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Chapter 77: Chapter 77: Test

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“Let’s go, let’s see which member from the Wuxin Clan is arriving.”

Looking at the giant boat, Xiao Wuyou chuckled as he made his way towards the outside of the main hall.

Chen Chen and Elder Zhao both followed closely behind him.

Before long, several people had arrived before the Tianyun Clan’s mountain gate.

At this moment, a large number of Tianyun Clan disciples had already gathered at the mountain gate and were arranged to line up neatly by several elders.

As an affiliated sect of the Wuxin Clan, the Tianyun Clan was extremely autonomous but it still had to maintain the utmost respect for the Wuxin Clan on the surface.

A few moments later…

An old man and a young man alighted from the black gigantic ship.

The two men were both dressed in white robes with black patterns, looking rather stern and aloof. As soon as they landed, there was an apparent pressure spreading around.

The crowd of inner and outer clan disciples had fear written all over their faces when they were confronted.

The Grand Elder hurriedly stood out at this time to salute the old man.

“We welcome the arrival of the Sacred Envoys of the Wuxin Clan with the utmost respect!”

The elder of the Wuxin Clan nodded slightly and then cast a sweeping glance at the crowd before asking austerely, “Where is Xiao Wuyou?”

“Clan Master will be here soon…” the Grand Elder responded with a sullen expression.

It was true that the people of the Wuxin Clan had arrived to pick them up and for the assertion of dominance. Otherwise, why would the giant boat over their heads continuously emit a domineering pressure, just like the two who had just alighted?

They were probably out to create trouble!

“Xiao Wuyou is so esteemed. Hah.” the elder said indifferently before closing his eyes.

The young man beside him immediately understood his hint and took a step forward.

“Since the Tianyun Clan is putting on heirs, I shall see if it deserves to.”

After he spoke, the young man from Wuxin Clan’s ethereality suddenly surged, forming a powerful spiritual pressure that pressed down on Sun Tiangang, who was standing at the front of the group of disciples.

No one expected that the young man from Wuxin Clan would attack as soon as he arrived!

Sun Tiangang gritted his teeth and exclaimed, “Peak Foundation Establishment!”

At the same time, he pressed his feet against his palms with great difficulty to resist the powerful pressure of ethereality.


The young man from Wuxin Clan laughed contemptuously as a sudden chilliness appeared in the ethereality that burst from his body.

Caught off guard, Sun Tiangang took several steps backward while his face instantly became pale beyond recognition.

However, the young man from the Wuxin Clan did not stop because of this, and instead controlled the ethereality to cover the group of Tianyun Clan disciples.

“What are you doing!?” A few inner clan disciples who were at the stage of foundation building hurriedly rushed to the front to block the pressure for the group of outer clan disciples.

However, their faces soon turned pale as well and those with weaker statuses of cultivation even began to bleed from their mouths.

However, even then, they didn’t have the intention to retreat as there was a group of outer clan disciples behind them who would probably be seriously injured if they faced the pressure directly.

“Senior Brother!”

The group of outer clan disciples who were standing behind and being protected by Sun Tiangang exclaimed in amazement, however, there was nothing they could do to help.

The contest of who had the stronger aura between two cultivators who had reached the Foundation Establishment realm was not something that they, outer clan disciples who were not even at the seventh tier of Qi training, could participate in.

All they could do at the moment was glare at the young man of Wuxin Clan furiously.

“Sacred Envoys of the Wuxin Clan, please be merciful!”

The Grand Elder, who was standing at the side, couldn’t stand it any longer. Even if they were asserting dominance, they ought to know their limits. Hurting others over a slight disagreement was overboard.

The elder of the Wuxin Clan kept his eyes shut as he responded calmly, “Duan Bing cultivates the Dao of Supreme Wang Qing, so he has to follow his heart. If I stop him, it will affect his cultivation, so please pardon me.”

Hearing this, the Grand Elder’s face grew incredibly sullen.

The Supreme Wang Qing Dao was the ultimate discipline of the Wuxin Clan, and most people who practiced it had strange temperaments, especially those with low cultivation levels who were in the middle of being emotional and ruthless.

It was not surprising that such people would do something strange.

But what did that have to do with the Tianyun Clan?

‘Are the disciples of the Tianyun Clan meant for you to practice? Or are you punishing us because the clan master is a few minutes late?’

Seeing that the inner clan disciples were in danger, the Grand Elder wished to shield them, however, he was deterred by an invisible force that caused him to be immobile.

Just like him, the other elders could only watch as Duan Bing bullied the disciples of the Tianyun Clan.

At this moment, a voice full of displeasure came from afar.

“Senior Brother Han, what are you trying to do? Do you want to show your prowess to the Tianyun Clan so soon after you’ve arrived?”

Hearing the voice, the Grand Elder heaved a long sigh of relief.

The clan master had finally arrived!

“Senior Brother Xiao, you finally showed up. I thought you didn’t take the Wuxin Clan seriously anymore. Showing our prowess? Nothing of that sort. Duan Bing is just sparring with the young juniors of the Tianyun Clan.”

The elder from the Wuxin Clan who was addressed as ‘Senior Brother Han’ finally opened his eyes as he peered into the distance.

The two seemed to be having a conversation, but they actually had a collision of ethereality.

Xiao Wuyou’s words carried a powerful pressure as he tried to stop Duan Bing, but was dispelled by the elder of the Wuxin Clan.

Sensing Xiao Wuyou’s peak-Golden-Core power, the elder of the Wuxin Clan looked slightly relieved.

‘Seems like the rumors of Xiao Wuyou’s entry into the Nascent Soul realm are false, unless he just doesn’t care about the lives of the Tianyun Clan disciples.’

‘However, I have to continue testing and sounding him out. After all, one has to be smart to be a clan master.’

While the elder of the Wuxin Clan thought about the situation, Xiao Wuyou had already landed on the ground. Seeing that Duan Bing still had no intention of stopping, he hollered in pique, “You’re still not stopping, huh!? Elder Han, do you want to start a war with the Tianyun Clan today!?”

There was both anger and anxiety on Xiao Wuyou’s face. He was worried about his disciples but he could not do anything about it.

However, Duan Bing did not pay any attention to Xiao Wuyou. Instead, he got more and more excited.

On the other hand, a few inner clan disciples of the Tianyun Clan who had higher cultivation levels were already swaying unsteadily like a boat in a storm that would capsize at any time.

At this critical moment, a figure appeared silently in front of several inner clan disciples.

As soon as this figure appeared, the pressure of the inner clan disciples was relieved.

Staring at that familiar back, all the disciples sighed in relief.

“The successor…”

“The successor is here!”

“Oh? You are the successor of the Tianyun Clan?”

Hearing the way the few inner clan disciples addressed Chen Chen, Duan Bing immediately developed an interest as he converged his ethereality and placed the pressure on Chen Chen.

Maintaining a straight and expressionless face, Chen Chen stood silently in front of all the Tianyun Clan disciples. His figure resembled an impermeable wall that rendered one incapable of finding the slightest breakthrough.


Duan Bing was not shocked but instead delighted. As he stepped forward, the ethereality on his body instantly soared.

With the collision of their etherealities, a wave of spiritual pressure formed, setting off a gale that blew at the surrounding trees.

When the internal and external disciples saw this, they hurriedly took several steps backward.

Even the elder of the Wuxin Clan looked at Chen Chen in surprise.

Before coming to the Tianyun Clan, he had already been to six of the eight clans in the North, and there was no disciple among the younger generation of the other clans who could compare to Duan Bing.

“Good, very good!”

Duan Bing became increasingly excited and took another step while an extreme chilliness emanated from his body, and the ground beneath his feet started to freeze.

Seeing that the ground near his feet was about to freeze, Chen Chen remained unmoved and simply raised his head to look at the sky indifferently.


In the next instant, a thunderbolt exploded loudly in between the two young cultivators!

The ice surface was instantly reduced to debris.

Meanwhile, Duan Bing’s entire body was flung backward and subsequently hit a faraway tree with a loud thud.

Without looking at Duan Bing, who was spitting out a mouthful of blood, Chen Chen turned around quietly and returned to the spot behind Xiao Wuyou.

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