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Chapter 558:

Chapter 556, tracking

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Upon hearing this exclamation, Ao Yu instantly released the blood gilin and shrunk his body to its limit.

Chen Chen’s speed was even faster. With lightning speed, he kept the blood gilin into the Dragon Swamp. At the same time, a spatial scroll appeared in his hand.


In the next second, the Red Sun in the blood gilin’s mouth spread out and turned into an extremely dense blood energy that gushed out in front of him!

The great formation in the distance disappeared in an instant, and the forest below melted like ice and snow. The entire world had turned into a blood-colored world at this moment, some of the demonic beasts that were touched by the blood qi power did not even have the time to react before they

directly vaporized.

The powerful blood qi impact continued for a full minute before it stopped. By the time everything was calm, a thousand miles in front of the blood qilin had already tured into red land. As for Chen Chen and the others, they had all disappeared without a trace.

“How are you? Brother AO, Are You Alright?”

Ina quiet comer, Chen Chen used his spiritual sense to contact ao Yu who was in the Long Ze.

“Tm fine. It’s just that a part of my body was destroyed. It’s not difficult to recover. However, using those treasures to recover is too extravagant. If I don’t have to continue fighting, I’ll slowly recover.”

Ao Yu’s deep voice sounded in his mind.

Hearing this, Chen Chen heaved a sigh of relief and began to observe his surroundings.

Since he had visited more than half of this small world while searching for treasures, it seemed that he had been to this place before.

Spreading his spiritual sense to the maximum, he quickly discovered the thousand Li Red Land that had been destroyed by the blood qilin. It was about ten thousand li away from where he was now.

As for the blood qilin, it had already disappeared without a trace.

“Damn it! This blood qilin shouldn’t be dead! I must find it!”

Chen Chen was secretly furious. The Life and death of the blood gilin was related to the entire lower realm. If it wasn’t for the fact that there was no other way, he would definitely not have given up.

“How is it? Is there anything wrong?”

Fairy Qiong Hua’s inquiry came through the communication token.

“Tm fine. How are the others?”

Chen Chen reported that they were safe, and Fairy Qiong Hua quickly replied.

“Ximen qi and Wu di used the spatial scroll a little too slowly. They were severely injured and couldn’t fight anymore. Netherworld is fine.”

“Then, what are Fairy Qiong Hua going to do next?”

“The blood Kirin’s inner core has been destroyed, and its strength has definitely fallen below the tribulation level. I Won’t be satisfied until I find it. Let’s first look for it in this small world. If there are no results, then we’ll go to the blood demon forest to look for it. We’ll take advantage of the time when it

just self-detonated its inner core to return to the blood demon forest.”

Fairy Qiong Hua’s thoughts were exactly what Chen Chen wanted.

“Alright, then we’ll continue to look for the blood qilin.”

Unknowingly, three days had passed. The three of them did not find any traces of the blood qilin in the Small World, and Chen Chen was no exception. This basically meant that the blood qilin had already left the Small World and returned to the blood demon forest.

The blood demon forest was extremely large, and it could be considered its nest. Escaping back to the blood demon forest would give it a better chance of preserving its life.

“Go back to the blood demon forest. We must destroy the blood qilin before the other teams discover that it is weak!”

Qiong hua fairy said coldly.

Right now, her biggest worry was not that she could not find the blood qilin, but that the other teams would get the fruits of their victory.

“Even if the blood gilin is severely injured, a dead camel is still bigger than a horse. In addition, it can absorb the power of life in the blood demon forest. Ordinary teams won’t be able to take it down. Don’t worry.”

Netherworld said from the side. As for the injured Ximen qi and Wu Di, both of them had indignant expressions.

‘The five of them did not delay any longer. They passed through the spatial rift and returned to the blood demon forest.


After staying in the small world for nearly ten days, the entire blood demon forest had undergone earth-shaking changes. The blood-colored trees had faded quite a bit, and there were traces of battle left everywhere.

“The three of us should split up and look for it. Although the blood Kirin has escaped with serious injuries, it’s everyone’s credit that we were able to injure it. I hope that no matter who finds it, they won’t take all the credit.”

Fairy Qiong Hua looked at the surrounding environment and said indifferently.

Netherworld nodded indifferently when he heard this.

Wu Di and Ximen Qi, on the other hand, revealed expressions of gratitude. They were currently heavily injured and had yet to fully recover, so they could no longer search for the blood kirin.

If they did not take credit for killing the blood qilin, they would be at a disadvantage.

“since that’s the case, let’s set off now.”

Chen Chen glanced at Qiong Hua and did not object. At this moment, he only had one thing in mind to look for the blood gilin.

“Mm, let me know if you find the blood qilin.”

The five of them split up and searched.

Although Chen Chen had the system with him, he did not search randomly. Instead, he thought about where he would hide if it was the blood gilin?

It was impossible for him to go to his own territory. Wouldn’t returning to his own territory be courting death?

Ifhe did not return to his territory, there were only two possibilities.

The first possibility was to find a hidden place and hide.

The second possibility was to rely on a surviving brother.

‘The dark suppression army had been in the blood demon forest for so many days. Any offspring of the blood demon Black Tiger that survived must have some trump cards. It was highly possible for the blood qilin to find a reliable person to rely on.

After thinking for a while, Chen Chen decided to directly search for all the offspring of the blood demon Black Tiger through the system.

If he could not find them when the dark suppression army was about to retreat, then he could only use the last chance of one world tracking.

With this thought in mind, Chen Chen started to continuously track the territory of the few surviving blood demon Black Tiger Sons.

During the tracking, Qiong Hua kept in close contact with him.

“There shouldn’t be any in the territory of the little blood demon Black Tiger. You guys should look for other places first.”

“We met other teams. I haven’t heard of any team meeting the blood qilin.”

Listening to the news one by one, Chen Chen kept gesturing at the map that he had copied from Qiong Hua. Within two days, he had excluded 80% of the blood demon forest from the outside world.

“No team has ever seen the blood qilin… among the eight children of the blood demon Black Tiger, the second son who is in the middle stage of the Tribulation has never met a team either.”

Chen Chen looked at the map in silence.

The second son of the blood demon Black Tiger obviously had an extremely hidden hiding place.

Otherwise, the team would not not have encountered this second son after fighting for so many days.

What if the blood qilin also knew this place? This could also explain why no team encountered the blood qilin after he escaped back to the blood demon forest.

Thinking of this, Chen Chen kept circling the map. After circling for a moment, he suddenly realized that something was wrong.

In the entire blood demon forest, other than the deepest part where the blood demon Black Tiger stayed, it seemed that only very few cultivators dared to break into the blood gilin’s territory.

After all, the blood gilin was the strongest among the eight children. Even their team hesitated for a long time before they dared to deal with the blood qilin.

Under such circumstances, how would the other teams dare to approach the blood Kirin’s territory?

Could it be…. that the special hiding place was really in the blood Kirin’s territory?

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