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Chapter 86: Chapter 86: Enormous Improvement

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It was the end of the enthronement ceremony.

However, the successors had been feeling distraught and out of their element during the journey back. Many of them took out their communication tokens to inform their clans of the situation.

In the afternoon, the successors of the 18 small clans who were invited to participate in the Ranking Battle had entered the city.

As soon as the successors stepped into the boundaries of the capital, they were surrounded by a group of pimps. Soon after, they were invited to stay in inns at a high price.

Although the successors of the smaller clans were not as good as the successors of the 36 clans, they at least had some fame and could thus downplay the influence of the Yiran Inn.

Apart from that, there were also changes to the State of Jin Elites Ranking due to the successors’ entry to the city.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk, ten successors who are at the peak of Foundation Establishment, eight who are at the late stage of Foundation Establishment, and three who have surpassed me.”

Chen Chen looked at the new Elites Ranking with some astonishment on his face.

“How is this possible? There is no way the resources of a small clan could produce so many young experts!”

Elder Zhao was full of disbelief. In his opinion, apart from the 36 clans of the State of Jin, the others were incompetent.

It was due to the fact that those clans did not have immortal lands that were rich in ethereality that they could not compare with the 36 clans.

Moreover, the disciples of those small clans were all candidates who did not get selected by the 36 clans. How did they produce 10 young experts who were at the peak of the Foundation Establishment realm, which was even more than what the 36 clans could produce?

Chen Chen put away the list and laughed.

“The Wuxin Clan probably groomed them. It seems that the Wuxin Clan’s agenda is very obvious. They want to use these smaller clans to kick those who are unwilling to submit, out of the top 36 clans. If these 18 clans are under the control of the Wuxin Clan, then the Wuxin Clan can basically kick away whoever they want.”

Elder Zhao’s expression grew incredibly grave when he heard Chen Chen’s explanation.

“Successor, be careful! You mustn’t fail!”

Out of his understanding of Chen Chen, he was expecting to hear Chen Chen’s arrogant reply after speaking.

For some reason, listening to Chen Chen’s bragging at times like this would give him some confidence.

However, Chen Chen nodded solemnly and answered back, “Elder Zhao, you’re right!”

Elder Zhao was speechless. According to past practice, shouldn’t he respond with ‘Don’t worry, those opponents are not that terrifying?’

“Elder Zhao, there will be a golden silk garment auctioned at the Treasure Auction House tonight. The starting price is 4,000 Spirit Stones and it’s said to be able to resist 50% of ethereality below the Golden core realm. In order to ensure that we leave no stones unturned, help me buy it at the auction!”

Chen Chen spoke in a serious manner, but Elder Zhao was dumbfounded.

The starting price of 4,000 Spirit Stones meant that the final transaction price would probably reach nearly 10,000 Spirit Stones!

Under normal circumstances, such equipment would definitely not be worth so many Spirit Stones.

However, during such a critical moment, every single bit of strength was crucial and hence, it would not be surprising for the sale price to reach that high.

However, such a hefty price tag was a huge headache for Elder Zhao to deal with.

At the thought of it, Elder Zhao smiled awkwardly and said, “As a Supreme Elder, how can I go and bid with a group of juniors? That’s too humiliating, it’s better to leave such things to Zhang Ji or Tiangang.”

“I’ve heard that quite a few Golden Core powerhouses would be attending.”

“I refuse to go.”

As soon as he said those words, a storage ring landed in his hands.

At this point, Chen Chen was no longer in the mood to joke with Elder Zhao. He then said calmly, “There are 50,000 Spirit Stones inside. Apart from the Golden Silk Robe, buy me those Gale Boots as well as the Ten Thousand Tribulation Gloves.”


Elder Zhao disappeared into thin air in the blink of an eye.


A moment later, at the auction house.

Elder Zhao leaned back in his seat like a big boss.

“Ten Thousand Tribulation Gloves going at 8,000 Spirit Stones. Any higher bids?”

On the auction stage, the auctioneer pointed to a pair of exquisite gloves and declared.

Seeing this, Elder Zhao stretched out his finger.

He then said indifferently, “I’m offering 10,000 Spirit Stones!”

Hearing his offer, many people in the crowd looked at him with incredible astonishment.

The old man who appeared from nowhere had already bought several treasures in one night. ‘Where on earth did he get so many Spirit Stones?’ The crowd wondered.

Elder Jiang of the Youshui Clan who was sitting to the side twitched his eyelids when he heard the bid. He then said coldly, “I know how miserly you are, you shameless old thing. Back then, you gave me a fake golden hairpin. Why are you so generous today?”

Looking like he had been maligned, Elder Zhao answered bitterly, “Junior Sister Jiang, you’ve mistaken me. How could I mess up at such a critical juncture? I’ll do whatever it takes, even if I have to go bankrupt!”

“As if I’d believe you. You’re a horrible old man!”

“Ah, these Spirit Stones are considered nothing to the clan. Junior Sister Jiang, you’ve underestimated me!” Elder Zhao vehemently explained.

Late at night.

The auction was over.

With excitement written all over his face, Elder Zhao handed over the golden silk robe, the Gale Boots, and the Ten Thousand Tribulation Gloves to Chen Chen.

There was nothing better than acting like a wealthy person using someone else’s money. It was even more so for a stingy person like him.

“The Golden Silk Robe is made using golden silkworms from the snowy regions. It’s durable and has a high resistance to ethereality.”

“Gale Boots are made of the feathers of a rare demon known as the Gale Bird. Wear it to enhance the speed of flight by 50%.”

“Ten Thousand Tribulation Gloves, made from the fur of a Nascent Soul flood dragon. Not only is it exceptionally durable, it can also increase the efficiency of ethereality absorption and output by 50%.”

After putting on the three pieces of equipment, Chen Chen immediately felt different, as if his physique had been greatly enhanced compared to before.

“System, who is the richest within a 30-meter-radius!?”


“Host, it’s you, without a doubt.”

Hearing this answer, Chen Chen smiled with satisfaction.

On the other hand, Elder Zhao’s eyes were full of envy. There were probably less than three Foundation Establishment cultivators in the State of Jin who could wear a full suit of equipment worth tens of thousands of Spirit Stones.

‘Where did this kid get so many Spirit Stones?’

‘The clan master couldn’t have given so many either.”

“By the way, Elder Zhao, I just looked at the auction lists of several auctions. There are similar treasures. Get me another set tomorrow. Otherwise, if I were to wear the same thing every day, others might think that I didn’t shower.”

As Chen Chen spoke, he tossed another storage bag at Elder Zhao.

Elder Zhao grabbed the storage bag and seemed incredibly astonished.

‘What the hell did he just say?’

‘He wants to buy another set of such equipment just because he’s afraid that others might think he didn’t shower?’

‘Cultivators have long been unmarred. Why would we have to shower?’

‘Besides, how can equipment of such a level get stained with dirt?’

After casually glancing at the storage bag, Elder Zhao couldn’t help but inhale sharply.

This time, the bag was not filled with Spirit Stones but a ten-thousand-year-old Psychic Herb, which would directly increase one’s status of cultivation. To Golden Core powerhouses, they were several times better than middle-grade Spirit Stones.”

Also, the value of the item was extremely high and they usually sold for 50,000 Spirit Stones and above. In any case, he could never afford it and had only ever heard about it by word.

“Chen Chen… you… you!” Elder Zhao was momentarily speechless. How could he sell such treasures casually?

“It’s just some herbs that aren’t worth mentioning. I thought about it and I’ve decided that it won’t be worth it to use Spirit Stones. After all, this capital is facing inflation. It’s more worth it if you sell these items and exchange them for Spirit Stones. Elder Zhao, I’ll have to trouble you.”

After he spoke, Chen Chen sized up his new equipment before walking towards the guest room.

Elder Zhao was left standing, dumbfounded, and doubting his life.

Chen Chen’s words echoed in his mind.

“Just some herb…”

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