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Chapter 605:

Chapter 603, the true trump card

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Yin Sheng cried out in a low voice. Other than the long spear, Wang San himself was leaning against the Cthulhu Platform’s protective array. He slowly slid down, and it seemed that he had completely lost his breath.

It was as if he had crashed into the Cthulhu Platform’s protective array.

However, as a mahayana cultivator, he naturally had some eyesight. Soon, he found a finger-sized hole between Wang San’s eyebrows.

With a little deduction, he understood what had happened just now.

The three of them combined their spears and transformed into a lightning dragon, stabbing towards Chen Chen at an extremely astonishing speed. However, before the Lightning Dragon could touch Chen Chen, Chen Chen suddenly pointed out with his finger, shooting out an incomparably sharp force.

This force not only accurately located Wang San’s position within the Lightning Dragon, it also destroyed all of Wang San’s defenses in an instant, blasting into the space between his brows and destroying his primordial spirit.

Therefore, when Wang San flew past Chen Chen, he had already turned into a corpse, which was why he crashed into the formation at the edge of the Cthulhu platform.

“Wang San’s cultivation base is in the middle stage of the tribulation transcending stage, but that attack just now was not weaker than the late stage of the tribulation transcending stage… and this Chen Chen actually killed him with one finger?”

Yin Sheng looked at the figure in the distance, his expression somewhat absent-minded.

Wang San, who had been righteous and righteous just a moment ago, suddenly turned cold. On the other hand, the heartless and cowardly Chen Chen still stood there.

This situation was a huge variable!

Chen Chen turned his head and looked at Wang San’s corpse, muttering, “Your eloquence is not bad, but in the world of cultivation, strength is the most important. Of course, in terms of eloquence, I’m not inferior to you. I’m just too lazy to argue with you.”

As soon as he said this, the millions of cultivators watching the battle around him realized what had happened. The Silent Cthulhu platform was suddenly in an uproar.

It was really surprising that the timid and heartless Chen Chen had such strength.

Only Yuan Qingtian and the others were not surprised. At this time, they were bragging again, as if they were afraid that others would not know that they knew Chen Chen Chen. It was the complete opposite of their attitude just now.

Yuan Bai’s expression was extremely ugly. He flew to Wang San’s body in a flash and checked Wang San’s condition.

The others did not know, but he did. In order to ensure the safety of Zhou Er, Wang San, Qing Xuan Ming, and the three cultivators who came from the true spirit world, Sacred King Nether River had specially gifted them with a protective magic treasure.

It was also because of this that they survived the explosion of Zhou Tianji before Tuesday.

“The protective magic treasure is destroyed… this Chen Chen’s finger attack is at least at the peak of the Tribulation.”

Yuan Bai saw that the jade pendant on Wang San’s chest had already shattered, and he was secretly shocked.

Just the power of this finger attack showed that Chen Chen’s strength was at least on the same level as Fairy Violetmoon, Netherworld Qiong Hua, and the others.

Could it be that this kid was the true spirit world’s trump card?

With this thought, the relaxed feeling in his heart completely disappeared. He didn’t expect that this battle would still have suspense up until now.

On the other side, in the evil god Great Hall, a group of mighty figures all stood up. Daolord Tianji took out the projection stone that recorded the battle scenes and watched it over and over again, in the end, he clapped his hands and said, “Fellow Daoist Tianmo! You truly aren’t deceiving me. This Chen

Chen can indeed cause trouble!”

Skyfiend City Lord smiled awkwardly. He felt ashamed. Even his master did not know that Chen Chen actually had such strength.

To be honest, he had allowed Chen Chen Chen to make up the numbers back then on account of the number three magic treasure on the artifact refining list. As for Chen Chen himself, he did not have much hope.

The sect master of the immortal sect said regretfully, “I really shouldn’t have suspected this kid back then. Otherwise, this kid might have been able to sweep through all of them by himself.”

Lord of Heaven’s secrets waved his hand and said, “Not necessarily. He should have found a special opportunity during this period of time. If we had chosen him back then, he might not have had this opportunity.”

The evil god temple master suddenly thought of something and said, “What about those true spirits?”

Lord of Heaven’s secrets hurriedly said, “Tell them to stop for a while! It’s not too late to attack after this kid is done fighting! If this kid can defeat two or three people, then even if the battle is interrupted, the hearts of the people will still be on our side.”

On the Cthulhu platform, Chen Chen glanced at Wang San’s long spear. He was a little drooling. If he was not mistaken, that long spear contained divine gold.

If he killed Wang San in the wild, the long spear would belong to him. But on the Cthulhu platform, he could only watch helplessly as Yuan Bai withdrew the long spear.

Yin Sheng had received instructions from a few top experts at this time. His expression changed a few times, and then returned to his original calm appearance.

“Hehe, it seems that the Abyss sect isn’t that great after all. It wasn’t easy for them to train a renegade cultivator from the true spirit world, but in the end, they were annihilated with a single finger.”

Hearing these strange words, Yuan Bai put away Wang San’s corpse with a gloomy face, and then looked at the few remaining disciples of the Abyss sect.

At this moment, there were still five people from the Abyss sect who had yet to fight, but there were only two people who truly had the strength of the peak tribulation transcending stage. One of them was naturally Qing Xuan Ming, and the other was the local prodigy of the Abyss World, the personal

disciple of Sacred King Nether River, Po You.

Chen Chen did not expend much energy in the previous battle, so he could only send po you or Qing Xuan Ming. Otherwise, he would only be sending himself to his death.

“Let my disciple Po you go first. No matter what, we must ensure that Qing Xuan Ming can win. He is a cultivator from the true spirit world. Only if he wins can he attract more cultivators from the true spirit world to join us.”

The cold words of the Underworld River Sacred King Rang in his mind. Yuan Bai subconsciously looked at Po You in the crowd.

Po you immediately understood and took a step forward to ascend the Cthulhu platform.

He didn’t have as much nonsense as Wang San. As soon as he stepped onto the platform, he focused all his attention on Chen Chen. At the same time, a long thorn appeared in his hand.

The long spear glowed with a dark light, and this terrifying destructive law energy was attached to it.

Seeing that dark light, Chen Chen felt a sense of déja vu.

This dark light seemed to come from the same source as the strange liquid that had invaded his body. In other words, the person in front of him was the disciple of Sacred King Nether River?

Thinking of the pain his body had suffered because of the liquid, Chen Chen subconsciously frowned and reached out his right hand.


With a light sound, a raging flame suddenly burned in his palm. Then, the flame gradually dissipated, revealing the longsword hidden inside.

The longsword was orange-red in color, four fingers wide, and one person tall. There was a fire phoenix engraved on the sword, and it was roaring toward the sky. The hilt was shaped like a phoenix feather, and it looked extraordinary.

Seeing the new ten thousand transformations Divine Blade, Yuan Bai took a deep breath. As a Mahayana expert, he could naturally see how powerful the sword in Chen Chen’s hand was.

Even the heavenly fault flowing light sword in Fairy Qiong Hua’s hand was inferior to this sword.

Strictly speaking, since the date of the battle, this sword was unquestionably the strongest magic treasure.

“The true trump card of the true spirit world is indeed this kid!”

Yuan Bai thought to himself. Unknowingly, he actually felt a trace of nervousness in his heart, and this was the first time this feeling had appeared in the past two days..

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