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Chapter 63: Chapter 63: Special Item

As Chen Chen left the courtyard, in the hall of the main peak, Xiao Wuyou suddenly opened his eyes as he let out a slight sigh.

Due to the Spirit Lock Array, he did not know about anything that had happened in the courtyard of the main peak, but once he left the courtyard, he was able to sense everything.

For example, when Zhao Xiaoya stepped into the courtyard, he was the first to know.

He could also sense that Chen Chen had left.

“My disciple is still young after all. He can’t cultivate calmly.”

Xiao Wuyou murmured, but he shook his head again a moment later.

‘When you’re young, it’s normal to be unable to calm down. That’s exactly what I was like.’

‘If Chen Chen solves the problem involving Wang Feng, he would be sharing my burden. As his master, how can I bear to let him shoulder even more?’

“In a month’s time, I’ll slaughter the demonic dragon and enter the Nascent Soul realm. I can’t care much about the current situation anymore. With the power of the Nascent Soul, I’d at least be able to survive if something happens.”

Thinking of this, Xiao Wuyou closed his eyes again and stopped thinking about Chen Chen.

Chen Chen descended from the main peak, and immediately went to the spot where the Earthly Flame Heavenly Heart Lotus was located. He then placed the Ochre Yellow Spirit down.

He decided to name the Ochre Yellow Spirit ‘Little Yellow’ along the way because it was yellow all over like a big piece of ginger, thus he really couldn’t think of any other name.

“Little Yellow, do you know how to dig soil? Just keep digging downwards until you feel some heat.”

Little Yellow gently nodded twice before digging the soil. Soon, it disappeared into the ground.

Hu Xian’er had already gotten used to Chen Chen’s strange behavior. However, she definitely wouldn’t agree to dig up soil. After all, she was a demon who cared about cleanliness.

“Xian’er, it would be good if you were a pangolin. I have two more mountains to excavate but I bet you won’t want to do it. Just stay here and take care of Little Yellow. Don’t let anyone catch it and eat it.”

Chen Chen then sized up Hu Xian’er with a look of pity before finally giving his identity token to Hu Xian’er and instructing her to look after Little Yellow.

Hu Xian’er looked furious. She was a pretty vixen after all. Yet, Chen Chen felt that she was inferior to a pangolin! How outrageous!

Stamping her foot in anger, Hu Xian’er took the token and turned away from Chen Chen’s annoying face.

Chen Chen did not feel bothered by her actions. He then quickly began making his way towards Tianqin Peak. Before leaving, he exclaimed, “Xian’er, if any birds pass by later, shoot them down and cook them for dinner tonight!”

When he arrived at Tianqin Peak, Chen Chen headed directly to Zhang Ji’s residence.

Compared to his large courtyard, the outer clan disciples’ residence was far shabbier and smaller. Not only was the residence small, there were also only a total of four outer clan disciples inside.

When he saw his big brother, Zhang Ji could not bring himself to be happy, because he was also present when Chen Chen beat up Wang Feng previously.

“Big brother, I heard that the person you beat up before was high in status. Will you be alright?”

“Don’t worry, what could happen to me? Don’t you know how capable I am? Here, this is for you, don’t let the others see it.”

While speaking, Chen Chen stuffed a small storage bag into Zhang Ji’s hand. Apart from a few heavenly treasures, there were also a hundred Spirit Stones inside.

“Is this a storage bag? This is so valuable. I can’t…” When Zhang Ji saw the storage bag, he subconsciously wanted to turn him down but after being glared at by Chen Chen, he immediately fell silent.

“Hide your things well. I’ll take you to a good place today. Don’t even think of sleeping tonight.”

Seeing that Zhang Ji had grabbed the storage bag, Chen Chen smiled and then patted him on his shoulder as he spoke mysteriously.

However, seconds later, Chen Chen seemed to have suddenly thought of something and changed his tone. “By the way, is there a disciple named Li Jian among the outer clan disciples?”

He remembered that one of the opportunities was to give Li Jian a solution after one hour to receive a special item. Since it was a special item determined by the system, he certainly could not miss it.

“Li Jian? Yes, he’s in the room opposite to mine!” Zhang Ji was a bit stunned as he pointed towards the room opposite to his.

The outer clan disciples’ residence was a four-room courtyard and Li Jian resided in the same compound as Zhang Ji.

“Such a coincidence?”

Chen Chen was also a bit shocked. After counting the time, he realized that about half an hour had passed since he went out, which meant that that opportunity would be triggered in another half an hour.

“What? Big brother, are you looking for him because of something?”

“Nothing for now. Wait here while I go out for a while. I’ll come back later.”

After he finished speaking, Chen Chen left Zhang Ji’s place. Although half an hour was short, he didn’t want to waste it.

There were still several opportunities on Tianqin Peak. He had to take advantage of that half an hour to seize them.

Half an hour later, Chen Chen returned to the courtyard where Zhang Ji resided in satisfaction, but this time he was walking towards the residence of the outer clan disciple Li Jian.

Through the window, he saw a thin male disciple inside who was pacing non-stop, seemingly having encountered something that had to be dealt with urgently.

“What the system said is true.”

Chen Chen thought to himself while knocking on the door.

After he knocked, Li Jian shuddered as if he was a frightened bird. He then asked cautiously, “Who is it?”

“Open the door, the successor has come to deliver warmth.”

Chen Chen was too lazy to think of any good reasons, leading him to answer with something nonsensical.

Li Jian, who was inside the house, did not dare to hesitate when he heard it was the successor. He instantly opened the door and fell to the ground on one knee.

“Greetings, successor!”

With a frown, Chen Chen looked at Li Jian who had fallen to his knees and was trembling slightly.

‘He seems to be afraid of me?’

‘But I’ve never bullied anyone in the Tianyun Clan.’

Despite feeling puzzled, Chen Chen did not question it. Instead, he smiled and said, “No need to be so polite. I am mainly here to visit my brother Zhang Ji, and to see what kind of people his roommates are.”

Hearing Chen Chen’s words, Li Jian stood up as if he was relieved.

“Senior Brother Zhang has a status of cultivation and he takes care of me. He is a rare Samaritan.”

Chen Chen didn’t care about Li Jian’s words, however, he noticed that his pale face and eyes were slightly red.

“Junior Brother Li, are you sick?”

“I occasionally feel cold…” Li Jian’s eyes were shifty and he seemed to be a little flustered.

Seeing this, Chen Chen’s tone suddenly became serious.

“Senior Brother Li, if you are facing any difficulties, feel free to talk to me about it. I don’t think there are many people in the clan other than me whom you can confide in. You must seize the opportunity.”

Hearing Chen Chen’s meaningful words, the cold sweat on Li Jian’s forehead fell and a moment later, he knelt down again, unable to hide the fear and horror in his eyes.

“Saint, please save me!”

Chen Chen sighed with relief upon hearing his words. Li Jian was finally on the right track.

“Tell me what happened. As long as I can help you, I will definitely find a way to solve the problem for you.”

Li Jian thanked Chen Chen profusely and soon, he told him everything about what he had encountered.

It turned out that Li Jian was selected by the demon clan before he participated in the Tianyun Clan’s examination. He was fed a pill and was made to receive an antidote every three days. In two months, he would be arranged to go to the State of Zhou Demon Clan.

However, later on, the majority of the demon clan was almost wiped out, and he could no longer find the person who gave him the pill. Hence, in the end, he had no choice but to go to Tianyun Clan.

He had been living in anxiety within the Tianyun Clan, partly because he was worried about the elixir and partly because he could not figure out if he was considered part of the demon clan or not. After all, the person who gave him the pill also gave him a token of the demon clan, which he dared not misplace.

If he was considered part of the demon clan and if the Tianyun Clan were to find out, it is conceivable what might happen to him. Hence, he was scared soulless when he heard that the successor had come to see him.

“It’s just a trivial matter. Don’t worry, you are a disciple of the Tianyun Clan.”

Chen Chen smiled and helped him up. At the same time, he scanned his body using his ethereality and quickly discovered a taint in his tendons and veins.

Although it was not fatal, it could make a person physically ill and mentally exhausted.

“Hmph, such small tricks.”

Chen Chen humphed disdainfully and casually took out a Spirit Clearing Herb from his storage ring. He then handed it to Li Jian.

“This spirit herb should be able to restore your body to normal conditions. If it doesn’t work, you can come look for me again. From now on, feel at ease as a disciple of the Tianyun Clan. Don’t think about the demon clan anymore.”

Hearing his words, Li Jian burst into tears of gratitude as he hurriedly kowtowed to Chen Chen eight times.

“Thank you, Successor! Thank you for saving my life, Successor!”

After thanking him profusely, Li Jian fumbled about his bosom and took out a pitch-black token with only five words engraved on it, which he handed to Chen Chen.

“State of Zhou Demon Clan”

Looking at the token, Chen Chen clucked his tongue.

The token may be useless to him now, but its efficacy in the future was unknown.

In case he had to deal with the demon clan one day, it would be helpful if he could use the token to plant a spy in the demon clan.

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