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Chapter 95: Chapter 95: It’s Like Breaking An Arm!

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He said indifferently, “I’m offering 10,000 Spirit Stones!”

Just when the bidding was getting heated, Chen Chen suddenly hollered loudly, and then went forward to bring the purple ganoderma back.

Everyone was dumbfounded. Offering 10,000 spirit stones for a piece of purple ganoderma was completely beyond their imagination.

Chen Chen ignored the shocked gazes of the crowd, turned around and left, while You Lanxin followed behind in silence.

“Senior Brother Chen, what are you doing?”

“I suddenly regret it.”

“I told you, it’s a pity to sell such a good thing. Senior Brother Chen, you don’t look like someone who is short of Spirit Stones.” You Lanxin sighed with relief.

“I love to hear that from you.”

When he returned to Yiran Inn, the first thing Chen Chen did was to ask Zhang Ji and Sun Tiangang to go out and scout for news about various heavenly treasures.

However, a few moments later, the two returned.

As Chen Chen had thought, the city’s pharmacies and auction houses simultaneously removed all the healing heavenly treasures off the shelves.

The successors of the 36 clans could send people to go out and try their luck to obtain heavenly treasures, or buy them from those successors who were not injured.

Since they were successors, they definitely had plenty of such items in their storage ring but it ws too difficult to restore their strength and combat power to the fullest in a short period of time.

They would have to absorb a large amount of heavenly treasures in order to achieve that.

They did not have powerful heavenly treasures.

There was nothing they could do!

What could they do? They could only send people to beg the successors.

However, they dare those successors sell their heavenly treasures, knowing that there were still two days left in the Ranking Battle? What if they get injured afterwards?

By then, they would really have nothing left!

“It’s such a pity.”

Standing on the roof of the Yiran Inn, Chen Chen looked at the people who were getting as busy as a bee, and gently heaved a sigh of relief.

At this moment, a melancholic voice sounded in front of the Yiran Inn.

“The Vermilion Bird Clan is here to ask for medicine!”

As soon as she said that, a Vermilion Bird Clan disciple entered the Yiran Inn.

As the most powerful one, Chen Chen did not harm the successor and naturally, he would become the person whom everyone asked for medicine from.

“Successor of the Tianyun Clan, my Saintess said that she’s willing to spend 5,000 Spirit Stones…”

The female disciple of the Vermilion Bird Clan bowed with a humble attitude.

However, before she even finished speaking, she was interrupted by Chen Chen.

“I don’t lack Spirit Stones.”

As soon as he said that, the successors of the Vermilion Bird Clan had a look of helplessness.

That’s what the first few successors said but, how could no one lack Spirit Stones in this world?

At the end of the day, it was just a tactful and polite way of refusing.

Just as she was about to try her luck with the other successors, Chen Chen spoke again.

“You can ask me for medicine but get your Saintess to come here. Those of you outside, stop eavesdropping. You guys too. If you want to ask for medicine, come in person.”

Hearing Chen Chen’s words, the female disciple of the Vermilion Bird Clan looked out of the door in horror.

‘Damn, there are so many rivals behind me, and I didn’t even know it!’


A series of whistling sounds rang out, and those few people disappeared into the darkness like an arrow that sprung off the bow.

Since the successor of the Tianyun Clan was willing to give them healing heavenly treasures, they had to hurry back to inform their successor, lest their medicine get snatched up!

Seeing this, the Vermilion Bird Clan disciple gritted her teeth and quickly followed out.

Seeing this, Zhang Ji asked curiously, “Brother, are you really going to give those successors the heavenly treasures to heal their wounds?”

“Of course I have to. Otherwise, I will become their target tomorrow. In order to stop the Wuxin Clan from unifying the forces, we still have to rely on those successors to take the lead, but if they want to take my treasures, they have to pay a small price.”

Chen Chen asked with a smile.

Zhang Ji pondered at the side for a long time and finally understood. There was a look of admiration in his eyes. ‘Big Brother is wise!’


The Saintess of the Vermilion Bird Clan Xiao Huang was the first to arrive but her face was pale and terrifying. She entered silently like a ghost, almost frightening all the girls in Yiran Inn.

“I’ve embarrassed myself, Junior Brother. I got injured during a fight with that bitch in the day.”

Xiao Huang forced a smile. The bitch she was referring to was obviously the Saintess of the Xuan Bing Clan.

Chen Chen was speechless. Xiao Huang was a Saintess after all. Yet, she kept calling someone else a bitch. Clearly she was upset.

Before he could speak, the door of the Yiran Inn was opened again. Immediately afterwards, the successors began surging in one after another.

Lin Jin of the Green Dragon Clan, Ye Wusheng of the White Tiger Clan, Xuan Hong of the Xuanwu Clan… All of them were there.

In a few moments, eleven successors staggered into the Yi Ran residence.

The faces of those successors were not much different from Xiao Huang’s, as they were all as pale as a sheet. If Chen Chen hadn’t met them before, he would have probably thought a group of zombies had walked in.

“This is terrible!”

Chen Chen sighed, Yesterday, those successors were full of vigor but now, they were in such a terrible shape that they looked frightening. What a stark contrast!

However, Chen Chen still admired them.

During the day, most of them were either seriously injured or knocked unconscious. However, after a short period of time, they could already start walking.

Clearly, they had good foundation.

“Senior Brother Chen, how many heavenly treasures do you have there? How many are you willing to give up?”

Lin Jin the successor of the Green Dragon Clan was the first to speak. There was an affable and affectionate on his pale face, making him look pitiful.

He couldn’t help it. Since he was under someone else’s roof, he had to swallow his pride. Even the elite in the second place had to force a smile and greet Lin Li in a friendly manner.

“Not much.”

Chen Chen said calmly, after which the successors who were present immediately tensed up. At the same time, a hostile tension arose.

Since there weren’t many heavenly treasures, they would have to compete. Everyone around them was their competitor.

“System, where is the most valuable thing within a 30-meter radius?”

“The Tiger Spirit Chain Armor three meters to your left.”

“Where’s the second most valuable item?”

“The Phoenix Blood Begonia Pendant two meters to the right.”

Hearing the answers, Chen Chen felt amazed.

The successors were rather rich. There were quite a few things outside the storage ring that were already more valuable than the equipment on his body.

As expected, the things that could be bought were not the best.

The best were the ones that could not be bought.

However, those things were going to have a change of owner today.

However, before that, he had to give it a try.

At the thought of that, Chen Chen picked out a 10,000-year-old red ginseng from his storage ring.

“I have a 10,000-year-old red ginseng here that can allow one of you to heal completely. Name your price. However, I’m going to make things clear. I don’t want lousy items like Spirit Stones.”

Looking at the red ginseng, the eyes of the successors lit up. Their faces were pale like that of zombies.

Although they also had such things before, what they had were ginseng pieces. Yet, the successor of the Tianyun Clan brought out an entire red ginseng!

“Senior Brother Chen, I have a Vermilion Bird feather here. It has divine qualities!”

At this moment Xiao Huang no longer addressed him as ‘Junior Brother’ and instead called him ‘Senior Brother’. He also took out a dazzling feather from his storage ring.

Seeing that feather, the successors were horrified.

‘Damn it, this is a priceless item. It’s the feather of a divine beast!’

“Chen… ahem, I have an egg here! There is a chance of hatching a Black Tortoise.”

At this point, Xuan Hong was no longer arrogant. However, he found it difficult to swallow his pride and bring himself to call Chen Chen ‘Senior Brother’. However, the item he took out made the crowd feel astonished!

‘There’s a chance of hatching a Black Tortoise!’

‘This is incredible!’

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