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Chapter 857: Chapter 856, modified battleship

“What? What did you say?”

The Empyrean Immortal Emperor couldn’t believe his ears.

This graceful immortal King actually wanted to reject him.

Being born in the immortal realm, wasn’t it extremely normal for him to attack the other world in order to search for that Supreme Treasure of Primordial Chaos?

Or could it be that this person didn’t want to owe him a favor?

It wasn’t to the extent, right? He was an immortal emperor after all. Even if he only gave a few pointers to an immortal king like him, it should still be worth it, right?

After a long period of silence, the Empyrean immortal emperor asked, “What do you want to reject?”

“I love peace and don’t like to meddle in other people’s affairs. I have no interest in the Supreme Treasure of Primordial Chaos.”

Chen Chen helplessly replied.

The Empyrean Immortal Emperor didn’t know what to say when he heard this.

How could such a person reach his current realm?

One had to know that he fought for every step he took to become an immortal emperor.

Hence, it was only natural for him to fight for the supreme innate primordial chaos treasure now.

Not only him, the other immortal emperors were the same as well.

But now, a fellow who was about to become an immortal emperor suddenly said that he loved peace?

Are You joking with me?

“If you have any secrets that you can’t tell me, feel free to tell me,”the Empyrean Immortal Emperor said again.

“I don’t. I’m really such a person.”

What could Chen Chen Say? He couldn’t say that he came from the universe, right?

If he really said that, he would probably be finished in a minute.

“HMPH, you just experienced a great battle, so your brain might not be clear. In two days, I’ll ask you again.”

The Extreme Heaven Immortal Emperor’s voice turned cold before disappearing completely.

Chen Chen, who was in the Flying Phoenix Immortal Realms, sighed. He was thinking about whether he should leave this place as soon as possible.

One had to know that being targeted by an immortal emperor wasn’t a good thing.

Naturally, it wasn’t a good time for him to flee after finishing his conversation with the Extreme Heaven Immortal Emperor.

Shaking his head, Chen Chen looked at Immortal King Flying Phoenix.

“Immortal King Flying Phoenix, this is my fault, but I have to mention it now. If possible, you and Immortal King Flying Phoenix should leave the immortal realm with me.”

Immortal King Flying Phoenix looked at Chen Chen, feeling somewhat puzzled.

She didn’t understand why Chen Chen didn’t leave the immortal realm after conquering the entire immortal realm like those immortal emperors before.

However, since Chen Chen made such a choice, there must be a reason behind it.

Turning her head to look at the Phoenix nest below, she said somewhat reluctantly, “The Flying Phoenix immortal realm… I can give it up, but I want to take the Phoenix Nest and my clansmen with me.”

“That’s easy.”.

Chen Chen replied with a smile.

If he wanted to take the Phoenix nest with him, he just had to wait for the Great Void Dragon Kun to return.

The space inside Mung Bean’s body was still a little too small, and there were many things stuffed inside now.


Mung bean seemed to have sensed something and flew out, opening its mouth.

Chen Chen used his divine sense to look inside, and only then did he remember that there was a big fellow hidden inside.

It was the giant’s corpse that he had obtained when he first entered the primordial void space.

That giant was very likely at the immortal emperor level. It was too much of a waste to keep the corpse of such an expert unutilized.

As he thought about it, Chen Chen thought of the voyage warship again.

When he was in the Hong Meng Void Space, he had thought about repairing the voyage warship. However, there were not many materials that could be used in the Hong Meng Void Space.

Now that he had returned to the immortal world, he did not lack raw materials anymore.

With the supreme pure mysterious Heavenly Dao cultivation technique, as long as he gathered the raw materials and used the supreme pure mysterious Heavenly Dao cultivation technique to break them down one by one, it should not take too long to form a warship.

With this thought, Chen Chen quickly gathered the hundreds of fragments of supreme dao treasure that injured Death Yama. Then, he brought these fragments into the stomach space of the mung bean.

Looking at the giant’s corpse that was hundreds of thousands of miles in front of him, Chen Chen was full of confidence.

With these things and all kinds of energy and materials in the immortal world, he would definitely be able to rebuild the expedition warship.

Chen Chen entered the cabin and started to study the design of the voyage battleship.

At the same time, he used the Tai Qing Xuan Heavenly Dao technique to slowly decompose the giant’s body.

Ten days passed without him realizing it.

The giant’s body had completely disappeared and was replaced by metallic parts.

These parts were created by Chen Chen after he used the Tai Qing Xuan Heavenly Dao technique to decompose the body and the various pieces of the Great Dao treasure into ‘Dao’that were smaller than atoms.

Compared to the space civilization’s parts that were made from various alloys, these parts that came from the giant’s corpse and the Great Dao Treasure had a lot more divinity.

“Photon processor, what else is needed to make a warship?”

Chen Chen looked at the parts that piled up like a continent and asked the photon processor.

“We still need the power system. The original voyage warship’s main power came from a star inside.”

The photon processor answered.


It was not that there were no stars in the immortal realm, but Chen Chen felt that stars were not worthy of such a powerful warship.

After all, his voyage warship was the product of the combination of the technological civilization and the cultivation civilization.

“What can the immortal realm provide with stable energy…”

Chen Chen Thought for a moment and got the answer.

An array formation was undoubtedly an array formation.

Should he build an unprecedented huge spirit gathering array inside the voyage battleship?

Chen Chen could not get rid of this thought.

Without hesitation, he took out more than half of his immortal stone reserves.

The energy contained in an immortal stone was unimaginable.

If he used the energy from his previous life, a piece of lower realm’s spirit stone was probably equivalent to half a ton of oil.

And at the level of top-grade immortal stones, or even immortal crystals, every single one of them would explode with energy that was no less than a pile of nuclear weapons.

Chen Chen had tens of millions of immortal stones and immortal crystals like this, and that was not even counting the other low-grade immortal stones.

If one were to calculate it strictly, the total amount of energy contained within would probably be the amount of dozens of stars.

In addition, using the array to absorb the power of the immortal stones was extremely efficient. Unlike stars, a lot of energy was consumed in heat dissipation.

Therefore, theoretically, as long as he built this array, it would be enough to supply the voyage warship for a very, very long time.

After taking out countless immortal stones and immortal crystals, Chen Chen immediately began to build the spirit gathering array.

This spirit gathering array was located in the center of the cabin. In order to ensure that nothing would happen to the spirit gathering array, he simply took out a defensive-type great dao treasure to protect the surroundings.

The array formation was set up, and the energy system was in place. At this time, all the components of the voyage battleship had been completed.

As long as Chen Chen willed it, the voyage battleship would be assembled in a short time.

However, he was still somewhat dissatisfied.

Although the interior of the voyage battleship stored a lot of information about the maxim, the attack method was still a little simple.

Since he wanted to modify it, he would modify it thoroughly. After thinking for a moment, he installed the clear sky celestial mirror on the parts of the bow of the battleship, and then he placed the immortal trapping rope on the parts of the stern of the battleship..

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