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Chapter 501:Chapter 499, trouble at your door

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“City Lord, what did you do in the past?”

‘Thinking of this, Chen an asked curiously.

“I worked for someone.”

Chen Chen answered casually.

“UH, then your boss must have earned a lot of spirit stones.”

“Hehe, what the hell did he earn spirit stones for?”

Chen Chen smiled disdainfully.

In the blink of an eye, more than a month had passed. The auction was held as scheduled. As the divine dog tower had attracted a large number of customers during this month, under the publicity of these customers, the reputation of this auction was spread very widely.

‘There were even powerhouses at the tribulation stage who came from hundreds of thousands of miles away.

Although powerhouses at the tribulation stage were very powerful, they did not dare to act recklessly in the territory of Heavenly Demon City. In addition, the service of ascending dragon city was quite good, so the auction was held quite smoothly.

After experiencing this incident, the cultivators of heavenly demon city in the city had a great change in their impression of Chen Chen. They had forgotten about the previous city lord.

There was nothing they could do. This city lord was too generous. Basically, he only wanted spirit crystals. Most of the supreme-grade spirit stones were invested in the development of the city. The rest were given to them, increasing their income by several times in a short period of time.

With such a city lord around, how could they still think about the previous city Lord?

On this day, Chen Chen was silently looking at the map in ascending Dragon City.

At present, besides ascending dragon city, he also had Fengxia City. In addition, he could also influence Golden Saint City of Golden Saint sect and Yi City of Danxia sect.

Ascending Dragon City was not far from these cities. If he continued to develop like this, the other three cities would definitely deteriorate day by day, and this was not his original intention.

After thinking about it for about two hours, Chen Chen had a general plan for the development of the next few cities.

That was to build a group of cities led by Rising Dragon City.

Rising Dragon City was a large-scale comprehensive city, while Golden Saint City would build a refining city with refining as the main focus. It would be supported by rising dragon city. Fengxia city and Yi City would follow the same logic and develop in their own unique direction.

This idea was similar to those super big cities in his previous life.

“City Lord… Something Happened.”

Just as Chen Chen was planning, Chen an walked in and whispered with an unsightly expression.

“What’s Wrong?”Chen Chen turned his face away and asked.

Cultivating the evil path required a large number of people to kill, so how could ordinary cultivators cultivate it? Only a super sect like the evil God temple, which owned a large number of small worlds, could cultivate the evil path.

Therefore, even if this magical treasure was taken back, it could only be sold to the cultivators of the evil god temple. Since that was the case, the price would definitely not be high.

However, for the sake of insurance, Chen Chen gently placed his hand on the brush and asked the system.

“System, where is the most precious item within a ten centimeter radius?”

“The Blood Lion Evil Brush in the host’s hand can summon evil demons with the power of blood.”

Blood Lion?

Hearing this term, Chen Chen was slightly startled. He didn’t expect that the fur on the brush was actually refined from the true spirit blood lion’s fur.

Once a magic treasure was stuck with a true spirit, its value would be incomparable. This Blood Lion Evil Brush was indeed a good treasure.

“How much are you offering?”Chen Chen asked the appraiser in a low voice.

“One… one hundred crystals, but they’re asking for three hundred crystals!”The appraiser said aggrievedly.

When Chen Chen heard this, he didn’t have any intention of favoritism, he said to the masked cultivator, “Senior, one hundred crystals is indeed a little low, but three hundred crystals is too high. How about this, our rising dragon city offers two hundred crystals to take this treasure, how about it?”

“Do you know what this is made of…”the person behind the masked cultivator shouted in dissatisfaction, but before he could finish his words, Chen Chen glared at him, and the rest of his words were directly swallowed back.

“A magic treasure made from the mane of a true spirit blood lion. In order for this pen to be effective, it needs the blood of cultivators above the void refining stage as ink. This condition is too harsh, so we can only offer this price.”

After Chen Chen said this, the masked cultivator’s eyes that were exposed outside flashed with a strange light.

He didn’t expect that the Lord of Rising Dragon City would be so knowledgeable at such a young age. With just a touch, he recognized the mane of the Blood Lion.

One had to know that there were countless demon beasts with true spirits with fur in this world. If one wanted to have such experience, at least they had come into contact with the mane of the blood lion before.

However, the blood lion was a true spirit after all. How could it have so many opportunities to come into contact with the Mane?

With this thought in mind, he asked in a hoarse voice, “City Lord, do you know how to Appraise Treasures?”

Chen Chen was not modest when he heard this. He directly stood up and his voice spread far enough for all the cultivators outside to hear.

“Of course. There are thousands of magic treasures in this world, but there are definitely not many that can hide from me. I dare to guarantee that there will never be a magic treasure that will be covered in dust in my rising dragon city.

If you have any magic treasures that can’t be appraised, you can come to my rising dragon city.

If it’s really a good item, I’m sure that Rising Dragon City will give you a satisfactory price!”

The cultivators outside began to discuss animatedly upon hearing this.

The masked cultivator suddenly sneered.

“There aren’t many that can fool you? Hehe, for a young junior to speak so arrogantly, he really doesn’t know the immensity of Heaven and Earth..”

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