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Chapter 905: Chapter 903, “Sin”

Under such a situation, the tentacles of the origin evil began to shrink rapidly. The mouth of the origin evil also began to shrink slightly.

On the other hand, the demonic shadow behind the two sources of ten thousand evil was extremely arrogant. It hissed and laughed, “TSK tsk, your stance is not bad. I wonder how you compare to the nine supremacies?”

As soon as it finished speaking, the origin evil completely released its tentacles. The white-haired old man slowly floated out.

On the other side, the origin evil opened its mouth and released the black-robed blood man.

The black and white supreme-beings of the nine paths opened their eyes. Their bodies were filled with the aura of the origin of all evil, and their eyes were filled with evil, greed, and destruction..

“Supreme Sun, Supreme Moon…”

Chen Chen sighed softly when he saw the two old men.

These two supreme-beings controlled the yin and yang of primordial chaos. They possessed the power of the two extremes, and they were much stronger than Chen Chen in his previous life. However, they had been completely corroded by the source of all evil, and they were considered to be machines that had lost their rationality.



Two roars rang out in the midst of primordial chaos. The two supreme-beings exerted their strength at the same time. One black and one white yin and yang qi soared into the sky, blocking the golden flames around Chen Chen.

“I’m sorry, both of you.”

Chen Chen muttered. He pressed his palms together and placed them in front of his chest.

In the next second, a “Source”word proverbs appeared above his head.

As soon as the huge golden “Source”word proverbs appeared, the yin-yang energy was quickly suppressed. The two nine supreme-beings began to retreat uncontrollably.

However, they did not retreat far before the two nine supreme-beings shouted in unison again. In an instant, the yin-yang energy began to merge and gradually formed a gray “Source”word proverbs, blocking the attack.

Looking at this scene, Chen Chen’s expression was calm. The power of 300 million lifetimes had been ignited. At this moment, he had already reached a realm that surpassed normal life forms.


With a low shout, Chen Chen stretched out his hand and drew repeatedly in the air. Not long after, a total of over a hundred offensive-type proverbs lined up neatly in the air.

Following that, the enormous golden ‘source’word proverbs shot out a ray of golden light that dyed these proverbs golden.

More than a hundred proverbs then shot out like a barrage of cannons towards the Gray ‘source’proverbs.

The Gray ‘source’proverbs were indeed powerful, but they weren’t able to withstand the combined attacks of the Golden ‘source’proverbs and the hundreds of proverbs. For a time, they were forced to retreat.

The distant autarchs were all greatly shaken by this sight. Even the white light of the formation began to glow a bit brighter.


The demonic shadow snorted coldly. Then, it suddenly opened its mouth.

The moment it opened its mouth, two sources of evil began to crazily infuse the two nine path supreme-beings with the evil source of origin power.

In the blink of an eye, the gray “Source”word proverbs completely turned black and swallowed most of the offensive proverbs.

“Hand over the source of origin heart to me!”

After blocking the attack, the two nine path supreme-beings roared in unison and surrounded Chen Chen from the left and right.

Feeling the immense pressure from both sides, Chen Chen silently closed his eyes.

The 300 million cycles of fate power was burning furiously. Under the urging of such a powerful force, golden blood began to shoot out from the ‘Source Heart’and quickly replaced the blood in Chen Chen’s body.

Endless Golden Light shot out from Chen Chen’s body. In an instant, Chen Chen possessed the origin core physical body.

When he opened his eyes, the surrounding space instantly froze. The two nine path supreme-beings were instantly sealed on the spot.

Chen Chen unhurriedly cut his middle finger and used the golden blood that flowed out from his finger to write the word “All”in the void.

This did not belong to one of the 2,047 proverbs, but it was indeed a proverbs.

Moreover, it was a new maxim created by the power of origin.

After the “All-out”Maxim appeared, Chen Chen’s figure flashed and appeared in front of the white-robed supreme sun.

“Supreme Sun…”

Looking at the old man in front of him, Chen Chen called out softly, then carved “All-out”onto Supreme Sun’s forehead.

In an instant, the “All-out”maxim shone brightly, and the various negative emotions in Supreme Sun’s eyes began to disappear, revealing a trace of clarity.

However, at this moment, a large amount of the power of the prime malevolence poured into his body from behind.

Just as the clarity in his eyes was about to disappear, Autarch Sun suddenly began to laugh. It wasn’t an evil laugh, but a very gratified one.

Next, a ball of fire of the Sun suddenly exploded out of his body. In the blink of an eye, he transformed into a ball of fire.

The raging fire finally gathered in the “Ultimate”Maxim and completely disappeared from the world.

Chen Chen withdrew the “Ultimate”Maxim and flashed once again, arriving in front of Supreme Yin.

This time, the sin of Genesis did not give Supreme Yin a chance to wake up. Countless sources of evil energy fused into Supreme Yin’s body.

However, without Supreme Yang, Supreme Yin was still unable to hold on by himself. He could no longer gather the black “Origin”maxim.

Looking at supreme-being moon who was still trying to attack him, a trace of pity flashed through Chen Chen’s eyes. However, he still used the golden ‘source’Maxim to control the flame of Destiny to burn supreme-being moon into ashes.

“The two supreme-beings have worked hard.”

Looking at the empty primordial void space in front of him, Chen Chen said softly. Then, he turned his head to look at the distant evil of the source and the sin of the source.

“Hehe, you are really ruthless when dealing with your own people.”

Seeing that the two nine path supreme-beings had fallen, the demonic shadow did not show much emotion. Instead, he mocked them.

Chen Chen turned a deaf ear to this. Having come this far, his heart was already incomparably firm. It was not something that could be shaken with just a few taunts.

If he did not have such a firm belief, he would not have killed the two nine path supreme-beings without mercy just now.

Seeing that Chen Chen did not waver at all, the demonic shadow suddenly threw its head back and laughed loudly. As it laughed, it actually transformed into a white-robed woman, its entire body shining with holy light.

After the transformation was complete, the white-robed woman’s laughter came to an abrupt stop. Then, she looked at Chen Chen with an icy expression.

“Traitor! Do you know that I Am the origin of primordial chaos, the starting point of all living things? !

The Heart of origin is merely an item that was attached to me when I was born! Yet now, you are doing the opposite, trying to destroy me. Who knows that the one who truly gave birth to you is me!”

Speaking up to this point, the white-clothed woman’s voice shook the heavens and earth!

Immediately after, a completely black ‘source’word proverbs appeared in her hands.

The ‘source’word proverbs were shrouded in black light, as if wanting to devour everything. Not long after, the evil of origin and the sin of origin fused into the black ‘source’word proverbs.

“Sin is the beginning of this primordial chaos.”

The white-clothed woman’s tone suddenly became gentle. At the same time, a red sin and a black evil appeared behind her.

When the “Sin”was fully formed, the white-clothed woman looked at Chen Chen, her eyes filled with complicated emotions.

“Sin is ugly, so because I’m ugly, you want to destroy me, the mother who gave birth to you? If that’s the case, what’s the difference between you and me?”

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