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Chapter 51: This Is My Country

“1X opportunity to track within the Tianyun Mountains…”

Chen Chen’s heart skipped a beat. Of course, he couldn’t use such a precious opportunity wastefully. He had to plan properly before using it.

The most important thing was that there wasn’t anything at the moment that he particularly needed.

On the other hand, Xiao Wuyou arrived at the Clan Leader’s Hall, where a group of elders was gathered.

It was the day when the new disciples were going to enter the clan. Besides that, Xiao Wuyou had also chosen his successor. Since it was such an important day, the elders definitely had to gather for a discussion.

“Clan Master, after some investigation we found out that Chen Chen was indeed born in Stone Village and is a native of Ji Zhou. There is no problem.”

One of the elders below reported.

Xiao Wuyou nodded slightly, not feeling surprised by the news.

“In that case, spread the news that Chen Chen has been appointed as the Sacred Son of the Tianyun Clan. Let the Wuxin Clan know as well.”

The elder below acknowledged helplessly after hearing his words.

The Wuxin Clan was the protector clan of the State of Jin, and its strength was the best among the 36 clans. It was also the main force that fought against the State of Zhou Demon Clan.

The other 35 clans of the State of Jin were all affiliated with the Wuxin Clan. Hence, the Tianyun Clan would have to inform the Wuxin Clan and get their approval and recognition since they had found a successor.

“Clan Leader, isn’t it too much of a joke to make Chen Chen the successor, since he has just joined the clan?”

An elder at the bottom left with white hair and beard raised an objection.

He was the chief elder of the Tianyun Clan whose status was second only to the clan master and supreme elder.

As soon as he finished, Elder Xing Fa, who was beside the chief elder, chimed in.

“Yes, Clan Master, many inner clan disciples cultivate hard day and night for that position, but Chen Chen has been named the successor the second as he entered the clan! This is inevitably going to result in some objections.”

Xiao Wuyou glanced at the two elders who had a grandson and granddaughter respectively, both of whom had excellent qualifications. Among the inner disciples, they were ranked first and second respectively.

They were obviously raising objections because they wanted to fight for a chance for their juniors.

If Chen Chen really had a Postnatal Thunder Spirit body, he would be willing to give those two juniors a second chance.

Unfortunately, his disciple did not have such a body.

Of course, of all the elders present, only Wei Shanhe knew the truth.

In fact, even in the entire clan, only a few people were aware.

They knew that Chen Chen had excellent qualifications that far surpassed that of ordinary people. However, they still did not know exactly the extent of Chen Chen’s excellence.

“Clan Master, why don’t we set a small test for Chen Chen and let him become the successor only after he passes? That way, the other disciples will feel better and find it more just.”

Seeing that the Clan Master was silent, Elder Xing Fa spoke again.

“Test?” When Xiao Wuyou heard the word, he couldn’t help but remember the unpleasant past, and his brows subconsciously furrowed into a frown.

“Yes, we’ll just give him 81 questions.” Elder Xing Fa proclaimed casually.

“That’s not necessary.”

Xiao Wuyou directly refuted the idea of a test.

When Chen Chen cultivated, the fluctuations in his ethereality were too obvious. Such was also the reason why he allowed Chen Chen to cultivate at the main peak.

If Chen Chen were to go through any more nonsensical tests, the fact that he had an Innate Spirit Body would probably be known to everyone.

Besides, he had already given Chen Chen the ‘Tianyun Divine Thunder Technique’ so there was no reason for him to go back on his word.

Even after Xiao Wuyou refused, the chief elder next to him still continued to argue, “Chen Chen was born in the countryside and does not have good etiquette. Although he has improved rapidly, his status of cultivation is still low. How can he represent the Tianyun Clan in the future?”

“Let’s not mention the distant future, let’s just talk about the matter of the 36 clans being subjected to the rule of a new ruler two months from now… It’d be alright if the Tianyun Clan doesn’t have a successor. Since we have a successor, we have to send him to the capital.”

“However, he’s a hillbilly from the countryside who has never been to such a grand event before. He’d definitely make a fool of himself and end up embarrassing the Tianyun Clan in front of the 36 Sects and the new king.”

“Clan Master, I suggest that we wait two months until the new king is appointed and the coronation ceremony is over before making him the successor. We’d at least have to let him be exposed to grand events so he can learn some basic etiquette.”

The group of elders could not help but imagine something in their minds after hearing the worries.

They imagined Chen Chen cowering in the Golden Palace and looking around curiously from time to time like a country bumpkin who had never seen much of the world.

The mere thought of it made them frown.

‘It’s so embarrassing… it’s too shameful!’

“Enough, I’ve already made up my mind and this matter should not be mentioned again. As the clan master, do I not have the right to choose my own disciple?”

Xiao Wuyou raised his eyebrows, and an invisible mighty aura began emanating from his body.

At this point, the elders did not dare to say another word.

The clan master of the Tianyun Clan may have been thick in the head when it came to interacting with people, but in terms of strength, he was definitely far superior to the clan masters of the other 35 sects. No one could afford to provoke him.

On the following day, the news that Chen Chen had become the successor of the Tianyun Clan spread throughout the Tianyun Mountains.

All disciples, be it in the inner or outer clan, all knew that there was now a clan successor above them.

As long as he didn’t die young, he would be the future clan master of the Tianyun Clan.

Naturally, some were happy while others were sad about the news.

Most of the outstanding inner clan disciples were indignant and had already been divided into two camps; one supporting the eldest Senior Brother, and the other supporting the second Senior Sister.

The two sides had been secretly fighting for years. As long as one of the people they supported became the successor, one of the sides would benefit.

Yet, in the end, a random successor appeared and foiled all their plans.

As for the outer disciples, most of them were curious about what the successor was like and how he could gain the favor of the clan master to surpass the two prodigies of the inner clan

However, the more curious they became, the more Chen Chen did not appear.

For a few days, none of the disciples got to see the new successor.

Just as their curiosity grew to unimaginable levels, Chen Chen, who was on the main peak, finally stopped cultivating.

The thousands of Spirit Stones in front of him had turned to a pile of debris that piled up high.

At that moment, his status of cultivation also reached the peak of the sixth tier of Qi training, all the way from the fourth tier.

When one advanced from the sixth to seventh tier of Qi training, they would seem to undergo a qualitative change, so a large amount of ethereality was needed. Chen Chen was not in a hurry either. After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

After cleaning up the Spirit Stone ashes, Chen Chen had a good sleep, and then made his way out of the courtyard of the main peak.

Standing at the top of the main peak and looking at the countless mountains around him, Chen Chen couldn’t help but remember the words of a certain pretentious person.

“This is my country!”

After being amazed, Chen Chen was in high spirits. Ever since he made his way to the Tianyun Clan, he had only stayed at the main peak. He now thought that he ought to visit the other mountain peaks.

In particular, he wondered how the young man Zhang Ji was doing.

Although Chen Chen had reached greater heights, he was not an ingrate and he still had to take care of his own underling.

Thinking of this, Chen Chen took a deep breath and looked down the mountain.

On this day, the new successor, whom all the disciples had been curious about for several days, finally descended from the main peak.

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