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Chapter 763 Chapter 762, Devour

“Nine Heavens Immortal King, do you know that that attack just now caused the deaths of hundreds of millions of lives?!”

Just as he drank the wine, a voice filled with anger rang out from the side.

When the Nine Heavens Immortal King heard this, he unhurriedly put down his wine cup and said calmly, “Most of the lives in that realm have already become followers of the god of the dead. I was originally prepared to kill them all, but now, I just happened to be able to do so.”

“But there are also some normal cultivators among them!”The voice continued.

“A hundred is not enough. Death is not worth regretting. Flying Phoenix Immortal King, that is the world of my nine-heavens immortal realm. How we deal with it has nothing to do with you.”

The nine-heavens immortal king glanced at the void and coldly spoke.


The void let out a cold snort before there was no response.

At this moment, in the true underworld, the land within tens of millions of miles instantly collapsed when it hit the Giant Meteor. Most of it turned into dust, and only a few pieces fell,

many cultivators were so scared that they didn’t know what to do when they saw such a shocking scene. They could only kneel down to the giant meteor in the sky on the spot, hoping to get the mercy of the heavens.

Chen Chen raised his head and looked at the falling sky that was still quite intact. There was an indescribable complicated look in his eyes.

Then, under the control of the world will, the Eastern Region of the Abyss World flew up into the sky.

The scene that looked like the end of the world was repeated again.

All the cultivators in the true abyss world gradually became numb. They could only look at the sky with lifeless eyes, waiting for the judgment of fate.

Chen Chen closed his eyes. As he could communicate with the world’s will, he could feel countless joys and sorrows at this moment. Those were the emotions left behind after hundreds of millions of lives perished.

This made his eyes turn red.

But at this moment, the giant meteor in the sky was still falling. The danger was still not resolved.

Chen Chen could only calm himself down immediately and once again control the southern region of the former nether world to fly towards the sky.

The southern region was not enough.

Next was the Western Region of the Abyss world.

The Western Region of the Abyss world was still not enough. Chen Chen could only control the western region of the true spirit world to welcome the sky.

A few minutes later, the huge meteor in the sky finally dimmed to the extreme. At this time, only the eastern region of the true Abyss World was left.

Chen Chen’s heart was already extremely cold, even though he had personally killed a large number of cultivators that he was very familiar with.

Seeing that there was still a trace of energy left in the sky, Chen Chen directly soared into the sky and flew directly below the Sky Meteor. He used both his hands to block the sky meteor.

However, even if his avatar’s true body appeared, even if he had cultivated the supreme pure mysterious Heavenly Dao, and even if there was only a little energy left in the Sky Meteor, he still could not block it. His body began to fall uncontrollably.

“Bring some people to the heaven origin world to preserve the flame seed.”

Chen Chen said as he threw the void ferry towards the true Nether sect’s main sect.

However, when they heard his words, none of the true Nether sect’s cultivators moved. They only looked at the sky with tears in their eyes.

Those who could stay here were all cultivators who had fought to the death when the Dark Abyss World invaded.

Back then, they were willing to live and die together with the true spirit world. Now, they were still willing, so no one wanted to leave.

As for taking revenge, they all knew their own limits. They knew that they would never reach the level of destroying an entire world.

Instead of asking for trouble, they might as well die here today.

Seeing that no one was moving, Chen Chen suddenly threw his head back and roared angrily. At this moment, his entire body was emitting a dazzling golden light. This was a sign that he was burning his immortal power rapidly.

Under the effect of this powerful force, Tianyun instantly stopped his falling momentum. He and Chen Chen were stuck in the void ten thousand meters away from the ground.

e was an

However, there was an end to the immortal energy burning. Not long after, Chen Chen’s consciousness began to blur.

And at this moment, the emotions of countless fallen creatures surged out of his heart like a volcano erupting.

In the void, a large amount of black fog began to gather. An unprecedented devil that was about the same size as Tianyun appeared near Chen Chen.

“Those who believe in me will never die.”

The Devil opened his mouth and his voice spread throughout the world. Chen Chen turned his head with great difficulty and looked at the devil with his scarlet eyes. He said in a hoarse voice, “Underworld god… Those who believe in you will never die. Then why did all those people die?”

One had to know that in the last few collisions, billions of underworld god believers had died in the true underworld.

And these followers of the underworld couldn’t be resurrected when they were destroyed by the falling sky. The Devil was silent for a moment and said, “The followers’power of will summoned me to this place. If you believe in me, I will block this calamity for you.” “What do you mean by believing? Is it the same as the others but with an additional shackle behind your back?” Chen Chen asked in a low voice.

“You are different. You killed billions of creatures just now and your hands were full of karma. You will definitely achieve amazing achievements in my dao. I can take you as my disciple.

“Of course, if you want to become my disciple, you must respect me from the bottom of your heart. You must hand over your life and death to me. From now on, you must treat me as your master and Master. Are you willing to do that?”

The Devil explained softly.

“Get lost!”

Chen Chen roared angrily, and a large amount of golden blood shot out from his arms.

At this time, Tian Yun fell another thousand meters.

Seeing this, the devil sneered and said, “What are you still holding on for? Do you know that if you join the Underworld, you have a chance to become an existence at the level of Yama in the future, enough to contend against the Immortal King of the Immortal Realm!”

Chen Chen closed his eyes.

To hand over life and death to someone else, to respect the underworld god from the bottom of his heart, these were things that he would never be able to do in his entire life.

“Chen Chen, think carefully. When the true underworld is destroyed, you will be banished to the endless unknown void, and from then on, you will be completely lost… that is an experience that is even more terrifying than death.”

The Devil spoke in an extremely fearful tone.

However, Chen Chen had no intention of listening. It was just that during this period of time, the Sky had fallen another thousand meters.

Wah Wah Wah!



At this moment, the cries of the Great Void Dragon Kun came from the distant sky, accompanied by the extremely violent power of space. The huge demon gradually dissipated under the violent power of space. Chen Chen looked down and found that the remaining eastern region of the true underworld world was slowly rising.

“This is…”Chen Chen looked in the direction where the Earth was rising and saw the huge great void Dragon Kun at first glance.

However, the Great Void Dragon Kun’s mouth was wide open at this moment, and a large amount of space power was bursting out from its mouth.


Another strange roar sounded. The Great Void Dragon Kun, which had been standing in the Ascension Passage, suddenly regained its freedom and swallowed down.

Its huge body, which was hundreds of thousands of miles long, looked huge, but it was still far from the eastern region. But at this time, its huge mouth seemed to be able to hold everything. It swallowed the entire eastern region in one gulp,


With another roar, the Great Void Dragon Kun opened its mouth again and swallowed the weakened Tian Yun along with Chen Chen.

The original position of the true underworld suddenly turned into endless darkness. Only the blue body of the Great Void Dragon Kun was emitting a dazzling light.

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