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Chapter 608:

Chapter 606, ethereal territory

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Chen Chen had only heard of Qing Xuanming before, but this was the first time he had seen him.

It had to be said that Qing Xuanming looked extremely handsome and had an extraordinary bearing. He was only a hair’s breadth away from Chen Chen.

‘What was even more remarkable was that after Qing Xuanming had witnessed Chen Chen’s performance yesterday, there was not a hint of fear in his eyes today. Instead, his eyes were filled with fighting spirit.

This person was indeed a talent.

While the two of them were observing each other, Yuan Bai and the Yin Sheng had already retreated to the edge of the Cthulhu platform. This also meant that the two of them could start fighting.

Qing Xuanming’s actions were extremely fast. He did not attack Chen Chen immediately, but retreated instead.

After retreating for more than a thousand meters, a seven-colored light suddenly appeared above him.

The seven-colored light grew brighter and brighter, and unknowingly, it transformed into an illusory world.

Among the illusory world, there were Immortal Mountains, Styx River, and buildings of various styles.

Yuan Bai, who was not far away from Qing Xuan Ming, was somewhat dumbfounded. He muttered, “What kind of power of law is this?”

Although all the cultivators on the side of the Abyss sect thought that Qing Xuan Ming’s strength was indisputably the first tier among the ten people, no one had seen him make a move since Qing Xuan Ming left the Hall of the gods of the dead.

Therefore, no one knew how strong he was.

In the eyes of everyone, no matter how strong he was during the tribulation, there was a limit. People Like You Ming and Zi Yue were close to the limit of the tribulation.

“This is the law of Mirage that I comprehended from the difference between the two worlds. It can be considered as an extension of the Law of space.”

Qing Xuanming said softly. Then, his body flashed and he actually merged into the Mirage above.

“The law of the Mirage?”

Chen Chen looked at the Mirage and was a little surprised.

He had never heard of the power of this law. After all, there were no relevant records in the true spirit world.

Looking at Yuan Bai’s surprised look, it was obvious that the cultivators of the Abyss world had never heard of this law of the Mirage.

Before he could continue thinking, the Mirage had already spread to his side. The surrounding scenery began to change. Chen Chen did not dare to be negligent and quickly retreated.

However, the Cthulhu platform was only so big. It didn’t take long for the Mirage to cover the entire Cthulhu platform.

Within the Cthulhu Hall, the leader of the immortal sect exclaimed in surprise when he saw the mirage, “This seems to be a domain?”

“Itis indeed a domain, “Daolord Tianji said in a low voice.

Domains were techniques that only peak Mahayana realm experts like them could use. It was precisely because of the existence of domains that peak Mahayana realm experts like them were strictly separated from other Mahayana realm experts.

Early stage of the Mahayana realm, middle stage of the Mahayana realm, late stage of the Mahayana realm. Although there was a gap between these three realms, the gap between the late stage of the Mahayana realm and the peak of the Mahayana realm could be completely ignored.

If they were to really fight, once a Mahayana realm expert used his domain, even ten late stage Mahayana realm cultivators would not be his match.

“This Qing Xuan Ming has yet to step into the Mahayana realm, but he has already touched the threshold of the domain. He is truly a genius!”

After coming back to his senses, the sect master of the immortal sect could not help but exclaim in admiration.

“I’s a pity that such a genius defected to the Abyss sect.”The Heavenly Demon City Lord Sighed lightly.

“Then can Chen Chen Win?”

“Just wait and see… didn’t you guys always clamor about slaughtering gods and killing immortals? Their battle today has some reference significance.”

On the Cthulhu platform, after Chen Chen was enveloped by the Mirage, he felt that he had been abandoned by the entire world. Not only could he not sense the spiritual Qi between heaven and earth, but even the communication laws were several times more difficult than in reality.

If this move was used against a cultivator like the netherworld who relied on the power of laws, he would probably be able to clearly arrange the netherworld within minutes.

“In my ethereal extent, I am invincible.”

A fleeting voice sounded in the sky, as if the heavens were whispering.

Chen Chen knew that it was the voice of Qing Xuan Ming, but he did not know where exactly this fellow was now?

“System, where is Qing Xuan Ming?”

At the critical moment, Chen Chen naturally had to ask the system.

“He’s under your feet.”

Hearing this answer, Chen Chen was shocked and hurriedly took a few steps back. Seeing that there was no change in his original position, he realized that the system meant that Qing Xuan Ming had merged into this ethereal plane.


A burst of thunder suddenly came from heaven and earth. A golden bolt of lightning connected heaven and earth and directly struck Chen Chen’s head.

When Chen Chen saw this, his figure flashed and he retreated a thousand meters.


A thunderous explosion sounded. The golden bolt of lightning still accurately struck Chen Chen.


Chen Chen exhaled a mouthful of black gas and looked at the ground.

He did not expect that after retreating a thousand meters, he would be teleported back for some unknown reason. At this moment, the ground was still the same place where he had just stood.

It seemed that Qing Xuan Ming could really do whatever he wanted in this mirage.

With that thought, Chen Chen adjusted his hair slightly and stabbed the ten thousand transformations divine blade into the ground. This time, he did not hold back or conceal anything. He poured all the immortal Qi in his body into the ten thousand transformations Divine Blade.


The sound of a Phoenix’s Cry was heard. The Divine Phoenix Soul Essence in the ten thousand transformations Divine Blade flew out directly.

Before Chen Chen Chen could blast the attack into the ground, he felt the world spinning. It was not that he was in a daze, but it was a true reversal of heaven and earth that allowed him to appear in the air, the ten thousand transformations divine blade also naturally floated in the air.


Seven to eight Thunderbolts struck from all directions, all landing on Chen Chen’s body.

Only Chen Chen was wearing the blood demon battle armor and had immortal Qi protecting his body. If it were an ordinary tribulation transcending cultivator, this attack would have destroyed his body and soul.

“Although the immortal gi is powerful, the method I use is still too simple…”

Chen Chen sighed in his heart,

although his immortal Qi was an iron machete, his opponent was playing with a wooden stick. He could only use his strength but could not use it.


After the Lightning, the Nether River in the distance directly rolled back and charged toward him. On the other side, the immortal mountain collapsed, spewing out hot magma and surging toward him!

Chen Chen was in the middle, as if he was experiencing the destruction of the world. Seeing that the surging lava and Styx River were about to hit him, he did not dare to hold back anymore. He immediately communicated with his main body in the vast sea desert.

In just an instant, his eyes turned crimson, and an extremely strong desire to destroy filled his heart.

In fact, half a year ago, his main body had already dissolved the strange liquid of Sacred King Styx and the poison of Scorpio’s life.

However, these two ultimate destruction laws were too overbearing. After fusing, they were even more incredible. It had affected his mind, causing his main body to think about destruction all day long.

Scorpio had no choice but to suppress his main body in the underground palace of the vast ocean desert.

Although his mind had been somewhat clear for the past half a year, this avatar still did not dare to communicate with his main body, afraid that it would also be affected.

But now, he could not care about that anymore.


Accompanied by a loud shout, a dazzling black light rose from Chen Chen’s body. Wherever it passed, whether it was lava, lightning, or the Styx, they were all turned into powder.

Chen Chen slightly suppressed the violent desire to destroy in his heart and looked at the sky.

Qing Xuan Ming’s Strange Law of Mirage was the crystallization of the two worlds, so was this law of destruction that he had never seen before?

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