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Chapter 851: Chapter 850, the two prides of the

Not long after, the nether king followed the nether king into the continent.

This continent was filled with the nether qi, it was the real pure Nether realm. After coming here, the nether king felt extremely comfortable, and the nervousness in his heart was reduced by more than half.

When the nether king saw this, he said with a faint smile, “You came at the right time. Now that the immortal realm is unprecedentedly weak, it’s a good time to attack the immortal realm. You were born in the immortal realm, so you know the immortal realm much better than us, the nether king. When you see the young emperor later, remember to perform well! “You will definitely be rewarded!”

The nether king nodded repeatedly.

A moment later, he was brought into a temporary palace by the Nether King.

In this palace, there was a gloomy atmosphere. The two sides of the hall were full of Nether Kings.

At the top of the hall, a pale-faced man in a black robe was sitting on a dark and solemn chair.

The Nether King who was leading the way knelt down on one knee and reported the situation of the nether king.

The Nether King quickly knelt down as well.

The man nodded slightly and said in a soft voice, “Nether King, get up.”

Then, he asked, “How long have you been away from the Immortal World?”

“One year.”

The Nether King answered truthfully.

At this moment, the voice of the nether king who brought him into the hall rang in his mind.

“The young emperor is the son of the nether god of the underworld. He has comprehended the maxim ‘death’. He is the only existence in the underworld that has a hope of stepping into the Nether King’s realm in a short period of time. You must answer the questions he asked you truthfully. Otherwise, the nether king won’t be able to protect you!”

“I see, I understand.”

The Nether King Sighed in his heart.

However, having seen a heaven-defying person like Chen Chen, he was considered to be knowledgeable and knowledgeable. Hence, he was not too shocked.

“Do you know who is the strongest person in the immortal world?”

The young emperor continued to ask.

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When the nether king heard this, he also knew that the underworld of the immortal world had not officially started fighting. Otherwise, he would not not even know who the strongest person in the immortal world was.

“When I left, the strongest expert in the immortal world was the Beichen Immortal King.”

Chen Chen’s voice rang out in his mind, causing the nether king to hurriedly reply.

“Beichen Immortal King?”

The young emperor frowned. From the title alone, he couldn’t tell how strong this Beichen Immortal King was.

“The beichen immortal king is a cultivator born and bred in the immortal world. His strength is extremely strong. Compared to the immortal emperor, he might only be slightly weaker.”

The Nether King spoke again.

This was naturally what Chen Chen told him through voice transmission.

The current Chen Chen didn’t know that heavenly fate had already called himself the Devil Immortal Emperor. However, he had already deduced Heavenly Fate’s strength.

After all, to be able to break his seal, even if he wasn’t an immortal emperor, he shouldn’t be too far away from becoming one.

After speaking, the nether king began to observe the expressions of the nether kings in the hall.

At this moment, there were over a hundred nether kings in the hall. When they heard that the strongest expert in the immortal world was close to the immortal emperor realm, many of the Nether Kings’expressions turned slightly solemn.

However, there was no one who was afraid.

Chen Chen, who was in the space within the Green Bean’s body, was also observing these nether kings. He discovered that there were quite a number of experts among them.

There were over a dozen of them who were at the same level as the four extreme immortal kings. The remaining ones were all experts.

He used the word “Soldier”to sense that almost every one of the hundreds of Yama kings in the hall had a great dao treasure.

Such a powerful lineup was definitely not something that could be found in the current immortal world.

Of course, the most terrifying one was still the young emperor.

He could faintly sense the aura of the innate primordial chaos treasure from the other party.

Moreover, this person gave him a very dangerous feeling. Even if his strength was not as strong as his, the difference was probably not far.

For tens of millions of years in the underworld, there were only two experts who had the hope of stepping into the underworld emperor within a short period of time. This was not an exaggeration.

Outside, the young emperor was still asking some other questions. The nine serenities immortal and Nether one answered truthfully.

Chen Chen was silently observing this group of underworld experts.

It had to be said that if the strength of the demon embryo did not increase by leaps and bounds, the strength of the underworld army would probably far surpass that of the Immortal Realm Army.

After all, the young emperor still had so many peak Yama kings under his command. In comparison, the demon embryo didn’t have many immortal kings who truly supported it from the bottom of their hearts.

Unknowingly, more than half an hour had passed.

At this moment, the entire great hall suddenly trembled.

The young emperor who was standing above the Great Hall stood up. An indescribable aura emanated from his body, and in an instant, the great hall calmed down again.

In the next second, a meditator flew into the great hall and knelt on one knee, “There’s someone from the immortal realm who crossed the Fallen Immortal Mountain and entered the primal chaos void space. He is flying towards us at an extremely fast speed.”

The group of Yama Kings fell silent upon hearing this.

One had to know that the fallen immortal mountain had over a thousand Yama kings guarding it. For the other party to be able to ignore so many Yama kings and directly enter the primal chaos void space, one could very well imagine how strong he was.

The young emperor above smiled. He turned to the nine serenities Yama king and spoke, “The person who came is most likely that Darknorth Immortal King You spoke of. Hehe, he came all the way here alone. is he ignoring the experts of our underworld? How arrogant.”

As the sound of his voice faded, a voice rang out from afar.

“I’ll go meet him.”

As the sound of his voice faded, over a hundred Yama kings in the Great Hall all turned their gazes outside.

Even Chen Chen, who was hiding in the space inside the green bean, felt the same.

Because he felt an extremely strong wave of wisdom from the person who spoke just now.

Other than that, there was also the aura of the innate primordial chaos treasure.

“The underworld is really full of talents…”

Chen Chen could not help but sigh in his heart.

If nothing unexpected happened, the only two people mentioned before, other than the young emperor, the remaining one was this person who just rushed out, right?


Without much time to think, the outside world had already sent out earth-shaking and terrifying fluctuations. It was very obvious that the two of them had already exchanged blows.

The group of Yama kings in the great hall flew out at the same time, including the young emperor.

Chen Chen also followed the nine serenities Yama King to the outside world and saw the two people who were already fighting above the continent.

One of them was heaven’s will. However, compared to before, his aura was much stronger.

Chen Chen sensed for a moment and knew that this devil embryo was the same as him, only a step away from stepping into the Immortal Emperor Realm.

The other person was clad in black armor and had a valiant-looking appearance. He held a long spear in his hand and his entire body was exuding a resolute and ruthless aura. Every strike he unleashed was filled with an indomitable and terrifying battle intent.

Just a glance was enough to cause people to cower in fear.

However, this person’s comprehension of the proverbs was much inferior to that of Heaven’s will. Hence, he was at a disadvantage in this battle.

“The decisive heaven’s spear… an innate treasure of primordial chaos.”

Chen Chen looked at the long spear in that person’s hand and silently used the system to sense it. He knew the name of this long spear.

As for the proverbs on this long spear, it should be “Decisive.”.

As for its specific role, Chen Chen did not know. He still needed to watch the battle for a while before he could see the clues.

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