and Pauline also kept watching over what Mile would choose.

“I will not do either of them!
In the first place, there is no such colony in this area,
and I don’t know where the bandits hide!” (Mile)

… It was the truth.

“What…” (Rena + Pauline + Maevis)

And Three girls got discouraged.

It seem they had been deluded by Mile’s capability.

“That’s why I will make spices” (Mile)

“E e e e e ~!” (Rena + Pauline + Maevis)

However, it seemed that deluding was still insufficient (below average).


“Well, Pauline-san please give me『Ultra Hot · Water ball』in this pot. And only create a medium size one so that it will not overflow, and be careful …” (Mile)

That being said, Pauline is carefully casting magic towards the big pot that Mile had taken out from the storage.

“『Water ball · Ultra Hot』” (Pauline)

* Tapun * (SFX)

Red liquid filled the large pot. And Mile smelled the scent from the red liquid.

“Let’s see, how to separate this …” (Mile)

Mile was convinced.

From the smell, it seems to be capsaicin mixture.

『Ultra Hot · Water ball』 , The liquid which appears by its magic exists as a substance. That means if I can separate the capsaicin ingredients, I can use it as spices.

I don’t know if this substance was produced by molecular transformation, or whether it was brought from somewhere by teleport or something else, but at the moment, I have it so I don’t need to think deeply.

Pungent ingredients of spices are chili pepper, capsaicin of habanero chili pepper type, as well as wasabi, mustard and garlic allyl compounds, but allyl compounds tend to volatile and the usage is limited. 

In addition, there are various other spices such as nutmeg, ginger, cinnamon, cumin, coriander, peppermint, cinnamon, sage, thyme, mulla, leurier etc,

But what the shopkeeper seeking is capsaicin based. So as long as it is capsaicin based, anything will be okay.

That’s why I asked Pauline to use 『Ultra Hot』magic system.

“Once boiled, unlike allyl compounds, it isn’t volatile and it is chemically stable.
But it may take time if I use heat and wait for the water to evaporate …” (Mile)

And for mass production, we can only make a few cups from one pot, it’s inefficient in refining by boiling and evaporation. That’s why Mile must use her wisdom to find solution somehow.
And, Mile came up with some brilliant breakthrough idea.

“That’s it! It was on the book of modern physics that I read in my former life.

『Devil Love plus』? Oh no, it’s different!

Is it 『All the results of a love simulation game can be predicted if there is an intelligent entity that knows all of its programs』? No, That isn’t it either!

(T.N: I don’t understand this philosophy either, forgive me if I’m wrong, you can read it at wikipedia Maxwell Demon)

Ah, that’s right,『Divide the coffee into two part left and right
Attach a shutter that can be opened and closed and leave that shutter to a versatile devil
It will close the shutter to avoid a molecule with fast motion speed (red one) goes from right to left or a molecule with slow motion speed (blue one) go from left to right.
And only open shutter when a molecule with fast motion speed (red one) goes from left to right or a molecule with slow motion speed (blue one) go from right to left.
If we can give the devil that instruction, without giving any energy
we can divide coffee into hot coffee and cold coffee
A phenomenon that the second law of thermodynamics might hypothetically be violated』

Yes, it was “Demon of Maxwell Coffee” theory …

Well, actually the entropy seems to increase, but that does not matter! In any case, this work will be done, not by Maxwell demons but by Nano-chan+ …” (Mile)

Zawa~ (SFX)

Zawa … Zawa  (SFX)

Mile felt that the air in the vicinity seemed to be rough.

However, Mile didn’t care about it and tried to exercise magic.

“Part of the pan was partitioned with a thin film of nanomachines,
Distinguish between water molecules and capsaicin molecules and separate them with a shutter …” (Mile)

Gyaaaaaa! (Nano-chan+)

… I heard something.

“… Stop doing my method and separate capsaicin however nano-chan+ like.
Oh, I don’t need moisture, you can throw it away” (Mile)

Shun! (SFX)

At the next moment, the water in the pan disappeared and only a small amount of red powder remained on the bottom of the pot.

(I wonder if nano-chan+ hate it, I mean… that separation method …) (Mile)

Mile tilts her head.

Of course they are. With such method, even nano-machines will raise objection.

By the way, although capsaicin is a white powder crystal, but nano-machines thought that it wouldn’t match the pungent ingredients of spices image, and they left red pigment components at their own discretion. It was a service.

“what are you talking about, from a while ago, I don’t understand!
… So, this spices is made with magic, isn’t it?” (Rena)

While talking about that, Rena pinched it from the bottom of the pan and tried to lick it.

“Gyaaaaa~~ !!” (Rena)

It’s pure crystal of capsaicin. Numerical value representing spicy, Scoville value is about 16 million.

By the way, ordinary Tabasco has a Scoville value of 2,500-5,000, that means this thing is about 3,200-6,400 times stronger than Tabasco. It wasn’t something people can endure.

Of course, Mile tried to stop in a hurry, but she was one step behind.

“… …! …… !! ………… !!” (Rena)

Rena is no longer able to make a voice, is on the verge of passing out, rolling on the ground.

Pauline, who was stretching her hand trying to taste the spices herself, turned pale and stopped.

“Rena-san, please open your mouth and stick your tongue out!” (Mile)

Although Rena messed up her face with tears, she devoted all of her energy and followed the Mile’s instruction and stick out her tongue.

“Ice · Water!” (Mile) (T.N in English)

Mile casts a stream of cold water on Rena’s tongue.

Capsaicin stimulates the part that senses the temperature of the tongue and pain nerve, so for the time being, cooling it down with cold water will slow down the sensation and rinse the spices with a strong water current. And then.

“Heating!” (Mile)

Capsaicin is less soluble in water, but it’s easy to dissolve in oil. Mile warms the cooking oil taken from item box and wash Rena’s tongue. And finally.

“Please lick and sip this slowly while trying to wash your tongue!” (Mile)

That said, Mile handed out hot milk that she had warmed from the item box to Rena.

And with Mile’s treatment, somehow Rena has passed the the worst condition but she still suffers. But she never goes to complain with Mile and continues to endure the suffering alone.

And as Mile watching that scene, she remembered about a certain boy detective  manga.

*licking* (SFX)

“Ugu~, this is a hydrogen cyanide!”

*Batari* (SFX)

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