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Chapter 455: Infiltrating The Earth Lethal Sect

230,000 kilometers. If it was in the lower realm, it would definitely be considered a long distance.

However, there was a teleportation array in the southern mountain range. As long as it was well planned, they could fly for another distance by using the four teleportation arrays.

Chen Chen roughly looked at the map and planned out a route. Without any hesitation, he flew towards the first city.

Half a day later, Chen Chen arrived at his first destination. After four teleportations, he entered the city closest to the Earth Lethal Sect.

This city was called Evil Fiend City and belonged to the Earth Lethal Sect. It sounded rather terrifying, but in fact, there was a huge flow of cultivators. It was a famous big city.

After all, neither the Evil Fiend Hall nor the Earth Lethal Sect were stupid. They would not harm foreign cultivators on their own territory.

Not only that, they also managed the Evil Fiend city in an orderly manner.

Chen Chen had just walked out of the teleportation array when his divine sense sensed a large number of shops and cultivators doing business.

Seeing this scene, his heart clenched up slightly.

As a sect that reserved disciples for the Evil Fiend Hall, the strength of the Earth Lethal Sect was far from what the Evil Dragon Sect could compare to.

However, the prosperity of the Evil Fiend City was not much worse than Yi City, and it was many times better than the Golden Saint City.

Such a sect would most likely have many Unification Stage cultivators guarding it. It would not be an easy task for him to enter and find the spatial rift that led to the lower realm.

After wandering around the Evil Fiend city for a while, Chen Chen finally found an opportunity in a shop directly under the Earth Lethal Sect.

This shop was recruiting itinerant cultivators on behalf of the Earth Lethal Sect. Chen Chen decided to go in and give it a try.

The moment he entered the shop, the first thing he saw was a middle-aged cultivator sitting cross-legged on a futon cultivating.

Chen Chen sensed that this middle-aged cultivator was probably at the middle stage of the Spirit Severing Stage.

“Young friend, is the recruitment notice posted on your door real?”

Chen Chen pretended to speak in a hoarse voice as he looked at the cultivator’s back.

The middle-aged cultivator immediately stood up, turned around, and said respectfully, “Of course it’s true. However, there is one requirement, and that is to have a cultivation base above the Spirit Severing stage.”

After saying that, he looked at Chen Chen suspiciously.

If he did not sense wrongly, the spiritual energy fluctuation of the person in front of him was extremely weak, not even at the Spirit Severing stage.

Without waiting for him to speak, Chen Chen coughed twice and said, “I am a body refinement cultivator.”

The middle-aged cultivator’s eyes suddenly lit up when he heard this and said, “Senior, you’re a body refinement cultivator? A body refinement cultivator? Our Earth Lethal Sect just happens to be lacking a batch of powerful body refinement cultivators to investigate a new Small World.”

“Small World? When?” When he heard this, Chen Chen’s eyes flickered.

Could it be that this middle-aged cultivator was talking about the lower realm? If that was really the case, then it would be dangerous.

“It’s hard to say. Right now, that Small World only has a very small opening, and it just so happens to be in our Earth Lethal sect. The sect master said that if cultivators want to pass through that opening, they might need to wait for some time. Right now, that spatial passage is still extremely unstable.”

The middle-aged cultivator explained, and his eyes were faintly filled with anticipation.

Then, he directly asked, “Senior, what level has your body refinement cultivation reached?”

“Unification Stage,” Chen Chen said indifferently.

The middle-aged cultivator was overjoyed. He quickly took out a dharma treasure and wanted to test it.

Chen Chen didn’t refuse. After all, these were all necessary procedures.

After a moment, the middle-aged cultivator confirmed that Chen Chen was a body refinement cultivator, and his attitude became much more respectful.

“Senior, there are many benefits to becoming a guest elder of our Earth Lethal Sect. A cultivator who has reached the body refinement realm is a distinguished guest of the Earth Lethal Sect. Every year, he can get cultivation resources worth fifty Spirit Crystals.

“Moreover, he or she usually doesn’t bother the guest elder. At most, he or she can only complete one or two missions a year.”

Fifty crystals…

Chen Chen nodded slightly. Although this amount of crystals was nothing to him, to other cultivators, it was considered a sky-high price.

Back then, the Golden Saint sect couldn’t even afford a hundred crystals.

However, this middle-aged cultivator was talking about cultivation resources worth fifty crystals, not crystals themselves. This difference was a bit big.

Moreover, missions that took place once or twice a year would probably require risking one’s life.

“Fifty crystals is indeed a bit higher than the other sects. I’m willing to be a guest elder of the Earth Lethal Sect.”

Chen Chen pretended to hesitate for a moment before agreeing.

The middle-aged cultivator became even more delighted. He quickly helped Chen Chen with the registration and then ordered someone to send him to the Earth Lethal Sect.

After half a day, Chen Chen arrived near the Earth Lethal Sect.

At the edge of the Earth Lethal Sect, there were some mountains of different sizes. These mountains were located outside the protective array.

The honored guests would stay in these mountains.

Seeing the great array of the Earth Lethal Sect not far away, Chen Chen understood.

No wonder the middle-aged cultivator didn’t investigate his background and made him the honored guest.

It turned out that the Earth Lethal Sect did not treat the guest elder as a cultivator of the Earth Lethal Sect at all.

“Senior, this is your residence. If you have any needs, just tell the servants here. I still have to return to Evil Fiend City. I’ll take my leave now!”

The cultivator who had brought Chen Chen here bade farewell and left. However, some servants from the mountain came up to greet him.

These servants were all beautiful female cultivators. Their cultivation levels ranged from foundation establishment to core formation.

The Earth Lethal Sect had not included the guest elders’ residence in the sect’s protective array, but they had obviously made up for it in other ways, such as these female cultivators.

However, Chen Chen was not interested in them. At this moment, all he could think about was the space crack that led to the lower realm.

Right now, he was only a short distance away from the space crack. If he could not enter, he would not be satisfied no matter what.

Fortunately, the middle-aged cultivator had given him a communication token from the sect. As long as the sect issued a mission, he would receive the message.

Besides, this was also the best opportunity for him to enter.

After staying on the mountain for seven days, Chen Chen finally got a chance.

“May I ask if any of the guest elders in the sect have a deep understanding of space? If so, please come into the Earth Lethal sect to discuss it in detail.”

Looking at the message on the communication token, Chen Chen sent it over without thinking.

In reality, he knew almost nothing about space. However, since the Earth Lethal sect had found someone who had studied space, it was highly likely that they were doing things related to spatial rifts.

This was something he had to take a look at.

“Guest Elder, you can enter our Earth Sha sect by reporting the word ‘space’at the Earth Lethal sect’s Mountain Gate.”

Chen Chen received a reply from the communication token. Without thinking, he put away the communication token and flew away from the mountain to the gate of the Earth Lethal Sect.

After reporting the word ‘space’, the Earth Lethal Sect cultivator opened the gate for him and let him in.

“Honored guest, you can go directly to the earth brake hall on the mountain in the middle.”

The gatekeeper pointed to a mountain in the distance and introduced.

“I understand.”

Chen Chen nodded. He looked very calm on the surface but he was actually extremely excited. After a few steps, he arrived at the Earth Lethal Hall of the Earth Lethal Sect.

According to the system’s guidance, the space crack that could connect to the lower realm was in this Earth Lethal Hall!

After several years, he finally found the hope to connect to the lower realm today.

However, as soon as he stepped into the underground hall, seven or eight extremely powerful auras locked onto him.

Chen Chen looked over and realized that a large group of cultivators had gathered in the underground hall. Among them, there was no lack of Unification Stage cultivators.

At this moment, they were facing a spatial rift the size of two human heads.

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