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Chapter 554:

Chapter 552, Blood Qilin

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Hearing these words, youming wiped his blood-stained face, feeling extremely aggrieved.

If he had really obtained some treasure, he would definitely be secretly proud of himself. However, he had not obtained anything at all, and he had even paid a considerable price. Therefore, he felt that these words were particularly harsh to his ears at this moment.

“It doesn’t matter if you believe it or not. There’s nothing here! I haven’t obtained anything either!”

You Ming cursed angrily before turning around and flying away. It seemed like he still wanted to search around and try his luck.

Looking at his back, Wu Di and Ximen Qi looked at him with disdain.

Chen Chen sighed and said, “As expected of the chosen one of the evil god temple. His acting is quite convincing. He took all the things and still pretended to continue searching… sigh, I’m not interested in continuing to search anyway. It’s just a waste of time.”

“What fellow Daoist Chen said makes sense. There’s nothing else in this small world. Why don’t we find a random place to cultivate and wait for news from the outside world before we go out?”

Ximen Qi echoed from the side.

Although the voices of the few of them were not loud, how could they escape Netherworld’s ears? Seeing that the few of them were certain that he had taken the things, Netherworld, who was flying, suddenly staggered and almost fell to the ground.

Unknowingly, seven days had passed.

During these seven days, Fairy Qionghua, Chen Chen, and the others basically did not search this small world anymore. Instead, Netherworld was busy all day, making them sigh at his amazing acting skills.

“Everyone, there’s news from above. The blood demon Black Tiger has been killed.”

On this moming, Fairy Qionghua looked at the communication token and her expression changed as she said to the few of them.

“Where are his remaining seven children?”

Chen Chen asked quickly.

“The weakest three are dead, and four are missing. Our target, the blood gilin, is among them, “fairy qiong hua replied.

“Then, does Lord Xiao Ling have any plans for the next operation?”

“As the blood demon Black Tiger and some of its experts have been killed, Lord Xiao Ling and the group of captains have already left the blood demon forest.

“However, before they left, Lord Xiao Ling said that the blood demon forest will remain sealed for another ten days. If we can find and kill the remaining four blood demon Black Tiger’s offspring within these ten days, the reward will still be valid.

“If we can’t find them, then forget it. At that time, everyone will return to True Spirit City.”

Hearing these words, Chen Chen had a vague realization.

It seemed that the few super forces didn’t want to completely exterminate the blood demon forest. Instead, they wanted to leave a glimmer of hope.

In fact, this was also in line with the style of most cultivators. The Heavenly Dao was like this. No matter how powerful the heavenly tribulation was, it would still leave some hope for cultivators.

Moreover, if they really killed all of them without leaving any room, the other powerful true spirits would inevitably die.

However, Chen Chen had to kill the blood qilin if he wanted to make a request to a few peak-level cultivators.

After thinking for a while, he looked at Qiong Hua.

“Fairy, this small world is very likely to be an escape route left by the Blood Devil Black Tiger for the Little Blood Devil Black Tiger. However, the Little Blood Devil Black Tiger was killed by us. If you were it, what would you do?”

Hearing this, Qiong Hua said in a deep voice, “I should leave it to the other children. Of course, it would be even better if those children could take revenge for the Little Blood Devil Black Tiger.”

“But if those children can’t find the murderer, then your time will come?”

Looking at Chen Chen’s serious face, Fairy Qiong Hua suddenly came to a realization and muttered, “Then I will definitely secretly tell the most powerful children, and leave a hope of revenge for the future.”

Chen Chen nodded, his expression became somewhat solemn.

The Blood Devil Black Tiger had eight children, and from the beginning, it was probably only the Little Blood Devil Black Tiger that knew the Small World Passage.

It was not that he did not care about the lives of the other children, but the matter of escaping had to be kept secret.

Otherwise, if something happened and all eight children ran to the same place, even an idiot would know that there was a problem there.

Now that the little blood demon Black Tiger had fallen, it had also been killed. If it was not unexpected, before it died, it would definitely tell the blood qilin the location of the Small World Passage.

After all, the blood gilin was also its son, not its enemy,

as for whether the blood qilin would tell the other brothers, that was unknown.

At this time, Ximen qi and Wu di also understood Chen Chen’s meaning.

“Doesn’t that mean that the blood qilin is very likely to come to this small world soon?”

“That’s right, there will definitely be an expert. The probability of it being the blood gilin is more than 80% .”

Hearing Chen Chen’s words, the expressions of the few of them changed again and again. After that, they all stood up.

Ximen qi said seriously, “Il go to the spatial rift and set up a formation right now. We’ll wait for him at ease. The probability of killing him should be greatly increased.”

“”Tll contact Netherworld and have him meet us at the spatial rift. This person is really something, He’s been acting for seven days straight.”

Qiong Hua said helplessly.

“Mm, I’ll make some preparations as well.”

The few of them split up and quickly went into battle mode.

Two hours later.

The spatial rift that led to the Small World suddenly shook. Following that, a seven to eight meter long strange beast with a dragon’s head and horse’s body flew in.

This strange beast was the blood qilin.

Behind it were five true spirit descendants. They all seemed to be at the peak of the Unity Realm.

“The path that Father left for third brother is really not bad.”

The blood qilin looked at the vast forest in front of him and said in a low voice.

Two hours ago, the battle ripples in the depths of the blood demon forest suddenly became dozens of times stronger than before. At this time, it finally received a message from its father and learned the location of the space crack.

Apart from that, it also knew the location of the treasure that its father had left behind.

And its father only had one request for it, and that was to wait until it stepped into the Mahayana realm and take over the blood demon forest again. Then, it would take advantage of the situation to take revenge or not.

To be honest, when it saw this message, it was still a little touched.

At least this proved that apart from its third brother, it was the most important thing in its father’s heart.

As for whether this importance came from his family or because of his natural talent and strength, it had nothing to do with it.

After learning that his father had left behind a large number of treasures, he snuffed out the idea of contacting his other surviving brothers. He only brought a few trusted subordinates to this small world.

Although there were many treasures, it was still better for him to have them all to himself. As for his brothers, he could use them to distract the cultivators.

“Sir, the environment of this small world looks pretty good, but it definitely can’t nurture a Mahayana expert… I wonder when Sir will be able to return to the true spirit world.”

One of his subordinates sighed.

The blood gilin smiled as he looked in the direction of the treasure and muttered, “It won’t be long before I return.”

After saying this, two fierce lights shot out from his large eyes as he looked at a certain spot in the forest below.

“Tt smells like a cultivator!”


As it spoke, the dense forest below was instantly destroyed by the powerful spiritual power. A huge formation appeared out of thin air and surrounded it and its five trusted subordinates.

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