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Chapter 619:

Chapter 617, Golden Rooster sect

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Ten miles away, Chen Chen quickly saw the anti-heaven alliance cultivator who had been verified by the system.

It was an ordinary-looking female cultivator with the cultivation of the spirit division stage. She was strolling on the street, looking at the surrounding cultivators with curiosity in her eyes.

She didn’t look like a member of a terrorist behind-the-scenes force. Instead, she looked like a young cultivator who had entered the city for the first time and hadn’t seen the world.

Chen Chen moved closer and blocked the young female cultivator.

The young female cultivator saw that Chen Chen was wearing the uniform of a disciple of heavenly devil city and that his cultivation was unfathomable. She was so scared that she almost knelt down on the street.

Chen Chen reached out his hand to stop her and asked in a low voice, “Let me ask you something. Do you know about the anti-heaven Alliance?”

“Reporting to senior, this junior doesn’t know…”

The young female cultivator was at a loss and didn’t know what to do.

Seeing that her expression didn’t seem fake, Chen Chen roughly deduced that this little female cultivator had joined the anti-heaven alliance passively.

This meant that the sect she was in belonged to the anti-heaven Alliance, but she didn’t know about it.

“Then which sect are you a cultivator from?”Chen Chen asked again.

“This junior is a cultivator from the tiger wolf sect, which is 100,000 li away from here.”

“Tiger Wolf Sect…”

Chen Chen had never heard of such a sect before. It was obviously a small sect that couldn’t be any smaller.

Moreover, the name sounded outdated, and it wasn’t easy to attract other people’s attention.

“Got it. You can go now.”

Chen Chen casually waved his hand and continued to search for the second cultivator.

Just like that, he unknowingly found more than ten anti-heaven alliance cultivators.

None of these anti-heaven alliance cultivators had the cultivation base of unity, and all of them came from small sects that he had never heard of before.

After getting the names of the ten sects, Chen Chen began to feel conflicted again.

Should he continue to investigate the matter regarding the anti-heaven Alliance?

To be honest, he was at most a disciple of Heavenly Devil City. There was no need for him to be so greedy. There was no need for him to think of wiping out the anti-heaven Alliance just because of an assassination.

‘Who knew how many sects and cultivators were involved in this. If he really destroyed all of them, how much energy would he have to expend? It was too tiring.

“Brother AO, what do you think?”

Chen Chen asked Ao Yu in his mind.

“Fellow Daoist Chen, I think we can find out who in the anti-heaven Alliance ordered the New Year to assassinate you. There is a good saying, if people don’t attack me, I Won’t attack them. If people attack me, I will kill them even if they are far away!”

Ao Yu answered in a muffled voice. After following Chen Chen for so long, he was becoming closer to the Vermilion Bird and closer to the ink, he was becoming darker.

“Brother Ao is right. The anti-heaven Alliance is too big. There are too many innocent people in it, but we still have to find out the culprit. They actually targeted me. Do they really think I’m easy to bully? “Even if I can’t kill him now, I can still hold a grudge in my heart!”


After having a reason, Chen Chen began to investigate the anti-heaven alliance seriously.

The first stop was the Tiger Wolf Sect, which was 100,000 miles away from Heavenly Devil City.

After half a day of lazy flying, Chen Chen arrived near the Tiger Wolf sect.

From the mountain gate, it was indeed a small sect, which was about the same size as the gold saint sect. Logically speaking, such a sect should not have any tribulation-transcending cultivators.

Chen Chen subconsciously wanted to use his spiritual sense to check, but after thinking for a while, he realized that the other party was, after all, a member of the anti-heaven Alliance. In order to show respect, he might as well use the system.

“System, where is the person with the highest cultivation within a hundred miles?”

“Twenty-five miles in front of you, Tiger Wolf sect, mid-mahayana stage.”


Hearing this answer, Chen Chen turned around and left. It did not take long for him to leave Tiger Wolf sect.

Who would have thought that there would be a mid-mahayana cultivator hiding in this small sect?

After leaving the Tiger Wolf Sect, Chen Chen went to the next sect. Through the system, he discovered that there was an early-stage mahayana cultivator hiding in the sect.

Unknowingly, seven days had passed. Chen Chen had visited nine sects. Three of them had hidden Mahayana cultivators, and six of them had tribulation transcending cultivators.

Logically speaking, with such powerful experts, the sects they belonged to would never have been able to reach such a level. However, the truth was that these sects did not have any reputation in the northern domain.

On the eighth day, Chen Chen arrived at the last sect’s front gate.

This sect was the most low-key of the ten sects. It was called the Brocade sect, which was even more vulgar than the tiger and Wolf sect. Moreover, the entire sect was only a small mountain, and there were less than a hundred disciples in the sect.

More importantly, the Brocade Rooster sect had also provoked a “Great Enemynearby, called the Sky Serpent sect.

‘The Sky Serpent sect had a city, and there were seven or eight unity cultivators.

Because they had offended a “Powerful enemy’like the Sky Serpent sect, the Brocade Rooster sect was now on the verge of destruction.

The brocade rooster sect cultivator he had met in the Sky Devil City had brought the spirit stones and hopes of the entire sect to the Sky Devil City. He wanted to see if he could try his luck and buy a batch of natural treasures to treat his master’s injuries.

“This brocade chicken sect is the most low-key. According to the rules that have been concluded over the past few days, their strength should be the strongest. It Can’t be a late-stage Mahayana realm cultivator, right?”

Chen Chen did not dare to carefully lurk near the brocade chicken sect. If the Brocade Chicken sect really had a late-stage Mahayana realm cultivator, his actions would only attract the other party’s attention.

After pondering for a long time, he pretended to be a cultivator passing by and flew past the Brocade Chicken sect openly.

“System, who is the strongest cultivator within a hundred miles?”

“It’s the host!”

Hearing this answer, Chen Chen was slightly startled and asked again, “Besides me, where is the second strongest cultivator?”

“The master of the Brocade Chicken sect below the host, Ji Jin, a cultivator in the middle stage of the form synthesis stage.”

Chen Chen was speechless. The strength of the Brocade Chicken sect was so weak, it was simply the shame of the anti-heaven Alliance!

“Where is the third strongest cultivator?”

“The master of the Brocade Chicken sect below the host, Ji Jin, is a cultivator at the intermediate stage of the form synthesis stage who is on the verge of death.”

Chen Chen was even more speechless when he heard this. It was only the time he asked the system, and Ji Jin was about to die? And his strength was reduced to the third?

“Where is the fourth strongest cultivator…”

“Ji Jin who is on the verge of death below…”

Upon hearing this answer, Chen Chen did not dare to ask any more questions. If he asked any more questions, Ji Jin would be gone.

Without hesitation, his figure flashed and he landed in the Brocade Chicken sect.

In the Brocade Chicken sect, besides the sect master, Ji Jin, there was also a supreme elder in the early stage of the form synthesis stage. Other than that, all the other cultivators were below the form synthesis stage.

Chen Chen Fan’s cultivation base had sneaked in, and he had deliberately concealed his aura and figure. Therefore, it was impossible for anyone in the entire brocade chicken sect to discover his tracks.

In fact, at this moment, the Brocade Chicken sect was in chaos. Many cultivators were packing up their things. Even if he walked around openly in the Brocade Chicken sect, no one would notice him.

“Patriarch, pass on Ji Dong to the sect leader’s Secret Room!”

In the midst of this chaos, a woman’s voice with a sobbing tone came from the center of the mountain gate.

‘The expression of a male cultivator in the room next to Chen Chen changed greatly when he heard this. He casually packed a few things and ran out.

“Could it be that the patriarch wants to pass the throne to me at this time? But if I become the sect master of this Brocade Chicken sect, then what’s the difference from courting death? I slipped away… to become an itinerant cultivator.”

The male cultivator muttered to himself and directly flew out of the sect.

A disciple behind him cried out in alarm, “Senior brother Ji Dong, Wait!”

However, the male cultivator flew faster and faster. It didn’t take long for him to completely disappear into the distance.

When the disciples behind saw this, they pretended to chase after him. When they left the sect, they scattered and fled in all directions.

In the distance, the female cultivator cried out, “Senior brother Ji Dong, the old ancestor is dying. Come quickly!”

Chen Chen looked at the chaotic situation and suddenly realized that his chance had come.

Without hesitation, he transformed into Ji Dong’s appearance and replied loudly, “Junior sister! I’m Coming!”

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