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Chapter 474: Step Into Unificaion Realm

“This is my sect.”

Chen Chen pointed at the Li Xian sect in front of him and introduced it to Xia Xishuang, who had just come out.

Xia xishuang sized it up carefully and said, “There seem to be a lot of female cultivators in this sect.”

Chen Chen was rather embarrassed when he heard this and explained, “I usually don’t stay in the sect at all. I reckon that I won’t be in the sect for more than three days.”

He was not lying. Ever since the Li Xian sect and the Jade Tripod Sect merged, he had been busy and only came back to take a look. He did not spend a night in the sect at all.

Xia Xishuang looked at Chen Chen and smiled, “I believe you. If you can still create a sect in such a short time by fooling around, then you are really not a human but a god.”

The others had different expressions. Some were excited, some were shocked, and some had calm expressions.

The Li Xian sect now looked about the same size as the four great sects in the lower realm. This group of cultivators could see it with their own eyes, but they could not feel much shock in their hearts.

However, after a period of time, when they understood the upper realm better, they would naturally know how difficult it was to establish a sect of their own in the five great regions of the upper realm.

After settling everyone down, Chen Chen’s wish was fulfilled. Now, there was only one difficult problem in front of him, which was how to let his main body obtain freedom.

After sensing the situation on the other side of his main body, his main body’s understanding of the law of wood had deepened quite a bit. However, there was still a distance to go before he could take the opportunity to comprehend the law of life.

In Chen Chen’s opinion, it would take at least a few more years.

More importantly, he was not sure if Sky Scorpion would let him off after he helped Sky Scorpion.

Time flowed like water.

After Chen Chen brought his family and friends from the lower realm to the upper realm, he lived a peaceful life. There was no news from the Evil Fiend Hall that they had invaded the lower realm.

In the blink of an eye, a year had passed.

On this day, Chen Chen’s clone was cultivating when a voice suddenly sounded in his mind.

“Congratulations, host, for stepping into the body fusion realm. The system’s tracking range has been increased to 100,000 meters. At the same time, you will be given two opportunities to track objects within the range of one realm.”

Hearing this voice, Chen Chen opened his eyes.

His main body had stepped into the body fusion realm. As expected, there were some benefits to cultivating behind a true spirit. If he cultivated alone and did not go out to look for opportunities, it would probably take him a few years to step into the body fusion realm.

Only a year had passed and he had officially stepped into the unity realm.

However, it was a pity that his main body could not comprehend the law of wood to become the law of life. Instead, he had comprehended the sand law of Sky Scorpion.

If he could comprehend the sand law to a deeper level, it could become the law of Nirvana.

And the law of Nirvana was the same as the law of life.

“Two chances to track specific items, and the normal tracking range has increased by ten times.”

Chen Chen muttered to himself, his eyes full of joy. Although he had not comprehended the law of life, he was already satisfied with what he had.

The law of life was a high-level law. A true spirit like scorpion, who had lived for God knows how many years, had yet to comprehend it, so what was there to be anxious about?

The only pity was that the system had given him two designated tracking opportunities instead of the random tracking within a realm like last time.

Chen Chen did not continue to think. He stood up and went to the Li Xian sect’s book collection pavilion.

In this year, the Li Xian sect had developed rapidly under his support. This book collection pavilion had a collection of thousands of secret techniques and tens of thousands of different books. Among them, there was no lack of treasures.

Of course, the treasures were all from the storage ring of the cultivator who had transcended the tribulation.

Borrowing these secret techniques and a large amount of resources, all the cultivators he brought to the upper realm had broken through to the Void Refinement realm and above.

However, this level of cultivation could only be considered as a very ordinary disciple in the Li Xian sect at present, which caused a great blow to the cultivators.

Chen Chen was in the library, reading some books that introduced the books of the upper realm.

Now that he had two opportunities to track down the designated items, he was prepared to use them to convert them into combat power.

Such serious cultivation was simply not a life for him.

He could only advance two minor realms in a year. When would he become an immortal?

After reading for a while in the library, Chen Chen quickly found a few items that had been lost in the upper realm.

The first item was called the twilight sundial. It was the Natal magic treasure of a Mahayana cultivator who had divined the secrets of heaven tens of thousands of years ago. Later on, that cultivator died due to the backlash of the secrets of Heaven, and this magic treasure disappeared without a trace.

It was rumored that this magic treasure contained the law of the blazing sun, which could burn gods and kill immortals. More than three true spirits had died at the hands of this magic treasure. Even after tens of thousands of years, this magic treasure was still ranked 28th on the artifact refining list.

Back then, this magic treasure was one of the top ten powerful magic treasures in the world.

The second item was called the longevity pill. It was a relic left behind by a great alchemy grandmaster. After consuming it, one could live forever in the world.

However, this pill had turned into a spirit and became a cultivator. Until now, no one knew where it was hiding.

Other than that, there were several other things.

Chen Chen pondered for a long time and finally took a fancy to a treasure called the Yin Yang Palace.

This treasure was left behind by a famous itinerant cultivator more than 100,000 years ago before he ascended.

This itinerant cultivator controlled the laws of time and was the strongest person in the upper realm at that time. This Yin Yang Palace was his auxiliary magic treasure. It was rumored that cultivating in this Yin Yang Palace was twice the result with half the effort.

However, because this magic treasure was not tolerated by the immortal world, the itinerant cultivator did not bring it to the immortal world. Instead, he left it in the upper realm.

Before the itinerant cultivator ascended, he had arranged all sorts of methods, saying that he would leave this magic treasure to the fated person. However, in the past 100,000 years, this magic treasure had not appeared once again.

There were rumors that this magic treasure had fallen into the hands of a few super forces, but the few super forces had rejected it.

“Yin Yang Palace…”

Chen Chen muttered.

Now that he had the ten thousand transformations divine edge in his hands, he did not lack powerful treasures. Even if he obtained a treasure that was even more powerful than the ten thousand transformations Divine Edge, this avatar of his would not be able to use it.

As for the longevity pill, he was still young and did not need to worry about it.

What he lacked the most now was a magic treasure that could assist in cultivation. This kind of magic treasure could not only be used by him, but it could also be used by others. and the Yin Yang Palace was obviously the best choice.

Thinking of this, he prepared to use the system to search for the Yin Yang Palace. However, at this moment, there was a sudden and urgent knock on the door.

“Fellow Daoist Tianyun, it’s me! I have something important to see you!”

Hearing this familiar voice, Chen Chen waved his hand and the door opened.

It was Lian Yang. At this moment, his expression was complicated. His eyes were filled with ecstasy and a hint of worry.

“Fellow Daoist Lian, what made you look like this? Why are you in such a hurry to come to the Li Xian sect to look for me?”

Chen Chen stood up and asked with a smile.

Lian Yang did not say anything. Instead, he took out a jade slip and handed it to Chen Chen.

Chen Chen took the jade slip and sensed for a while. Inside was the new weapon refining list released by the Archaic Mysteries sect this year.

He quickly found the name of Wan Huashen Feng at the bottom of the list.

“Wan Huashen Exquisite Taotie Sword, ranked 99th.”

Seeing this, Chen Chen said with a smile, “I didn’t expect it to be on the weapon refining list. It seems that there aren’t many treasures in this world?”

Lian Yang saw Chen Chen’s face full of smiles, he said helplessly, “Fellow Daoist Tianyun, when this new list is released, there are already many people looking for this myriad transformation exquisite Taotie sword, and there are many top-notch mighty figures among them. You have to be careful… If your sect is powerful, quickly get your sect master to announce the ownership of this sword. Otherwise, it might be dangerous.”

Chen Chen listened to this silence down, this Lian Yang still think he behind what powerful sect..

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