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Chapter 716 Chapter 715: those who surrender will not die

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Not far away, the Heavenly Devil City Lord could not help but feel shocked when he saw this scene.

Previously, he felt that Chen Chen was qualified to fight with him, but now, it seemed that Chen Chen was on par with him.

If it was just a group attack, he might not even be able to compare to this disciple.

“The chosen one…”

The Heavenly Devil City Lord muttered to himself, and the worry in his heart was reduced by more than half.

As for the other Heavenly Devil City cultivators, they were also extremely excited when they saw this scene, and their morale instantly soared.

As for Sacred King Demon Puppet, she was in a terrible situation. Facing such a majestic attack, even if she pushed her aura to the limit, she was gradually unable to hold on.

However, at this moment, the ten thousand spirit cauldron suddenly trembled, and tens of thousands of true spirit Phantoms flew out from the Ten Thousand Spirit Cauldron. They crisscrossed and flew toward Chen

Chen’s immortal body avatar.

For a time, the entire Abyss sect was filled with roars and long cries.

When Saint King Demon puppet saw this music, he was overjoyed. He quickly unleashed 120% of his strength in an attempt to hold on until the attack of the Ten Thousand Spirit Cauldron arrived.

Chen Chen’s immortal body avatar glanced at the ten thousand true spirit phantoms, but he didn’t have any reaction.

At this time, his main body brought along the green beans and almost teleported to an extremely secret location within the Abyss sect.

Here, several formations overlapped to protect the four late-stage Mahayana realm cultivators.

These four late-stage Mahayana realm cultivators were infusing power into the ten-thousand spirit cauldron through the four symbols heaven controlling formation.

After seeing Chen Chen, the four people were all scared out of their wits. They quickly controlled the ten-thousand spirits to return and attack this place.

Chen Chen smiled and directly charged into the formation with the green bean.

Several layers of protection were useless in front of the mung bean. In the blink of an eye, Chen Chen had broken through the protection of the four symbols heaven defending formation and arrived in front of a

late-stage Mahayana realm dark abyss sect cultivator.

Without any nonsense or any movement, the formation formed by hundreds of weapons-refining ranking magic treasures smashed toward the cultivator.

The cultivator spat out a mouthful of blood essence in a panic and activated a layer of blood-colored protection above his head.

This was his life-saving divine ability. At the critical moment, it was enough to withstand the powerful attacks of several late-stage Mahayana realm cultivators.


With an explosion, hundreds of magic treasures smashed into the blood-red protective barrier like the collapse of the world. Only ten magic treasures’attacks had shattered the blood-red protective barrier.

As for the remaining attacks, they all landed on the body of the late-stage Mahayana realm cultivator.

Almost in an instant, that late-stage mahayana cultivator was destroyed in body and soul.

Seeing this scene with their own eyes, how could the remaining three still have the mood to control the Ten Thousand Spirit Cauldron? One by one, they turned around and ran.

Seeing this, Chen Chen did not chase after them. Instead, his figure flashed and he silently arrived in front of the entrance of the passage between the two worlds. Then, he blocked the entrance of the passage with the

formation set up by more than a hundred magic treasures. It was as if one man could hold off ten thousand men.

The four symbols heaven controlling formation was broken, and the light of the Ten Thousand Spirit Cauldron instantly dimmed. The Ten Thousand True Spirit Phantoms also disappeared.

The Immortal Body’s immortal body’s avatar was still holding the top of his head. Holy King Demon Puppet’s heart faintly felt a bit of despair.

It was because the attack above her head was too powerful. With her current strength, if she did not have external assistance, she would not be able to withstand it.

“Holy King Demon Puppet, surrender, and I will spare your life. You should know my true strength.”

Seeing that the immortal was about to touch the top of his head and completely crush the Sacred King Demon Puppet and the 100,000 Abyss sect cultivators into ashes, Chen Chen withdrew some of his strength and

said coldly.

The Sacred King Demon puppet was unwilling and asked angrily, “Master spiritual turtle, where are the other sacred kings? Why haven’t they come back yet?”

“They had an accident. Anyway, the situation of the Abyss World is very grim now. The Abyss World is about to recover. At that time, no matter if you are a sacred king or an ordinary cultivator, you will have to die.”

Chen Chen said coldly, and at the same time, he increased his strength.

Saint demon puppet king fell to the ground with a plop, just like the other cultivators.

Of course, she still had a substitute puppet that could dodge this attack, but where could she go if she dodged it?

She couldn’t go back to the Abyss world. In the true spirit world, if she didn’t surrender, she would only die.

He knew the true strength of the immortal turtle. The Supreme Treasure that defeated the four sacred kings hadn’t been used yet..

Thinking of this, she struggled to raise her head and said, “I… 1 surrender!”

Although her voice wasn’t loud, it sounded like thunder in the hearts of hundreds of thousands of Abyss sect cultivators.

The only sacred king on their side had surrendered, so what should they do?

Some cultivators clamored to surrender, some said that they wouldn’t retreat even if they fought to the death, and some who had integrity chose to self-destruct.

Chen Chen watched all of this coldly. When those who were courting death were done, the number of Abyss sect cultivators was less than 10,000.

In the end, there were only a few cultivators with integrity in this world.

Seeing that the situation was settled, the Heavenly Demon City Lord reacted and said loudly, “Stop.”

As soon as he said this, the Hundred Thousand Heavenly Demon City cultivators all stopped and retreated to the edge.

Looking at the group of dejected Abyss sect cultivators, the Heavenly Demon City Lord’s temperament was rather complicated.

Once the Ten Thousand Spirit Cauldron lost its effect, the battle had already ended.

Although the Abyss sect had many people, the lack of a top-tier powerhouse was an unerasable gap.

In this huge sealed space, a peak Mahayana realm expert could kill hundreds of thousands of cultivators who didn’t have a formation.

This was a qualitative gap.

In fact, the Abyss sect had sent so many cultivators because they wanted to spread to the entire true spirit world, not to deal with the top experts in the sealed space.

“Chen Chen, which Sacred King of the Dark Abyss World Is This?”

Heavenly Demon City Lord flew to Chen Chen’s side and looked at Sacred King Demon Puppet, who couldn’t move.

“Sacred King Demon puppet is good at controlling puppets. He and I used to have some grudges.”

Chen Chen landed beside sacred king demon puppet and lifted his chin.

At this moment, sacred King Demon puppet had a stubborn face. His eyes were filled with unwillingness and despair.

“ have a grudge with you…”

Heavenly Devil City Lord nodded slightly.

No Wonder Sacred King Demon puppet didn’t want to fight back when facing Chen Chen. It turned out that the two of them had fought before.

However, they had fought before and had a grudge against each other. Why was Chen Chen still able to stay in the Abyss sect?

This was too strange.

Looking at the figure not far away in front of him, Heavenly Devil City Lord only felt that this disciple was becoming more and more mysterious.

“Are you still not convinced?”

Chen Chen bent down and came in front of Saint Demon Puppet King.

“Why didn’t you kill me?”

Saint Demon Puppet King asked coldly.

“I feel that you still have some value. You also know that I’m not a bloodthirsty person.”

“What do I know! You want to use me to control these hundreds of thousands of Abyss sect cultivators, right?”

Saint Demon Puppet King was also a smart person and quickly understood Chen Chen Chen’s intentions.

Chen Chen did not hide it and nodded directly.

The current situation in the Abyss world was complicated. He had to grasp more power in his hands to deal with the changes in the future.

“Do you believe me? Aren’t you afraid that I will trick you in the future?”Saint King Puppet Monster asked again.

However, before she could finish her words, a cloud of black fog appeared in Chen Chen’s hand. He did not care whether she agreed or not, and directly stuffed it into her body.

Saint King demonic puppet’s cultivation was not low, and subconsciously wanted to expel it from her body. At this time, Chen Chen slapped her body again, dispersing the spirit Qi that had just condensed in her body.

Then, the black fog completely fused into her body..

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