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Chapter 864: CHAPTER 863, the Master of the immortal realm

“What… What Happened?”

Some immortal kings whispered in fear, but no one responded.

“That was the power of the sky-shifting banner. where is the Empyrean Immortal Emperor?”

“I don’t know…”

Countless survivors began to discuss. Everyone felt that something big was happening, but no one knew what would happen.

On the other side.

Heaven’s fate put away the sky-shifting banner and slowly stretched out his hand. A ball of white energy instantly appeared in his palm.

This was the origin energy.

However, this origin energy was much stronger than those immortal kings. It was a power that could only be obtained after the fusion of over 8,000 immortal realms.

And in the entire great world, only one person could possess such power.

And that was the first person who opened up this world.

“Where do you want to go?”

Heaven’s fate suddenly looked towards the void.

As his voice faded, a shadow flashed in the void.

Heaven’s fate saw the origin energy in his hand suddenly light up, and the entire immortal world suddenly stopped for a moment.

At the same time, the shadow in the Void suddenly bounced out and landed in front of him. It was the shadowless underworld emperor.

“Who are you?”

The shadowless underworld emperor’s heart was beating fast.

What happened just now was too terrifying. What kind of terrifying existence was able to kill the Extreme Heaven Immortal Emperor in such a short time and even plunder the Extreme Heaven Immortal Emperor’s power of Proverbs?

One had to know that in the entire Hong Meng Void Space, he only knew the Supreme Immortal Emperor of the immortal world and the underworld god of the underworld.

However, this person in front of him seemed to be able to grasp the power of the two proverbs effortlessly.

“I am the father of all of you.”

Heavenly fate smiled faintly and said. After that, he turned into a demonic shadow like before and coiled around the shadowless underworld emperor.

The shadowless underworld emperor immediately transformed into thousands of clones, but each of those thousands of clones had a demonic shadow wrapped around them.

When he saw this scene, the shadowless underworld emperor’s expression instantly turned savage. In an instant, thousands of clones self-destructed at the same time.

At the same time, a keepsake suddenly flew out and turned into dust in the air.

Heaven’s fate smiled when he saw this. As soon as the “Devil”word proverbs appeared, he swallowed all the explosive power along with the “Shadow”word proverbs.

A moment later, the immortal world regained its peace.

“The “Shadow”word proverbs didn’t exist in the past. This should be the first harvest of this era, right?”

Heaven’s fate took out a wooden puppet with the word ‘shadow’engraved on it.

This object was called the shadow puppet, it was none other than the innate primordial chaos treasure of the Shadowless Nether Emperor.

After putting away the shadow puppet, Heaven’s fate didn’t bother about the other immortal kings or the people from the underworld who were still in a daze. He flew towards the hole in the sky above the Flying Phoenix Immortal realm.

Not long after, he completely disappeared from the immortal realm.

Half a day later.

Heaven’s fate arrived at a place not far from the immortal realm in the primordial void space.

In front of him, there was a floating object the size of a palm. It looked like an ordinary rock.

Looking at this floating object, Heaven’s fate shook his head. “Do you think I can’t find you just by hiding here?”

As soon as he said that, the floating object shook slightly and stopped moving.

Not long after, a shadow floated out from it.

This shadow had white hair and a face full of vicissitudes. His eyes were full of wisdom that could see through everything.

Seeing heavenly fate, the shadow bowed and said in a soft voice, “May I know… how should I address you, senior?”

“Immortal Emperor, do you know my existence?”Heavenly Fate said with a faint smile.

The shadow was silent for a moment. “I was born 120 million years ago. When I was born, the immortal world was barren, and there were few living people, and even fewer cultivators..

“But I found a lot of things with a long history.”

“So?”Heavenly Fate asked.

“So… there should be a period of history before the history of the three realms was recorded… maybe after a period of time, the history I witnessed will disappear like the history before it.”

The god-sealing immortal emperor raised his head as he spoke, carefully looking at Heaven’s will.

Heaven’s will laughed when he heard this.

“You are a person who is afraid of death, is that why you never returned to the immortal realm?”

The god-sealing immortal emperor was silent.

Heaven’s will continued, “I won’t kill you. From now on, you can follow me.”

The god-sealing immortal emperor replied, “Sure, but I wonder if senior can answer my questions?”

“What do you want to know?”

“Senior’s background.”

“Background? I am an innate lifeform from the primordial chaos void world. This three realms great world was created by me. Once the lifeforms in it have the ability to destroy the three realms, I will revive and harvest these ignorant lifeforms.”

Heaven’s will calmly explained.

“After reviving… Harvest the lifeforms.”

The Immortal Emperor’s tone was somewhat difficult.

He had always suspected that there was someone controlling the immortal world.

It was because the Heavenly Dao of the immortal world was too strange. It was too reasonable to allocate power to immortal kings in order to maintain the balance of the immortal world.

He had also been to the universe before. There was no so-called Heavenly Dao in that world.

Moreover, the history of the immortal world only recorded about 150 million years.

And the true existence of the immortal world had always been a mystery.

Where were the living beings before that? Why were there only some relics left and no one was seen?

Now, the mystery was finally revealed.

Everything was because of this person in front of him.

The Heavenly Dao of the immortal world was not a Heavenly Dao, but a living being.

And now, standing in front of him was the Heavenly Dao that ruled the immortal world.

“The Grand Supreme Immortal Emperor has always said that he wants to transcend… is that what he meant?”

The Immortal Emperor became enlightened at this moment.

“Senior, are you also prepared to harvest all the living beings this time?”

The Immortal Emperor asked again.

But Heaven’s fate shook his head and said.

“There’s no need. In the past few eras, I’ve spent so much effort to let you grow freely because I wanted to use your power to find more power of proverbs and use it for myself.

Now, the Supreme Maxim has appeared in this era. As long as I can find that Maxim and become that supreme expert, there’s no need for me to completely destroy you all.”

The god-conferred immortal emperor revealed a bitter smile when he heard this.

So that was the case. In the eyes of this person, these immortal emperors were merely tools to search for more of the power of the maxim.

Once they grew to a point where they were about to become a threat, this person would jump out and destroy everything before waiting for a new batch of people to appear.

“Also… one last question. Senior, why are you able to find me?”

The god-sealing immortal emperor raised his head and asked.

He believed that the place he was hiding in was extremely hidden and had set up layers of seals. Logically speaking, no one should be able to find him.

Heaven’s fate smiled, “The living beings born in the three realms all have my imprint. If not, after grasping the maxim and running to other worlds in the primordial void space, wouldn’t I never be able to find him again?”

The Immortal Emperor froze when he heard this. In the end, he lowered his head.

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