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Chapter 463: The Great Alliance

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Xie Lingzi suddenly shivered. His expression suddenly became serious as he said very seriously, “It’s just a small matter. Actually, there’s no rush. Let’s first look for the hall master’s remains. This is the most important matter!”

Chen Chen did not say anything. He just quietly looked at Xie Lingzi until Xie Lingzi’s forehead was covered in sweat. Only then did he reveal a faint smile.

“Fellow Daoist Xie Lingzi is right. What could be more important than finding the hall master’s remains? Let’s continue moving forward.”

“I’ll listen to Fellow Daoist Zhang! Wherever Fellow Daoist Zhang Goes, I’ll Go!”

Xie Lingzi nodded like he was pounding garlic. After Chen Chen flew east, he carefully wiped off the cold sweat on his forehead and followed behind in a panic.

Chen Chen did not care about him. He flew while pondering.

Back when he was in the lower realm, he had obtained the Haoran holy light mantra in the spirit void Qi sect.

The Evil Emperor’s Sea of consciousness had even become the spirit void Qi sect’s cultivation mystic realm.

If nothing unexpected happened, the hall master’s remains should be near the spirit void Qi sect.

However, this was what the Evil Fiend Hall wanted to think about. It had little to do with him. His problem was whether he should solve all these Void Refinement realm cultivators in the lower realm.

If all of them were destroyed, the Evil Fiend Hall would definitely send even more powerful Void Refinement realm cultivators over.

However, if they were not destroyed, with these people’s style of doing things, they would definitely cause chaos in the lower realm.

I can only take it one step at a time. If I don’t destroy these people, the lower realm will be finished before the Evil Fiend Hall sends anyone over

Chen Chen thought to himself and looked towards the east. That was the direction of the human territory. Xi Shuang and his little friends were there.

If he wanted to plot against the upper realm’s Void Refinement realm, he would need the help of the lower realm’s cultivators.

At the same time, You Ming brought over twenty Void Refinement realm cultivators and hovered in the void.

These twenty over people were all elites of the Evil Fiend Hall and its affiliated sects. They were all at the peak of the Void Refinement realm realm and were also the insurance for this expedition.

“Bai Dongsheng, you are most familiar with this realm. With the hall master’s cultivation back then, his death in this realm would definitely cause some unusual phenomena. Think about it carefully. Is there any famous place in this realm that has something to do with the death of a powerhouse?”

Youming looked into the distance and asked faintly.

He was different from other cultivators. As the personal disciple of the current hall master, he did not lack any resources, and there was nothing that attracted him to this realm.

All he needed to do was to find the remains of the previous hall master.

Bai Dongsheng pondered for a moment and said, “Almost all the good places in this realm have been occupied by the great forces of the human and demon races. I think that most likely, the remains of the previous hall master are also in their hands.”

“Oh? Then you can directly bring us to meet the rulers of this realm. Although we have many people, they are still local snakes after all. They are far more familiar with this realm than us.”

You Ming said indifferently.

Bai Dongsheng thought for a moment and pointed to the east. “If we continue east, we will reach the territory of the human and monster races. At that time, with the power of the Lord, I think they will be very willing to cooperate.”

You Ming nodded slightly and took the lead to fly east.

Three days later, more than a thousand cultivators from the higher realm reported the situation toYou Ming. In the end, there was already no news of dozens of people.

You Ming was not surprised by this. These more than a thousand cultivators belonged to various forces, and they were all evil cultivators. When they came to the lower realm, they were like ferocious tigers that had just come out of their cages. It was very normal for them to kill each other. If it were not for the fact that this realm was too big.., the Evil Fiend Hall did not want to recruit so many Void Refinement realm cultivators at all.

On the other side, it was already seven days later when Chen Chen arrived at the eastern border.

The eastern border was the territory of the Jade tripod pill sect, and it was still hundreds of thousands of miles away from the western border.

Chen Chen looked around, and there was not the slightest sign of being massacred.

In fact, this was also a matter of course. He had been flying at high speed the entire way, and there was no pause in the middle of the journey. On the other hand, the other cultivators had to kill people and search for treasures. How could they have arrived here so quickly?

“Fellow Daoist Zhang, where are we going?”

Xie Lingzi was deeply worried. He had been dragged along by Chen Chen the entire time, but he knew how far they had flown.

If nothing unexpected happened, they would probably be hundreds of thousands of miles away from the main group.

“To find the hall master’s corpse.”

Chen Chen replied calmly. After saying that, he didn’t care whether Xie Lingzi agreed or not, and continued to drag him along. In less than two hours, they had arrived at the front gate of the Jade cauldron alchemical sect.

The Jade Cauldron City next to the Jade Cauldron alchemical sect was still bustling with people. At a glance, there were probably more than a million people. Xie Lingzi was completely dumbfounded by what he saw.

“This… If I finish killing all of them, My Dharma Treasure will be complete! Moreover, there isn’t a single Void Refinement realm cultivator here! There won’t be any obstruction at all! That’s Great!”

In his excitement, Xie Lingzi directly forgot about Chen Chen beside him and was prepared to make a move. However, before he could take out that black long saber, he felt a chill down his back.

He turned his head and saw Chen Chen staring at him with a blank expression.

Although he couldn’t see any expression on his face, the look in his eyes made him feel as if he had fallen into an ice cellar. The killing intent in his body instantly melted like ice and snow.

“Fellow Daoist Xie Lingzi, what do you want to Do?”Chen Chen asked faintly.

“Uh, I think the scenery here is pretty good, so I took a look,”Xie Lingzi answered while trembling.

Although he didn’t know what Fellow Daoist Zhang meant, his intuition told him not to act rashly.

Chen Chen smiled, and a powerful spiritual sense directly enveloped him. Xie Lingzi didn’t have any reaction and fainted.

After stuffing Xie Lingzi into the spirit beast bag, Chen Chen came to the front of the Jade Tripod sect’s mountain gate.

The Mountain Gate’s array formation was nothing to him now. Even though his spiritual sense was much weaker, he still probed inside, but he didn’t find any old acquaintances.

Chen Chen shook his head helplessly and went to look for the disciple guarding the mountain gate.

“Junior brother, where is sect leader Yu?”

The disciple guarding the mountain gate was only in the nascent soul stage. Under Chen Chen’s inquiry, he could not resist at all. He answered directly, “Sect leader Yu is in the Grand Alliance.”

“Grand Alliance? What is the Grand Alliance?”

“It is the alliance between the human and demon races. It is formed by the higher-ups of the human and demon races and is responsible for managing the territory of the human and demon races.”

“Who is the Alliance Master?”

“There’s no alliance master. There are only a few elders. Sect Master Yu is one of the elders. There are a few leaders of the plant demon race and the nine-tailed celestial fox race as elders on the side of the demon race.”

Upon hearing this answer, Chen Chen smiled.

This lower realm was better than before. The leaders of the plant demon race and the nine-tailed celestial fox race had obviously given birth to Little Flower Fox Xian ‘er and the others.

With them around, the monster race would not have no living environment in the lower realm. It was just that they did not know how long this situation would last.

“Where is the Grand Alliance?”

Chen Chen asked again.

“The eastern border of the monster race, the place where the previous sect master, Senior Chen Chen, ascended.”

“I understand. Thank you.”

Chen Chen thanked him, then stuffed a supreme-grade Spirit Stone into the disciple’s clothes and flew towards the eastern border of the monster race.

Since he was addressed as his senior, he naturally should express his gratitude.

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