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Translator’s Note: I know these recent chapters are quite boring. But we mustn’t skip the world builder.

Just a few chapter, you will have the most Average Arc.

Ancient Dragon, because they are strongest in this world.

There can’t be any Arc more Average than battle with Ancient Dragon.

By the way, I will use MP for Magic Power. You can understand it like Mana point too.

Mile chapter 102: Break Work

「Wh…wh…what did you say!」(Beastkin Leader)

Apparently the beastkin leader doesn’t seem to understand Mile’s intention. He yells in a panic against Mile’s ridiculous instruction.

「I told you, we do some『Break work 』….」(Mile)

「No…no! I mean I heard that but what do you mean!!」(Beastkin Leader)

The Beastkin Leader don’t understand what Mile’s talking about.


We want to escape and return to the town as soon as possible.

But that was impossible, as long as you guys are still here.

That’s why, in order to delay you chasing us or relay the info to your clan.

We will break your feet to get us enough time to get away…」(Mile)

Beastkins stunned looking at the girls as if look at monsters as Mile replying the Beastkin Leader.

「Hi~, … stop …」(Beastkin Leader)

Boki (SFX)

「Gyā a~a!」(Beastkin Leader)

There is healing magic in this world.

If this world doesn’t have, Mile wouldn’t think of such unreasonable method.

Because no matter what world, there is still「sequelae」

If the wound is a clean cut or a simple fracture. It will likely completely heal without scar or any after effect.

But it’s not absolute, and there is a possibility that after effects may remain on the joint part or skin.

However, if you use healing magic, you will be completely heal.

And in this beastkin party also have magician.

Zuru…… (SFX) (T.N: Trembling*)

「Huh?」(Beastkin Magician) (T.N: The magician get surprised, not talking with Mile so he can still talk)

Zuru zuru zuru…… (SFX) (T.N: Trembling*)

「Eeeeeeeee?」(Beastkin Magician) (T.N: The magician get surprised, not talking with Mile so he can still talk)

Mile comes closer to the Beastkin Magician and graps him.

The Beastkin magician screams in surprised as he is dragged and pulled away from others.

「Fire wall ……」(Mile)

「Wha…! Swirl of magic, Protect me『Magic Shield 』!」(Beastkin Magician)

Suddenly get attacked by Mile’s magic, the Beastkin magician immediately cast defensive magic.

The Fire wall is blocked by the defense magic and doesn’t reach the magician, but he is surrounded by the Fire wall. The magician has no choice but keeps up the defense magic.

He doesn’t know when Mile attack magic will stop or … until …

Both Beastkin magician and Leader got Mile’s intention.

If the magician have enough MP left, he can use healing magic to heal everyone.

He can full-heal one beastkin and has him as a messenger.

After that, the magician will stay here and treat others beastkins until he runs out of MP. And then he will rest to recover MP and treat the rest of them.

Even if a monster comes out, the magician and those who have healed will be able to repel them.

And even those with one foot broken, they still have fighting power left.

… To buy time and delay the response of the beastkins as much as possible.

Mile is going to exhaust MP of the Beastkin magician for that.

「Gu, gu, gū ~u …」(Beastkin Magician)

Mile took her eyes off the struggling magician and looked at the other beastkins.

Rena and Pauline had already finished the work.

Their faces were a good smile filled with 「Job well done」

By the way, Maevis isn’t doing anything「As a person aiming to be a knight. It’s against chivalric code … to harm the non-resistant …」

Rena and Pauline understand and say「It’s okay」

「You… this『Human 』…」(Beastkin Leader)

The Beastman Leader gullyed and groaned.

Other beastkins are prohibited from talking to humans, so they can not say grudges.

And the『Human』here seems to be more poisonous than 『Devil』

… The funny thing, If the both the attackers and victims are human not beast, the victims may say a line like 『You Beast』

「Even with one foot, you will be fine for a while.

The magical beasts will not understand that you are injured and there aren’t any monster dare trying to attack this number of beastkins.

Well then, please do your best!」(Mile)

Mile urged other hunters to prepare for departure.

Leave 12 broken beastkins on the spot.

Of course, She didn’t forget to save the magician on the verge of being exhausted by MP and flames before departure.

And, also to break his foot …

「… Damn, Demonic girls!」(Beastkin Leader)

Even the leader say swear word, but they understood.

Rather they should be thanful to get out alive with just broken feet.

Others fractures with swords like broken arms and ribs can also be cured using healing magic later.

So they aren’t really angry.

However, the fact that they failed in their duties, and that they also lost to the four young human girls was a big problem.

But right now, there’s something more important to think about.

「Bonzu, for the time being, you should take a good rest, and recover your MP as soon as possible.

We won’t be healed unless you can use healing magic!」(Beastkin Leader)

「Yes, I understand …」(Bonzu)

The leader instructed Bonzu to rest to recover MP.

And the problem is when his MP recovers.

(…We plan the first one get healed will become the messenger?

But what if we get attacked by monsters or animals?

Can we get through only with those who can not move?

Then first few people must be left as a self-defense force, the one will become messenger are at least the 4th one …

Ten, the contact with clan will be delayed for a whole day.

Did they plan this? …)  (Beastkin Leader)

Actually, thanks to the girl breaks Bonzu’s feet as well or I must choose to「Send Bonzu as messenger to notify the clan and left everyone here!」

I was grateful that I didn’t need to choose such options.

If anything happen to Bonzu who go alone or us who injured and left here. I may regret for a lifetime with my choice …

(No way, did she think of that when she breaks Bonzu’ feet, so that I don’t have to choose…

No, it’s impossible! For human girls to be consideration like that …

They just break our feet. It’s only that …)  (Beastkin Leader)

Even he thought so, The leader remembered the face of a little girl and his face is smiling without knowing.

However, it was no use cares about the girl.

Even beastkins has a nature that aiming to be strong men, but they also has a nature to care and protect young child as well.

So it was a matter of course that he care about Mile and Rena.

Maevis and Pauline? Since adults are self-responsible, they must take care of themself.

And of course, Mile didn’t think that far or anything.

When she released the MP exhausted beastkin magician from the fire wall.

She broke his feet reflexively. 「Ah, I forgot to break his feet」

It was just that.

Why did she break?

It was because there was a beastkin the everyone forgot the break his feet.

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