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Chapter 614: CHAPTER 612, do you think this is the case?

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“Brother AO, fly straight for a hundred miles and then land!”

Chen Chen transmitted through his spiritual sense.


Ao Yu immediately agreed. He trusted Chen Chen unconditionally, even though he did not know how to deal with the pursuers behind him after landing.

A hundred miles in an instant, Ao Yu quickly landed. Chen Chen’s spiritual sense checked the environment below, and his eyes suddenly lit up.

“Brother Ao, return to the Dragon Swamp.”

‘When Ao Yu heard this, he instantly shrunk and returned to the Dragon Swamp. At the same time, Chen Chen directly went into a cave on a barren mountain below.

‘When the white-haired elder saw this, he sneered and struck out with his palm towards the barren mountain.


With an earth-shattering sound, the barren mountain directly exploded into fine powder, revealing an array formation hidden within.

This array formation looked rather weak, with only a thin layer of light screen. However, that layer of light screen was able to block a mahayana cultivator’s attack.

At this moment, Chen Chen had already entered the array formation. Looking at the light screen around him, he heaved a sigh of relief.

This array formation was shockingly a small-scale immortal array. That light screen was also formed from Immortal Qi. Although it looked weak, it was extremely difficult for a mahayana cultivator to break through it.

He had just used his immortal spirit body to pass through the formation, but there was no obstruction at all. It should be that only immortals could enter this formation.

The white-haired elder saw Chen Chen hiding inside the formation, and his face darkened a little. Then, he summoned the long sword again and attacked the formation below.


An explosive sound rang out. The small-scale immortal formation was stabbed by the long sword, and its light dimmed slightly.

‘The white-haired elder sneered and began to attack the array continuously.

Chen Chen snorted when he saw this, and then walked toward an underground passage not far from him.

“System, where is the control center of this array?”

“Forty meters below.”

Hearing this answer, Chen Chen quickened his pace, and soon he came to a simple secret room.

This secret chamber was only a few dozen square meters, and there were only a few ordinary stone tables and stone stools inside. Other than that, there was also a white futon. Beside the white futon were many array patterns, which seemed to be the center of the array.

“A place where Immortals seclude themselves. Is It so unrefined?”

Chen Chen shook his head and said. Then, he went to the center of the array and put an immortal stone in.

Soon, the patterns of the array lit up, and the immortal Qi in the immortal stone gradually merged into the array.

‘The white-haired elder outside seemed to realize what had happened. he shouted angrily, “You got a few immortal stones from the gate of immortality. Let’s see how long you can last!”

Hearing this, Chen Chen smiled faintly. At this time, the immortal stones in his storage ring were close to 100,000. Did this white-haired elder really think that he had stayed in the mystic realm for three days and was just messing around?

Of course, he was too lazy to tell the white-haired elder the truth. He would just let him slowly bombard the array and see who could outlast the other.

“Mung bean, look at this immortal stone. If It’s gone, you can put another one in.”

Chen Chen summoned mung bean and gave it a few hundred immortal stones.

Mung bean nodded and carried all the hundreds of immortal stones onto its shell. Then, she stared at the immortal stone at the center of the array with her small eyes without blinking.

Chen Chen could not help but laugh when he saw this. Then, he began to size up the few items in the cultivation room.

The Stone Table and stone bench were quite ordinary. If there was really a treasure, it would probably be that praying mat.

‘Walking to the side of the praying mat, Chen Chen picked up the white praying mat. This praying mat seemed to be made of some kind of jade, and it was quite heavy. Other than that, there were patterns of the array formation carved on it, as well as grooves that were inlaid with immortal stones.

“System, what is the most precious treasure nearby?”

“The immortal condensation futon in the host’s hands.”

Hearing the system’s answer, Chen Chen understood.

He had used a similar futon when his cultivation was very low, but that futon could only condense spiritual qi, while this futon in front of him could condense immortal qi.

Without hesitation, Chen Chen decided to test the effect of this futon.

After putting down the praying mat, he took out eight immortal stones and placed them into the eight grooves of the praying mat. With a flash of light, the praying mat immediately emitted a dense immortal energy.

‘When Chen Chen saw this, he hurriedly sat cross-legged on the praying mat. His immortal spirit body began to devour the large amount of immortal energy that was emitted as if it was hungry and thirsty.

Chen Chen exhaled in satisfaction. If one compared cultivation to drinking water, in the past, when one cultivated through the stone tablet of Creation, the speed was like drinking water with a straw, while absorbing immortal stones was like drinking water with a water bottle. But now, when he used this

praying mat.., it was equivalent to drinking from a big bowl of oxen.

“This kind of magic treasure might not be much to the immortals of the immortal world. They can abandon it as they please, but to the current me, it’s a priceless treasure!”

Chen Chen’s heart was filled with joy, and he decided to cultivate in seclusion in this cultivation room.

After an unknown amount of time, in the Immortal Sect’s True Spirit City, the sect master of the immortal sect suddenly opened his eyes.

“Qiong Hua, have you completely recovered?”

After he sent out this voice transmission, a few minutes later, Qiong Hua arrived in front of him in high spirits.

“Master, this disciple has completely recovered. Not only that, this disciple’s cultivation seems to have also improved a little.”

Hearing this answer, the sect master of the immortal sect lightly laughed and said, “Very good, as expected of my disciple. In this true spirit world, other than that heaven-defying Chen Chen, there should be no one more outstanding than you.”

Hearing Chen Chen’s name, a complicated look appeared on Fairy Qiong Hua’s face.

She still remembered the battle between Chen Chen and Qing Xuanming, To be honest, with her strength at that time, she was no match for Qing Xuanming, let alone Chen Chen.

Ever since she embarked on the path of cultivation, it was the first time she met a cultivator of the same realm. It made her feel that it was hard to compare with him.

“Compared to a true heaven’s favorite, I am still far behind. All these years, I have let down master’s high hopes.”

Fairy Qiong Hua cupped her hands, and a trace of shame flashed in her eyes.

The sect master of the immortal sect chuckled and said, “It was just a coincidence. I’ll tell you one thing in secret. This time, Chen Chen’s performance in the challenge was too outstanding. The few of us old fellows have decided to use these four years to train Chen Chen with all our strength and strive to

help him break through to the Mahayana realm as soon as possible.”

Fairy Qiong Hua felt a little envious when she heard this.

However, it should be like this. If they wanted to win over the hearts of the people of the true spirit world, not only would they have to severely punish the cultivators who submitted to the Abyss sect, they would also have to reward those who had made great contributions to the true spirit world.

“Tm afraid that fellow Daoist Chen will soon become the next Xiao Ling…”

The sect master of the immortal sect shook his head and said, “Xiao Ling didn’t receive the joint support of the few great sects. Chen Chen’s future achievements will far surpass his. Sigh, it’s a pity that he’s not a disciple of our immortal sect.”

After saying this, he took out a token and threwiit to Qiong Hua.

“Qiong Hua, I’m going to enter closed-door cultivation for a period of time. When the time comes, you should go and fetch Chen Chen Chen out of the mystic realm. Remember to interact with him more in the future.”

Qiong hua frowned when she heard this and said with a serious expression, “Master, don’t joke with me. That Chen Chen has a dao companion.”

The sect master of the immortal sect narrowed his eyes and revealed a rather wretched smile.

“His main body has a dao partner, but he doesn’t have a clone. Do you think that’s the reason?”

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