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Chapter 502: Chapter 500, the battle for face

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“Senior, although you are a strong person, our city lord is not the kind of person who speaks empty words!”

A cultivator behind Chen Chen could not help but shout loudly.

At this moment, he had already become Chen Chen’s hardcore fan. He had completely forgotten that a month ago, he had also questioned this new city lord in his heart.

Chen Chen raised his hand, with a smile, he looked at the masked cultivator and said, “Senior, since I dare to say such words, I naturally have my confidence. Senior, you said that I don’t know the immensity of Heaven and earth, so why don’t you reflect on yourself? Do you know how high the sky is and

how thick the ground is?”

As soon as these words were said, the entire hall fell silent.

The two young cultivators behind the masked cultivator’s face were filled with disbelief.

In their eyes, their master was a well-known figure in the entire upper realm. They did not expect that he would be ridiculed by a cultivator around their age today. It was simply unbelievable, they did not know what to say for amoment.

As for the cultivators in the outside world who used their spiritual senses to check the situation, they could not help but slightly retract their spiritual senses at this time.

The city lord of Rising Dragon City mocked the powerhouses at the crossing calamity stage. They wouldnt start a fight, would they?

If they started a fight, what would happen if the aftershocks hurt them?

The cultivators of rising dragon city behind Chen Chen were stunned for a moment before they all revealed expressions of admiration.

“Keke, as expected of the disciple of the city lord of Heavenly Devil City. He knows that I don’t dare to do anything to you, so he speaks without scruples.”

The masked cultivator laughed strangely. There was not much anger in his tone. Instead, it was somewhat calm.

However, the next second, he changed the topic and said, “However, don’t think that I can’t do anything to you. You can say that I don’t know the immensity of Heaven and earth, but you have to show your true ability.

“If you don’t have true ability and are just boasting, then don’t blame me for punishing you!”

As soon as he finished speaking, an extremely terrifying pressure covered the entire auction house. The faces of all the cultivators in rising dragon city changed drastically.

Chen Chen also started to tremble slightly because of the terrifying pressure.

However, he quickly adapted to the pressure. After all, the skeleton of his avatar originated from a body-refining cultivator in the tribulation stage. It was extremely tough. This masked cultivator couldn’t do anything to him just by relying on the pressure alone.

Seeing that Chen Chen didn’t show any embarrassment, the masked cultivator’s eyes flashed with a trace of surprise. Before he could add more pressure… chen Chen said indifferently, “How about this? Let the cultivators outside take some magic treasures and let me appraise them. Let’s see who you and I

are. If there’s nothing that I can’t appraise, senior, you can just apologize to me.

“If there’s something that I can’t appraise, I’ll cut off one of my arms to express my apology. How about that?”

“No, what if it’s your son from Rising Dragon City? Let Me… I have a magic treasure here, take a look!”

“This thing is worth two to three thousand crystals. As for the burning blood flag, if I couldn’t see through such a simple magical treasure, how would I dare to say those words from before? Senior has really underestimated me.”

Chen Chen smiled calmly, a faint trace of disdain in his eyes.

His gaze instantly hurt the self-esteem of the masked cultivator, and the pressure in the air became a little stronger.

But at this time, the masked cultivator also had no confidence. Although he didn’t believe that Chen Chen could identify any treasure in the world, he recognized the burning blood flag at a glance. This meant that he at least had some ability.

The things on his body might not be able to hide from this person. There were still many cultivators watching outside. If he surrendered today, not only would he lose face, but he would also be advertising for rising dragon city for free.

How could he be reconciled to this?

Just as he was hesitating on how to deal with this matter, an old voice suddenly sounded outside the hall.

“Ihave a treasure here that I obtained by accident. Until now, I still don’t know what this thing is. Young friend, can you take a look for me?”

‘As the voice sounded, everyone looked at the entrance of the hall in unison. They didn’t know when, but an old man dressed in hemp clothes with a hunched body actually appeared in the hall.

Seeing this old man, the masked cultivator suddenly stood up.

“Senior Lin, are you going to get involved in this too?”

“Who is this person?”?

Chen Chen transmitted his voice to the cultivator behind him and asked.

“City Lord, Senior Lin is a well-known itinerant cultivator. He is a cultivator at the crossing calamity stage and is nicknamed the Spiritual Treasure Master. His seniority is very high. A few days ago, he bought the most items in our auction.

It is rumored that… This senior has a hobby of collecting rare treasures.”

A voice transmission quickly sounded in his mind. Chen Chen nodded slightly, then stood up and said respectfully, “So it’s senior Lin. I’ve heard a lot about you. If you have any needs, just say it.”

The Spiritual Master of Godly treasures looked at the masked cultivator.

‘The masked cultivator snorted coldly and sat down. He didn’t say anything else.

A famous cultivator like the spiritual master of Godly Treasures wouldn’t team up with juniors to lie, so he had nothing to say.

“Fellow Daoist Yang, let me show you first.”

As Daoist priest Shenbao spoke, he walked in front of the masked cultivator and took out a fist-sized, dull-colored bead and placed it on the table..

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