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Chapter 507:

Chapter 505, back to the horse

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“May I know what position the Special Envoy holds in Heavenly Devil City?”

Seeing Chen Chen walking around, the skinny cultivator came over and asked with a fawning face.

“Lam the city lord of Rising Dragon City.”

Chen Chen didnt directly say that he was a disciple of Heavenly Devil City. On one hand, there was no need for that.

On the other hand, he didn’t like to show off his identity as a “Disciple’. After all, a disciple was a disciple, and he borrowed the prestige of others.

‘City Lord! Hiss! The special envoy became the city lord at such a young age. His future is truly limitless!”


“That’s right. Compared to the special envoy, we are really wasting our time!”

Hearing the identity of the city lord, the four people flattered him, their eyes filled with admiration.

Chen Chen sneered in his heart. These people taking the initiative to talk to him at this time was just to distract him and not let him observe too much.

On the other hand, it could also hide the guilt in his heart.

“You are flattering me. Besides investigating the cause of sect leader Duan’s death, I also want to appoint a new sect leader. I wonder which of the four has the highest cultivation?”

Chen Chen smiled indifferently and asked.

“Ahem, it’s me. I’m Not Talented. I’m almost at the peak of the distraction realm now.”

‘The thin and small cultivator coughed twice and replied modestly, but his brows were full of pride.

Chen Chen glanced at him. Although this skinny cultivator wasn’t big, his body was extremely solid. It seemed like he cultivated some kind of technique that increased his density to increase the strength of his body.

The late stage of the split-soul realm was about to reach the peak, and he was indeed the one with the highest cultivation among the four.

Seeing the skinny cultivator like this, the other three who were still friendly a moment ago had a dark look on their faces.

The female disciple muttered, “Envoy, my father didn’t mention before that he wanted to pass the position of sect leader to eldest senior brother.”

Hearing this, Chen Chen raised his brows. He didn’t expect that this female disciple was actually broken mountain’s daughter.

“Envoy, although my cultivation is inferior to eldest senior brother’s, in terms of combat power, I’m the strongest of the four.”

Another disciple said in a low voice.

Chen Chen looked at these three people with interest, then glanced at the fourth person.

“What About You? Before I came here, I heard that four people from the Hengduan Devil sect were fighting for the position of sect master. What did you rely on?”

That person wanted to say something but hesitated. At this time, the other three people looked at him at the same time, their gazes as sharp as knives.

‘When that person saw this, he shrank slightly and said, “Those are all rumors from the outside… how would I dare to compete with the three senior brothers and sisters?”

Chen Chen nodded, turned around, and said faintly, “Take me around the Hengduan Devil sect. I want to see every place.

“also, arrange a place for us to stay. I have nothing to do, and the environment here is special. I want to stay here for a few more days.”

“Okay, okay! I’l arrange it right away!”The thin and small cultivator landed on the ground after saying this.

Chen Chen paid attention to the expressions of the four people at all times, especially that female cultivator.

Because that female cultivator was the least shrewd, her emotions were easily revealed. Just as he said that he was going to stay for a few more days, a hint of fear flashed across that female cultivator’s face.

Half a day later, under the lead of the three people, Chen Chen strolled through most of the places in the Hengduan Devil sect. After that, he was arranged to stay in a rather luxurious building in the Hengduan Devil sect.

“Zhao Yuan, do you see any problems?”

After the people of the Hengduan Devil sect had left, Chen Chen asked in a low voice.

Zhao Yuan scratched his head and said tentatively, “They’re all quite normal. There’s nothing wrong with them.”

Zhang Yang, who was silent at the side, said, “That little disciple is a bit strange. His cultivation seems to be only at the early stage of the split-soul stage. Moreover, I think his spiritual sense seems to be quite weak. The information in our Sky Devil City can’t be wrong, He must have competed with the other

three people. What right does he have?”

Chen Chen looked at Zhang Yang with appreciation, he added, “We have just visited most of the Hengduan Devil sect, including the cultivation room on the broken mountain. Only the peak where the four direct disciples are located did not show us around. I guess the problem lies with the four of them.”

Hearing this, Zhao Yuan felt that his chance to show off had come. He hurriedly said, “City Lord, why don’t I sneak into the peak where they are located and take a look?”

Chen Chen was not ina hurry to agree.

One had to know that apart from the death of the sect master of the Hengduan Devil Sect, there was also the death of a Grand Elder.

These two were both unity cultivators, especially Duan Shan, who was a powerhouse in the late stage of the unity stage.

If Duan Shan Zhen died because of something strange, it meant that the situation was quite serious. Not to mention the distraction cultivators, even the unity cultivators were in danger.

Under such circumstances, wouldn’t Zhao Yuan be sending them away if he secretly checked the situation?

He also thought of using the system to track them, but he didn’t know what to track. He couldn’t possibly track something strange, right?

After thinking for a moment, Chen Chen shook his head.

“Dont go. The four of them are fighting for the position of sect master, which means that they are not united. It’s actually not difficult to find a flaw.”

After staying in the Hengduan Devil sect for one day, Chen Chen gathered the four personal disciples on the second day. His face was full of disdain, as if he was not used to the living conditions here.

“Sigh, the environment here is too bad. I’m leaving today. What’s Your Name?”

Chen Chen stretched lazily while looking at the female cultivator.

“Tm… ‘m spirit severing!”

The female cultivator replied excitedly.

‘The other three were originally very excited when they heard that Chen Chen was leaving. However, when they shouted spirit severing, their expressions instantly turned extremely ugly.

“Spirit severing, since your father is the sect master of this crosscutting Devil Sect, then you should take over. From now on, you will be the new sect master of Crosscutting Devil Sect.

“The few of you, don’t argue anymore. If I hear any bad news again, don’t blame me for being rude to you.”

After saying that, Chen Chen did not look at the expressions of the four people. He took Zhao Yuan and Zhang Yang and flew toward the mountain gate, as if he did not want to stay here for even a moment longer.

“Farewell, Special Envoy! Broken Spirit will definitely not let you down!”

Broken Spirit’s extremely happy shout came from behind. As for the other three people, they did not say a word.

After flying for a hundred miles, the three suddenly stopped. Seeing that there was no one around, Chen Chen said, ‘T’ll go back and take a look at the situation. You guys wait here. If anything happens, I’ll send a message to you.”

“But… is the city Lord not safe?”Zhao Yuan was a little worried.

“Hehe, if I’m not safe, you guys are simply throwing your lives away. Moreover, this is just a clone. You Don’t have to worry.”

Chen Chen said with a smile.

Although his words hurt, it was the truth.

“Then we’ll wait here for the city lord. If anything happens to the city Lord’s clone, we’ll go back and contact someone to settle the Hengduan Devil sect. It’s just a subsidiary sect anyway.”

Hearing their words, Chen Chen smiled and turned around. Then, he restrained the aura on his body to the extreme and attacked the Hengduan Devil sect.

‘When he quietly returned to the Hengduan Devil sect, the situation of the Hengduan Devil sect was indeed not out of his expectations.

The entire sect was currently surrounded by a formation. Through the formation, he could see that the four of them were still floating in the air, surrounded by a layer of isolation formation.

However, from their expressions, it was obvious that they were in an intense argument.

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