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Chapter 459: Farewell To The Enemy

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A few days later, a group of cultivators from the Evil Fiend Hall descended upon the Earth Lethal Sect.

These cultivators were not experts who could see through spatial rifts. Instead, they were some old cultivators. Some of them were even over 10,000 years old. If they could not make a breakthrough in their cultivation, they would soon die.

The group of old cultivators looked at the spatial rift, narrowed their eyes, and fell into deep thought.

After two whole days of discussion, they came to a conclusion.

The world behind the spatial rift was the great world where the hall master had fallen.

The great elder of the Earth Lethal sect was overjoyed when he heard this and quickly reported it to the sect master. Then, the sect master would bring the group of old cultivators from the Evil Fiend Hall back to the Evil Fiend Hall to meet the current evil god hall master.

The Earth Lethal sect was jubilant. After making such a contribution, the entire sect would undoubtedly receive a huge reward. The sect master was not a stingy person, so they would definitely get a share.

Chen Chen returned to the mountain peak where the Earth Sha Sect’s guest elder lived.

Now that the spatial rift had been strictly guarded, as a guest elder, he no longer had the right to get close to the spatial rift.

The key was that the spatial rift had attracted the attention of the evil god shrine. With his current strength, even if he defied the heavens, he could not change the evil god Shrine’s decision.

The evil God shrine stepping into the lower realm was almost a foregone conclusion.

Chen Chen was not anxious, because he knew that it was useless to be anxious now. All he could do was to wait and see.

A few days after the group of old cultivators from the evil god Shrine returned to the evil god shrine, all the array formations of the Earth Lethal Sect suddenly opened. It lasted for about half a day before the array formations were shut down again.

Then, a large number of Earth Lethal Sect cultivators who were in various places returned to the sect.

Chen Chen thought for a moment and walked out. He stopped one of the Earth Lethal Sect cultivators and asked kindly, “Fellow Daoist, what happened? Why have so many disciples returned?”

When the Earth Lethal Sect disciple saw Chen Chen’s guest robe, he didn’t think too much and directly said, “Fellow Daoist, don’t you know? The Evil Fiend Hall is recruiting all the Void Refinement realm disciples!”

“Void Refinement realm disciples? What’s going on?”Chen Chen was a little surprised.

It was only then that he noticed that the cultivators who had returned to the Earth Lethal Sect in the past few days were not very strong.

“A few days ago, the Evil Fiend Hall master personally came to the Earth Lethal Sect and went to look at the spatial rift.

After returning to the Evil Fiend Hall, the hall master and a few elders worked together to locate that world and opened a spatial passage.

“However, that world suffered great damage after the battle ten thousand years ago. Although the area hasn’t changed, the Heavenly Dao’s rules have changed. Cultivators whose cultivation level exceeds that of the Void Refinement realm are unable to enter that world.

“Therefore, the Evil Fiend Hall issued a recruitment order and recruited a thousand Void Refinement realm cultivators to enter that world to search for the remains of the previous Hall Master.”

Chen Chen was first delighted when he heard this, but then he became worried.

1,000 Void Refinement realm cultivators!

If the sea monsters of the Endless Sea were not included in the lower realm, it would be pretty good if they could gather a dozen or twenty Void Refinement realm cultivators. Most of them were still at the initial stage of the Void Refinement realm. How could they resist this?

“Then when will the Evil Fiend Hall set out on the expedition?” Chen Chen calmed himself down and asked.

“In a month’s time. The rules of that world have been completely controlled by the Evil Fiend Hall. However, that world is too big. It’s easier said than done to find a cultivator’s remains? “Therefore, the Evil Fiend Hall wants to find a cultivator who has ascended from that world and enter that world together as a guide.”

“I see.”

Chen Chen nodded slightly.

The Earth Lethal Sect disciple saw that Chen Chen’s cultivation did not seem to be high, he smiled and said, “Fellow Daoist, you seem to be in the Void Refinement realm as well. To be able to become a guest elder of our Earth Lethal Sect by relying on your Void Refinement realm cultivation, you must have real abilities. Why don’t you join the expedition team together?

“Although that world probably doesn’t have any important treasures, there are still many living creatures. It will be of great help to our cultivation.”

“Can I do it too? Strictly speaking, I’m not a cultivator of the Earth Lethal Sect.”

Chen Chen’s eyes flashed, and he said somewhat helplessly.

“Of course you can. This time, the Evil Fiend Hall is recruiting mostly Void Refinement realm cultivators from affiliated sects. Originally, they planned to go to the outside world to recruit itinerant cultivators if they don’t have enough.”

“For example, the Evil Fiend Hall’s own Void Refinement realm cultivators… Tsk, tsk, tsk. Very few Void Refinement realm cultivators join the Evil Fiend Hall. Every single one of them is a first-class elite. Who would be willing to waste time in a Small World?”

Chen Chen said gratefully, “Thank you for informing me, Fellow Daoist. I’ll go back and make some preparations before I go register!”

“You’re welcome. I’ll go register too. When we get to that world, we can look out for each other. Here, Fellow Daoist, this is my transmission token. My name is Xie Lingzi.”

“My name is Zhang Ji. I’ll take this token.”

After hearing the news, Chen Chen returned to his residence.

The current situation was much better than he had imagined!

Cultivators above the Void Refinement realm could not enter the lower realm. Hehe, even though the god in the lower realm was unreasonable, it was still quite useful at this time.

Other than that, he was also glad that he had created a clone with his Void Refinement realm cultivation level.

By chance, he was actually able to sneak into the expedition team. If he handled it well, he might be able to greatly reduce the losses of the lower realm.

After tidying up everything in his residence, Chen Chen found the registration point in the Earth Lethal Sect and signed up to participate in the expedition to the lower realm.

The Earth Lethal Sect did not bother to audit him and easily let him pass.

A month later.

Seventy to eighty Earth Lethal Sect Void Refinement realm cultivators gathered outside the Earth Lethal Sect’s mountain gate.

At this time, an Evil Fiend Hall’s flying boat had already stopped here.

After everyone had arrived, everyone boarded the flying boat and flew towards the Evil Fiend Hall.

After flying for about a day and a night, they arrived at a branch hall of the Evil Fiend Hall. The spatial passage leading to the lower realm was within this branch hall.

On the square of the branch hall, flying boats would occasionally land, and more and more cultivators would gather. They were all Void Refinement realm cultivators from all over the southern domain.

“Fellow Daoist Zhang, the Evil Fiend Hall is really different. Even the branch hall is much more imposing than the Earth Lethal Sect.”

Xie Lingzi had already found Chen Chen long ago. Now that he had seen the Evil Fiend Hall, he said with great envy.

Chen Chen cooperated with him and revealed an envious expression. He said softly, “Who says so? I wonder if we have any hope of joining the evil God shrine in the future.”

“Hehe, if we can gain something from going to the Small World, it might not be impossible in the future.”

As the two spoke, a change occurred at the highest point of the square. A group of cultivators wearing the clothes of the evil god shrine walked up.


One of the old men shouted softly, echoing throughout the square.

In an instant, the square became completely silent.

The old man’s expression was cold. He pointed at a young cultivator next to him and said, “This is the direct disciple of the hall master, You Ming. He is also your leader this time. When you arrive in that world, you will follow his orders. If you disobey, you will be killed without mercy.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the disciple named You Ming swept a glance at the thousand people present, his expression disdainful.

Then, the old man pointed at the person behind You Ming who nodded and bowed, the white-haired cultivator who bowed and kowtowed said, “This is the cultivator who ascended from that world. His name is Bai Dongsheng. He is the guide this time and also the deputy leader this time.

“When you arrive in the lower realm, if you have any doubts, you can ask him.”

“Greetings, Fellow Daoists!” Bai Dongsheng bowed to everyone, and his expression became a little more dignified.

When Chen Chen saw this, he lowered his head and secretly clenched his teeth.

Bai Dongsheng didn’t expect to see this old thief here!

He hadn’t taken revenge for the person who chased him in the lower realm that day, and now he was actually a guide for the Evil Fiend Hall.

It seemed that this time, he would take revenge for both old and new grudges.

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