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Chapter 511:

Chapter 509, eternal life

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It was already three days later when Chen Chen returned to rising dragon city.

He originally thought that this trip would be very smooth, but he didn’t expect that he would use a spatial teleportation scroll on his first mission to Sky Demon City.

This made him deeply realize that in this upper realm… no matter what cultivation level a cultivator was, they had to be careful.

As for the follow-up matters of the Hengduan Devil Sect, it didn’t have much to do with him. The big shots above would have to worry about it.

In any case, even if the two worlds were to clash, they would not be able to touch his head for the time being.


How Big was the Spatial Rift? How Big was the upper realm?

Even if cultivators kept popping out of the spatial rift one after another, with a million of them, they would only be a drop in the ocean in the upper realm. They would not be able to stir up any waves, unless there were a lot of Mahayana cultivators.

“Sigh, it’s not bad to be a dwarf when the Sky Falls.”

Chen Chen lay on a viewing platform in rising dragon city and muttered to himself.

At this moment, third senior brother Dongfang sent a message from long.

“Junior brother, you did well this time. Master praised you and said that he would reward you. Tell me, junior brother, what do you want? Materials for refining artifacts or pills for cultivation?”

Seeing this message, Chen Chen’s heart warmed up. There was actually a reward. It really wasn’t a waste of his life.

“Senior brother, do you have divine gold?”

Chen Chen probed.

‘The message token was silent for a long time before replying, “No.”

“can buy it with Spirit Stones!”

“Junior brother, I really don’t have this.”

“Alright, then do you have any medicinal pills? Medicinal pills like the heaven mending pill that can increase a cultivator’s talent.”

Chen Chen sighed and brought up the heaven mending pill again.

“Heaven Mending Pill? Isn’t this medicinal pill long lost?”

Looking at this reply, Chen Chen helplessly shook his head. For a moment, he actually couldn’t think of what else he needed.

“That’s right. Junior martial brother, you have a magic treasure that is listed on the refining tool list. Your wealth is presumably extremely rich. You indeed don’t need these things.

“How about this? Ask Master for a secret technique. In fact, besides the cultivation method, the nine revolutions golden body mantra also has a lot of secret techniques.”

Secret technique?

Chen Chen was suddenly tempted.

Among the secret techniques he had learned, the most commonly used ones were the art of ten thousand soldiers and the art of Haoran Holy Light. The others were quite useless.

The Magic Treasure set of the art of ten thousand soldiers was in the hands of the main body. He could not use it. Therefore, when his avatar fought, he could only rely on the power of law and the ten thousand transformations Divine Blade.

It seemed that he should indeed cultivate some secret techniques.

The storage ring of the tribulation-transcending cultivator that he had obtained previously did have some secret techniques. However, the Heavenly Devil City Lord’s was definitely better. After all, that was a peak existence of a world.

‘Thinking of this, Chen Chen hurriedly agreed.

“Senior brother, then I’ll learn a secret technique.”


‘When Chen Chen received the message, it was already two days later. This time, the person who sent the message to him was the Heavenly Devil City Lord.

‘The Heavenly Devil City Lord did not hesitate either, he directly said, Actually, most of the secret techniques of the nine transformation golden body mantra were developed by myself. There are offensive secret techniques, defensive secret techniques, escape secret techniques, and special secret techniques.

Chen Chen, what kind of secret technique do you want to Learn?”

“Escape… uh, forget it, master. What kind of secret technique is a special secret technique?”

“It is a secret technique that I have researched to accumulate the power of Qi and blood. It is called endless growth. It can preserve the excess qi and blood power in the body and explode at the critical moment, or it can be used to restore the body.

“If this secret technique is cultivated to a high level, even if the head is broken, it can be instantly repaired.”

“Then I’ll learn this.”

Chen Chen said straightforwardly, which surprised the Heavenly Devil City Lord.

“Chen Chen, don’t you want to understand other secret techniques?”

“No need. It saves me from having a hard time deciding. If I don’t understand, I won’t have any worries.”

Chen Chen replied. He said this from the bottom of his heart. Moreover, this secret art called endless life could attack, retreat, and defend. It was the most suitable secret art for him at the moment.

“You’re quite open-minded, Kid. Then listen carefully. This is the endless life cultivation method…”

At this point, the Heavenly Devil City Lord began to pass on some obscure incantations. It was not until fifteen minutes later that he completely imparted endless life to Chen Chen.

“Chen Chen, you can’t bite off more than you can chew. You are still young, and it is already not easy for you to cultivate one or two secret techniques to the peak. When you can store the Blood Qi in your body three times in an instant, I will teach you other secret techniques.

“Remember, cultivate well. In the future, the true spirit world might be in chaos. Only with great strength can you protect yourself.”

After the Heavenly Devil City Lord finished his instructions, there was no more news. Chen Chen was still immersed in the endless comprehension of life.

“Endless life… so that’s how it is.”

Half a day later, Chen Chen suddenly opened his eyes. His eyes were filled with a sudden realization.

Then, he stretched out a hand. In his hand was a heavenly treasure that had already been dried.


With a soft mumble, a strange energy merged into the Heavenly Treasure. Then, a shocking scene happened. The heavenly treasure that had been turned into a dried child was filled with spiritual energy and a green sprout was pulled out.

Seeing this sprout, Chen Chen’s eyes were filled with joy.

Who would have thought that cultivating this endless life would give him great inspiration? Through analogy, he was able to comprehend the law of life.

Sky Scorpion originally wanted him to experience the law of Nirvana before being reborn from death and then comprehend the law of life.

But now, he had directly crossed the middle step and comprehended the law of life.

And comprehending the law of life meant that he had completed the Mission Sky Scorpion had given him!

“With the law of life, I can also be considered to have a certain amount of ability to revive from death!”

Chen Chen was secretly excited.

At the same time, in the vast ocean desert, Chen Chen suddenly laughed in the underground palace.

Hearing this laughter, Scorpio, who was in the darkness, asked calmly, “What happened? Is It Worth Your Joy?”

“Senior, Ihave already comprehended the law of Life!”Chen Chen answered decisively.

Now that he was the disciple of the Heavenly Devil City Lord, Scorpio had to give him some face, so he was not afraid of being killed after saying it out loud.

“Are you serious?”

In the next second, Sky Scorpion appeared in front of Chen Chen. His eyes were full of expectation.

“Of course it’s true. How dare I Lie to Senior! Senior, Look!”

As Chen Chen said that, he bent down and picked up a withered yellow grass in the crack of the underground palace. Then, he injected his life force into it. In just a moment, the withered grass turned into a tender grass with green sprouts. It was full of life force.

When Sky Scorpion saw this, he was overjoyed, he laughed loudly and said, “As expected of the disciple of the Heavenly Devil City Lord. You are indeed quite capable. Don’t worry. If you can help me fulfill my wish, not only will I not hurt you, but before you leave, I will also prepare a great gift for you!”

“Then thank you very much, senior. I wonder when we will begin?*Chen Chen smiled modestly, but there was a faint hint of arrogance in his eyes.

“Right now, help me destroy a trace of the law of Nirvana.”

As scorpion spoke, his body suddenly expanded and took on his true form..

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