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Chapter 871: Chapter 870, Spirit Refining Furnace

“Leave the rest to you.”

An hour later, Chen Chen opened his eyes, and the entire earth gradually returned to peace.

However, the uproar and public opinion that this matter had caused had only just begun, but Chen Chen had no interest in continuing to pay attention to it.

“One day, when I reach the end of cultivation, I will return.”

Looking at the Earth below, Chen Chen muttered.

It had to be said that in terms of the human environment and the degree of comfort, in certain aspects, the cultivation civilization could not be compared to the technological civilization.

Moreover, his values were more compatible with this world.

Having settled the knot in his heart, Chen Chen felt extremely relaxed. After taking another look at some familiar sights on earth and some familiar people, he boarded the expedition warship and left the Solar System.

Half a month later.

Chen Chen came to a huge life planet at the edge of the universe.

This life planet was called the refined God Star. It was filled with dark qi and had been completely transformed into the nether realm.

This refined god Star was the territory of the refined God underworld emperor.

And the refined God underworld emperor was the old friend of the eternal underworld emperor. He was the underworld emperor who had complete control over the “Refined”words.

“Fellow Daoist Chen Chen, you are finally here.”

The eternal underworld emperor saw that Chen Chen’s attitude was very cordial. When Chen Chen saw that his expression was not fake, he also revealed a kind smile.

Beside the eternal underworld emperor, there was also a red-haired black-robed elder. This person’s skin was completely red and his face was cold. His entire body emitted a volcano-like aura.

Sensing Chen Chen’s gaze.., the eternal underworld emperor hurriedly introduced, “Fellow Daoist Chen Chen, this is the refined god underworld emperor. Hehe, I didn’t expect it to be as you said. He is in this direction. If it wasn’t for your guidance, I might not have been able to find him!”

Chen Chen cupped his hands at the refined God underworld emperor.

The refined God underworld emperor returned the bow and squeezed out a rather unnatural smile.

Chen Chen didn’t pay too much attention to this.

After completely controlling a certain maxim, one’s temperament would undergo a huge change.

For example, the god Ascension Immortal Emperor would feel his bloodline stagnate at a glance. For example, the indestructible underworld emperor would exude an aura of life from his entire body.

And this refined God underworld emperor should have also been influenced by the Maxim, which was why he had such a strange appearance.

“Fellow Daoist Chen Chen, take out that god-sealing demon pot and show it to brother refined God. He has the god-sealing demon pot. Perhaps he can deal with that Immortal Emperor.”

After the eternal underworld Emperor finished introducing it to Chen Chen, he could not wait to speak.

Chen Chen did not hesitate and directly took out the god-sealing demon pot.

Seeing the god-sealing demon pot, the refined god underworld emperor narrowed his eyes. After that, he extended his hand. In the next second, a gigantic crimson-red furnace appeared in front of the three of them.

This crimson-red cauldron did not look like an alchemical cauldron. In the middle of the cauldron, there was a word carved with the word ‘refine’.

Taking out the deity-sealing demon pot, monarch refined god underworld waved his hand and the deity-sealing demon pot flew into the cauldron.

Monarch eternal underworld introduced, “Brother refined God is able to refine all things. Be it in forging magic treasures or refining alchemical pills, he is the best in the Underworld!”

“Refining all kinds of things is too much. I can’t refine the innate primordial chaos treasure, but I have some confidence in refining this seal.”

Refined god Underworld Emperor said in a deep voice. Then, he pointed at the refining God Furnace. The words of wisdom on the refining god furnace instantly lit up. At the same time.., a fiery red light from the refining god furnace quickly wrapped up the entire God sealing demon pot.

The fiery red light didn’t have a high temperature, but it had a strange power.

The seal of the god-sealing demon tank actually seemed to be melting under the red light.

At this moment, an angry voice suddenly echoed in the surrounding void space.

“Don’t go too far!”

This voice clearly came from the god-sealing immortal emperor inside the god-sealing demon tank. Although his tone was stern, Chen Chen could hear the hint of being tough on the outside but weak on the inside.

As the sound of his voice faded, the melted seal flickered for a moment before returning to its original state. It seemed that the god-sealing immortal emperor had restored the seal.

“Old Thief, I originally didn’t think of killing you, but since you’ve become the Lackey of the Master of the immortal realm, we have no choice but to be ruthless!”

Eternal underworld emperor shouted sternly.

Chen Chen was somewhat confused when he heard this, eternal underworld emperor then explained, “Fellow Daoist Chen Chen, you may not know this, but the Master of the immortal realm is the founder of the three realms and treats us like pigs. Now that he has awakened, the first thing he wants to do is to destroy us immortal emperors, the Underworld emperors, and control all the power of Proverbs.”

“Uh… so arrogant?”

Chen Chen was quite shocked.

To destroy all the immortal emperors and underworld emperors by himself, what kind of strength did he need to have such confidence.

Moreover, he had mastered all the proverbs. could he really do it?

“Sigh, don’t you believe it. He really has the strength. Now that Lord Underworld God has joined forces with the Grand Supreme Immortal Emperor of your immortal world, the two great experts working together with more than ten immortal emperors and underworld emperor could barely resist the attack of the Master of the immortal world.

“To be honest, if it weren’t for the underworld god and the Grand Supreme Immortal Emperor, the Master of the immortal world would have come to us and destroyed us.”

After the eternal underworld Emperor finished explaining, he gave Chen Chen a deep look, he added meaningfully, “What he really wants is the power of proverbs that has never appeared in the three realms before. Fellow Daoist Chen Chen, you have to be careful. I can guarantee that if he is free, he will definitely give priority to finding trouble with an immortal emperor like you.”

Chen Chen was speechless when he heard this.

This was truly like a pot rising from the sky while sitting at home.

However, he quickly understood.

The path to ultimate strength was bound to become narrower and narrower. If one wanted to reach the end of cultivation, such trouble was unavoidable.

With a sense of crisis in his heart, Chen Chen’s heart gradually became ruthless.

Since he didn’t want to fight, he would become someone else’s stepping stone. Let’s fight then.

And the first step of this fight..

Chen Chen subconsciously looked at the god refining furnace. The first step was to kill this god-sealing immortal emperor.

Once the god-sealing immortal emperor died, the god-sealing demon pot would lose its owner. If he could obtain the god-sealing demon pot, the primordial chaos altar would have one more sacrifice. He would be one step closer to the supreme innate primordial chaos treasure.

Thinking of this, Chen Chen said calmly, “Let me increase my strength.”

Then, he extended his hand towards the god-sealing demon pot, and immediately, the words ‘soldier’fused into the god-sealing demon pot.

In an instant, the god-sealing demon pot’s light burst out, and the red light even rushed out of the furnace. It was like pouring a bucket of boiling oil into a raging fire!

As for the seal in the god-sealing demon pot, it began to melt rapidly, at least twice as fast as before!

Inside the god-sealing demon pot, although the god-sealing immortal emperor did not speak, it could be seen that he was doing his best to repair the seal.

But with his own strength, how could he withstand the god refining furnace that had been strengthened by Chen Chen? How could he withstand the power of the two proverbs?

Therefore, in less than fifteen minutes, more than half of the seal outside the god-sealing demon pot had melted.

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