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Chapter 510:

Chapter 508, great danger

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Chen Chen let out a breath of turbid air and looked around.

The surroundings were silent. There was only a dense forest. It was obvious that he had been teleported here after using the spatial teleportation scroll.

He had already used all his strength with that sword just now. He did not know if it had injured that thin and small cultivator?

No matter what, it was impossible to injure the terrifying existence behind the black hole. The reason why he had swung that sword was to make that person feel uncomfortable.

Forcing him to use a spatial scroll, could he make him comfortable?



Chen Chen harrumphed and sent his spiritual sense to Ao Yu in the Dragon Swamp. Ao Yu was in a miserable state. Half of his tail had been blown up by that person’s punch, but the recovery ability of a true spirit descendant was extremely strong, with the support of a tycoon like him, he should be able to.


After asking about his well-being for a while and making sure that he was alright, Chen Chen took out two more communication tokens.

“Zhao Yuan, Zhang Yang, quickly leave the Hengduan Devil sect and report the matter of the Hengduan Devil sect to the Heavenly Devil City. Tell them that there seems to be a spatial crack that leads to other great worlds, and there seems to be a mahayana cultivator who wants to step into our world.”

“What? There’s such a thing? Alright, Alright, we’ll do it. But City Lord, how are you now? Where are you?”

“Tm fine. You guys go back to ascending dragon city first. We’ll talk about other things when I get back.”

After sending this message, Chen Chen felt a little tired.

Although his cultivation had increased and he was not lying on the ground unable to move, it still consumed 90% of his energy.

Right now, he only felt that his eyelids were about to fight. That was because he was extremely tired.

However, the spatial teleportation scroll could only teleport him 10,000 kilometers, so strictly speaking, the place he was currently at was not considered safe.

Without further delay, Chen Chengiang braced himself. Under the guidance of the system, he slowly flew ina safe direction.

Half a day later, Heavenly Devil City.

The Heavenly Devil City Lord looked at the transmission in his hand and frowned slightly.

The transverse cutting devil sect actually had a spatial crack that led to a great world, which made him quite shocked.

As apeak existence in this world, he naturally had a certain understanding of space.

A great world was like a huge egg.

The reason why there were often cracks that led to small worlds was because those small worlds were essentially within the great world, and as long as they were within the great world, they, as peak cultivators, could freely pass through.

As for the other great worlds, they were the other eggs. The world barrier that acted as the eggshell was extremely hard, and even Mahayana like them could not penetrate it. Under normal circumstances, it was impossible for spatial cracks to appear.

However, he did not suspect Chen Chen’s nonsense. There was no way that a cultivator would dare to speak nonsense to him about such a major matter.

Moreover, it was not as if there had never been a spatial crack between Great Worlds. There was one such case in front of hundreds of thousands of people, and the spatial crack was still there.

After pondering for a moment, the Heavenly Devil City Lord shook his head. He stretched out his hand and gently tore at the void in front of him. Then, like paper, he tore a large hole in the void.

Taking a step forward, the Heavenly Devil City Lord walked into the large hole. A moment later, the large hole was restored to its original state.

Not long after.

‘When the Heavenly Devil City Lord reappeared, he was already in an immortal mountain surrounded by clouds.

Atop the Immortal Mountain, there were three towering monoliths that shot straight into the clouds.

Before he could speak, an ethereal voice rang out from within the clouds.

“Fellow Daoist Skyfiend, please enter.”

The Skyfiend City Lord didn’t hesitate at all as he flew straight towards the giant monoliths.

Moments later, he saw the mountain’s owner, the current Daolord Arcanum.

“Daolord Arcanum, sorry to disturb you. The current situation is quite special. I have to ask you a few questions.”

The Skyfiend City Lord looked at the white-haired elder in front of him and spoke calmly.

Daolord arcanum wasn’t ina hurry to reply. Instead, he was playing a game of chess.

“A spatial rift has appeared that leads to an unfamiliar major world. The situation is quite different from when we first discovered the false immortal world.”

Seeing that Daolord Arcanum wasn’t speaking, the Skyfiend City Lord continued to speak at a much faster rate than before.

‘The false immortal world he mentioned was also a major world, and its level was slightly higher than that of the true spirit world.

Hundreds of thousands of years ago, a spatial rift had appeared in the true spirit world that led to the false immortal world.

However, this spatial rift was extremely small, and neither cultivators of the true spirit world nor the false immortal world were able to pass through it. Thus, the two worlds basically maintained business relations.

Later on, the true spirit world’s ascension path was blocked, and a group of Mahayana realm cultivators were unable to become immortals.

Thus, some strong-willed people directly destroyed their physical bodies, leaving behind only a trace of their true spirit to pass through the false immortal world. They wanted to start anew in the false immortal world and pursue that trace of opportunity to become immortals.

As time passed, this also became the so-called “Ascension’of the true spirit world.

However, from the description of his disciple Chen Chen, the great world crack this time was completely different. The experts from that world could even send a trace of their soul into this world to possess and fight.

This sort of rift was much larger than the one leading to the false immortal realm. If it was a bit larger, it might be able to allow cultivators to travel back and forth.

If two completely unfamiliar major worlds suddenly came into contact… the result would most likely be quite terrible.

“Daolord Arcanum…”

“Fellow Daoist skyfiend, don’t be impatient. I already know about that matter.”

‘As Daolord Arcanum spoke, a hint of worry flashed through his eyes.

The next second…


A muffled sound rang out as the chessboard in front of him suddenly split into two.

Looking at the split chessboard, Daolord Tianji said with a wry smile, “It’s a blessing, not a curse. If It’s a curse, it can’t be avoided. Once this crack opens, it’s a sign of great danger. Those cultivators over there probably aren’t good people.”

The Skyfiend City lord let out a cold snort and said, “They’re not good people, but we are? Daolord Tianji, I came here to ask you for a solution, not to ask what will happen to you.

“Two great worlds suddenly come into contact. Do you think I don’t know what will happen? “This is how the cultivation world works. If you want to become an immortal, you must take more resources.”

Daolord Arcanum was stunned at first, but then he asked, “How did you arrange it?”

“Tve already sent my eldest disciple over to see if he can destroy that spatial rift.”

‘The Skyfiend City Lord replied that his eldest disciple was another Mahayana in Skyfiend city. He was extremely famous in the entire true spirit world, and when he first received the news, he had already sent this disciple out, otherwise, he wouldn’t have come to ask Daolord arcanum so slowly.

“It’s difficult. I advise you to quickly make second-hand preparations and inform the other old fellows as well.”

Daolord Arcanum said helplessly.

In the true spirit world, if a weak little world was discovered, there was an 80-90% chance that someone would be sent to plunder it.

If it was discovered by a power like the Cthulhu Hall, it would be even more terrifying. They might even be completely wiped out.

Thus, if the true spirit world was weaker than that unfamiliar major world, the result would be obvious. Those minor worlds would serve as a cautionary lesson for the true spirit world..

Even if they were equally powerful, there would probably be some friction.

“What else? What else do we need to do?”

‘The Skyfiend City Lord asked again.

Daolord arcanum thought for a moment, then replied, “Send someone to talk to those true spirits. After all, the true spirit world belongs to them as well.”

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